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Is the fov for all killers increased? this is a really good change finally



  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 6,637

    Thats neat if they did

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    gamers rise up!

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    @MandyTalk any news?

  • RoboMojoRoboMojo Member Posts: 1,287

    I noticed this while playing Pyramid head earlier. Hope it stays as it's a great change!

  • NekoTorvicNekoTorvic Member Posts: 714

    Ive been following this specific thread since it was created just to see what was the deal with this. I wished for a brief moment that it was an intended change. It's unfortunate it's just another bug that will get fixed.

    Such a tiny QOL thing, that makes the game more playable for so many more people who get sick with the normal FOV... but nah, we need survivors standing a little bit to the side of a killer to be invisible and inaudible... cuz thats fair. You know how you killers have 4 perks to deal with 16? you have to use one for FOV, just so a survivor doesn't disappear cuz they moved a tiny bit to the left...

    How does anyone in 2020 think that a killer seeing them is enough of a big deal that they'd defend killers having a miserable FOV...😒

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529
    edited November 2020

    Thats sucks hard. I just had so much more fun with a normal FOV :(

    I assume since its an issue that negatively effects survivor it will be fixed with the next patch.

    Meanwhile killers still have gamebreaking bugs for years ....

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    In their eyes, 87 degrees of FOV is fine, and if you want it to increase to acceptable standards for 2020 you have to sacrifice 25% of your perk loadout for it (to some killers that's literally 25% of their overall effectiveness). If it was any higher than 87 you would literally be at such a huge advantage that you would completely disrupt the game balance. God bless BHVR.

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    exactly.. i know it's a feature so survivor can hide (fair enough) and juke you(this is bullshit) by crouching or window teching..most games can go up to 120 degree field of view, here the best we get here is 102 with shadowborn level 3.. and this bug were by no means shadowbornb lev 3 because i still had problem with distances and fov when playing/lunging post blink with nurse, it was just acceptable..then it's normale that killer mains complain everytime by saying ''oh you always favor survivors..'' because a so little qol change it's seen as an issue..and it will be immediately fixed, while we have killer bugs since ever..it's laugable and make me honeslty want to quit the game.. i took a month and half break, since i play on console, they fixed a little bit the fps in the last patch, i saw an increased fov, i told to myself '' maybe i did the right thing coming back''... then i remember hey it's dbd..

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,279

    Sorry I wasn't in work when that got tagged to me, back in today. I can see that you've gotten an answer so yes it does seem to be a bug.

  • Nemmy_WemmyNemmy_Wemmy Member Posts: 756

    :( will u please keep it.....ill give you a cookie...you're gonna make me cry

    I'll also give you some nice words. (LETS BRIBE EM BOIS)

  • elasticheartelasticheart Member Posts: 141

    Yes, I also noticed the FOV change. Nurse without shadowborn looks really great but I refuse to believe it's intended.

  • marcocordonmarcocordon Member Posts: 40

    Guys, any news? It is taking so long

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