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Why is Bubba able to down up to all survivors in one attack?



  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118

    What's with survivors thinking they're owed safe unhooks? I get that camping sucks, but if they're camping so hard you legit can't get close... just do gens and you'll win as the killer stands there doing nothing for several minutes.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 2,600


    If your all standing next to each other that Bubba can down all of you in a single sprint. He deserves the 4k because you didn't split up.

  • Golden_spiderGolden_spider Member Posts: 455
    edited November 2020

    Why are you/the other Survivors:

    A) Staying together when you hear the terror radius and or see Bubba

    B) Unhooking with Bubba in the vicinity (especially without Borrowed Time)

    C) Healing with Bubba in the vicinity

    D) Entering Basement with Bubba in the vicinity

    I only had ONE team wipe happen due to a single Chainsaw Dash because 2 Survivors decided to both run into the basement before I fully left the area to save the unhooked person (which ended up with all 3 of them getting a chainsaw to the face on the stairs) and the fourth person literally standing in the open in a nearby tile after I hooked the previously mentioned 2.

  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 705

    Because he is a bad mother [BAD WORD]! The

  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,013

    I know that many players play him like that, but most of the time those aren't good players, you can still loop him and your teammates can do the gens, but don't try to be a hero and unhook if he is close, it will end up badly

  • DurkaDurkaDurkaDurka Member Posts: 24

    Imagine if his chainsaw was no longer an insta-down, but did NOT grant survivors a speed burst. So it'd be likely -but not a guarantee- to get a second hit on a healthy survivor. That'd be fun and still balanced probably.

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 921

    The better question is why did you misplay so badly he was ABLE to take out 2-4 people in one ability. Not why can he in general

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,431
    edited November 2020

    When you think about a chainsaw with a 36” to 48” bar, you could understand how Bubba could cut down a group of people, easily sawing through flesh and bone with the combination of the motion of his sweeps and the movement and speed he is traveling with during his deadly frenzy.

    It’s actually one of the most realistic features in the game.

  • Creepa99Creepa99 Member Posts: 79

    I'll never forget this one match I played as Leatherface on mobile where all 4 survivors at the very start of the match we're on one gen and I downed every single one and hooked all of them within a minute of the match starting. Mobile players are on some other worldly [BAD WORD] lol

  • Ghost_Face_MainGhost_Face_Main Member Posts: 362
    edited November 2020

    The whole point of Bubba's Chainsaw is that it is an AoE (Area of Effect) power. He's strong when everyone's huddled together.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 1,303

    It's a good point. Why would you ever play Hillbilly over Leatherface? He can even make use of Speed Limiter.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 1,303

    I think he's asking why it is even possible. No other killer has something like this, and it makes Leatherface a super polarizing and hard to balance killer.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,349

    Hillbilly still has a 230% movement speed instadown AND huge map pressure by default.

    Hillbilly's fantastic speed also makes it by far less punishing to give up a chase which can be necessary depending on the map, rng and survivor's skill.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 1,303

    Big deal. You know what's overrated? Movement speed, 'pressure', instadowns. Because at the end of the day, good survivors just don't allow you to make use out of any of that. They'll run the jungle gym or any other unmindgameable loop, and you can't get them. Hillbilly is a prime example of a killer that this happens to all the time. Now that his base charge speed is so garbage, you will chainsaw a survivor only by pure luck and having them be outpositioned. Even when they are outpositioned, they twitch or spin when you're about to chainsaw and it either misses or the game gives you a phantom saw. Even with Bamboozle, every loop is like a god loop unless you M1. His add-ons are garbage also; there's only like 3 good ones. Unfortunately I've begun liking him again recently and try to play with him, so that's why I know all this. Leatherface is ez mode as [BAD WORD] compared to Hillbilly.

  • oooK3NJ1ooooooK3NJ1ooo Member Posts: 81

    If this is your problem why do you don't use your common sense and stay away.... Bubba is fine.

  • noctis129noctis129 Member Posts: 794

    But I've been downed in a group by pyramid head as well though.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,349

    You realize everything you said applies to Bubba as well, don't you?

    Not only does he suffer from exactly the same counters as Billy but due to his non-existent mobility he relies on getting his downs/winning his chases quickly as he can't give up the chase and just quickly sprint to the gen on the other side of the map to chase someone else.

    This is far from an optimal chase as I messed up multiple times but even then it took him almost 3 minutes to get the chainsaw hit.

    Not only would Hillbilly perform similarly chase-wise but at the end of the match I couldn't have just walked to the gate if it had been Hillbilly instead of Bubba.

    Bubba just had no chance to get there before me allowing me to pretty much get out for free.

    Anyways: It's okay to have different opinions but personally I think Hillbilly is still stronger than Bubba.

  • MrLimonkaMrLimonka Member Posts: 534

    Imagine complaining about Bubba out of all killers.

  • IMhereRUNIMhereRUN Member Posts: 469

    A better question is...

    WTH are you all 4 THAT close together? That’s free pressure for the killer, make him play the map. Much easier for a killer if the survivors keep him in one area lol.

  • His one OP ability is literally the only counter play to multiple survivors swarming any task at once which is a real pain in the ass while hooking in the end collapse

  • horrortale_sanshorrortale_sans Member Posts: 480

    do you really thank that there all going to group up like that after seeing your a bubba

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,400

    It's due to survivors not understanding his power properly. His power is literally "don'tget caught in the open" and "don't stay too close to each other".

    It should be even more apparent if he has Infectious Fright.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 2,448
    edited November 2020

    Idk bubba with pwyf maxed and the sweep duration addon as well as the iridescent i can cleave through survivors fairly easily (because the iridescent only uses 1 pwyf stack compared to the sweep normally taking 3 as well as the durations making it last far longer). I mean i even caught up with a bt protected survivor when i smacked them with the chainsaw apon being unhooked. That does require 2 addons and a perk though but its a halarious build.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 2,340

    Because sometimes Survivors are take dangerous risks, like all standing within tantrum range together against a Bubba?

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,743

    In order for him to multi-down, you have to be in a bad position in the first place

  • cornd0gcornd0g Member Posts: 9

    Maybe dont stand ontop of other survivors when his chainsaw starts going brrrrrrr. Like seriously i saw this so much at lower ranks where survivors would stay on the gen too long and itd often end up in a sub 5 minute games with a 3k and a mercy hatch because they refused to divide and conquer

  • WestXWestX Member Posts: 120

    It does feel kind of strange. When ghost face exposes me I atleast feel its kind of fair, most of the time he had to work for that expose in order to insta down me. With other killers like Myers who get insta downs they have to work for it.

    But Bubba and Hillbilly? Nah they get free insta downs and people defend them. Why not just give Myers and Ghostface insta downs with no requirements then?

    Why is it fair for the chainsaws to just have low effort insta downs?

  • WanderingKnightWanderingKnight Member Posts: 7

    I love how almost everyone is like "you're playing wrong". This mechanic is clearly broken. If all a killer has to do is stand in the basement hook with 1 perk (insidious) and wait to get a 4k something needs to change. He can even down you when someone rescues with bt.

    Or how about when he proxy camps on the hill.

    Or when he camps a basic hook.

    Sure we can ignore the survivor on the hook. Get 2-3 gens done and lose the match anyway. Leaving the hooked man to have a pleasure of literally sitting there the whole match. Or we can try and save hoping he's not like every bubba out there who uses these strats.

    And let's not even talk about using him best perk bbq.

    Bubba needs a small rework. I propose a slight speed decrease OR the ability to only hit something with the chainsaw twice at which point the power stops. There's no reason he should be able to chase me up the basement steps while I have bt after downing 2 others.

  • Go_Go_RobotoGo_Go_Roboto Member Posts: 328

    So, running away from the killer is still playing, this ain't a situation like 'countering DS is slugging' or something. If bubba is camping a hook, your still playing the game when you get gens done instead. We all feel bad for the hooked guy but that's a Dev confirmed part of life. Bring BT if this is a huge issue for you, will alleviate some situations.

    You don't see camping killers at high ranks because it's a boring and ineffective strategy if survivors don't feed you trades and downs. High rank bubba is the only fun bubba, because in that case the killer is also playing the game.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,269

    That is his power and he have nothing else, so he is mediocre at best.

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