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Who is your least favourite killer?

TheButcher6641TheButcher6641 Member Posts: 252
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Which killer do you absolutely despise? Would you replace any or are you fine with them all? Due to poll limitations I have put them all in groups to include all options, please specify which one you hate in the comments.

Who is your least favourite killer? 108 votes

The Trapper/The Wraith/The Hillbilly
VolantConch1719Keezopalletsryummyanonymous31337MilkasaAwkward_FiendChloe_DeplanoRockotheawesomepugemofriendo 9 votes
The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare
BardLapisInfernalisRullisiAhoyWolfmarcoswaldorfSassySolidSnakefairfieldismsJadiea[Deleted User]brubliChurchofPigTotemsCleanserkellysman0326JocLewis2018SatansCornhipsNekeulodemibgunnWillApollojotaroKevinnnny 22 votes
The Pig/The Ghost Face/The Executioner
michaelmortonN1GHTSH4DOWSRoffelbillyMeneLawOBXWiktoroxPega6IllutionMoundshroudMarc_go_soloNoOneKnowsNova 11 votes
The Demogorgon/The Hag/The Blight
M4dBoOmrSnakeSound222Doctor_GrizzCashelP14musstang62KennishiIronWilladamasutojrzoozoom6cheezjtzCheeseAntonMoraveneiTheButcher6641TheGannMan 14 votes
The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion
F60_31Leonardo1itaWalker_of_the_fog_96BotizDetailedDetrimentnimesulideDawnMadcheetocultleaderhmeekinsnotstarboardAkitoYordsMeltingPenguinsHex_LlamarnissilleDwightFairfield 16 votes
The Plague/The Clown
Seiko300XxkuroxshiroxXNebulaConeRoboMojotenoresaxEmealFFirebranddredhex45DizzyTommoMRS_PAPiLL0N 10 votes
The Doctor/The Nurse
TaigaCluelessUndershotdugmanPior_MorteChechiaquentinsimpIm_a_bootAdamantium44Meow0612LudibriumSiMpSoUp 12 votes
The Oni/The Spirit
TapeKnotMrPenguinFreddoParallaxAxeaidNbsnsRattiusLiddyFobboBeneath_The_SinkFreakshow 11 votes
[Deleted User]discopumpkin200xXM7MD97Xx 3 votes
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  • MilkasaMilkasa Member Posts: 76
    The Trapper/The Wraith/The Hillbilly

    I want Trapper to end up in one of Piggy's traps I swear playing against him is a pain

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    edited October 2020
    The Plague/The Clown

    The Plague is arguably the most poorly designed killer in the entire game, absolutely horrible because she has extremely limited to no counterplay that basically comes down to the decision to cleanse or not cleanse neither option being one that truly benefits survivors. On the other hand, in order to secure most of her chases when playing as her you're basically an M1 killer since nobody ever cleanses, so you're forced to run tiles normally with no special abilities.

    It's a lose-lose for literally everyone involved. People don't talk about it or notice it because the problem is pretty nuanced until you take the time to think about it, but I assure you it exists. She needs a major rework, not a Freddy level rework that changes her entire power, but a Doctor scale rework that changes how her power functions and is meant to be used. Note that this rework is necessary for unique reasons, not because she's too powerful or too weak, but because she is blatantly poorly designed and not fun to see in any game as either role. I would take ANY killer to play as or against, hands down, over Plague.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    edited October 2020
    The Demogorgon/The Hag/The Blight

    Hag. It’s boring having to crouch around all the time. If you unhook when she’s gone, crouch speed is so slow that she’ll likely be back before you can get away from the hook.

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 819
    The Demogorgon/The Hag/The Blight

    i dont like hag

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,398
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    I wish Deathslinger wasn't in the game, for the purely selfish reason that shooting games make me anxious (not in a fun way).

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854
    The Pig/The Ghost Face/The Executioner

    Every third killer I go against when I play surv on PS4 is ghost face. I really can’t stand him. He’s not over powered or anything, I am just sick of going against him.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,394
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    I liked the old Freddy, even tho he was trash. :(

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    Legion and Deathslinger on the same bullet? Sign me up. It's just missing PH or we'd really have nailed it!

  • BardBard Member Posts: 657
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    Myers needs a massive update. Not only is he just flat out bad, he's buggy, finicky, and helpless against spine chill or decent survivors. He's also annoying to fight since once he's known, he's a joke, so he has to rely on cheap jumpscare surprise hits, which is neither viable at a high level or enjoyable for survivors.

    Bubba is fine.

    Freddy does not exist in DBD as far as I'm concerned. There's a burn victim with a smoke machine. He's a dream demon who can attack people outside his dream. He's a reality warping entity whose "realty warping" is limited to... puddles? Wood Scraps?

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,887
    The Doctor/The Nurse

    Nurse is by far my least favorite killer. Why I would every want to play Stare-at-my-feet simulator is beyond me.

  • GoodLookinCookinGoodLookinCookin Member Posts: 341

    Huntress Freddy and Bubba, all just killers I just don't enjoy facing

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672
    The Pig/The Ghost Face/The Executioner

    The Ghost Face is what would happen if Scooby Doo made a third real life movie, directed by Uwe Bohl. He's like The Legion, but even more of a loser.

  • jotarojotaro Member Posts: 109
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare


  • KevinnnnyKevinnnny Member Posts: 28
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    There's nothing worse than a face-camping leatherface.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000
    The Plague/The Clown

    Plague by far.

    Fully sick Survivors are completely incapable of healing or stealth anymore. Honestly I don't think the game should have a Killer who makes certain aspects of the game 100% impossible. Sure you could cleanse... but then you give her your position and the strongest ranged attack in the entire game.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,342
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    Being a switch player I don't have much experience against Freddy because crossplay has only been active for a few months and I rarely see him. Michael and Bubba are EXTREMELY annoying though and I hate them with every bone in my body. It's to the point where I saw a Bubba while playing earlier and I was tempted to disconnect even with the penalty in place. Only reason I didn't is because my friends would have killed me if I did.

  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 1,084
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    Deathslinger. He's just boring to me to play as and against. I always expect NOED, so I'm more cautious to do the bones.

    Runner up is Nurse. I like going against a good Nurse, but she's unplayable for me. Between needing a PhD and the fatigue state messing with my eyes, it's a no.

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,238
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    Im not fan of the legion

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,549
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    Deathslinger to play against

    He is fun to play as tho

  • IronWillIronWill Member Posts: 245
    The Demogorgon/The Hag/The Blight

    I hope someday Hag will get a rework. It's not she is OP, she is just plain unfun to play against her. Down someone, hook, place 5+ traps around said survivor and then just stay near hook in case some rescuer won't trigger the traps.

    Just compare Hag to Trapper. Trapper starts with ONE trap, has to run across the map to collect more and can carry a max of 2 traps without addons. Survivors can disarm them without using a special item or by having to crouch. Hag has TEN traps, she doesn't has to collect them, can place as many as she wants cause if she reaches the limit, the oldest one will just disappear so she can place more. On top she can teleport to her traps. Survivor in basement against Hag is pretty much a 'gg' cause even if you crouch ober all of them, she will be back before rescued player and rescuer can escape.

    IMO Hag should get a reword. 5 traps by default, rework some of her addons to increase the amount she can place. Also there should be a cooldown between her ports OR she shouldn't be able to place them close to eachother so no more hook camping OR make it so survivors can disarm them without having to crouch at the speed of a snail over them/by relying on RNG to get a flashlight from a chest.

  • DwightFairfieldDwightFairfield Member Posts: 1,247
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    I absolutely despise legion's power in every sense of the word.

    Their backstory? unique and fine

    Their cosmetics and the idea of being four separate characters in one? unique and good for marketing

    Their power? a travesty.

    Legion completely counters stealth with his power, he can waste the time of every with both mending and thanatophobia.

    and from my experience, most legion mains act like they won the super bowl when they kill everyone, shoving it in the survivors faces and acting like legion is the best killer in the game.

    it's really sad, and a rework should be in order.

  • KeezoKeezo Member Posts: 449
    The Trapper/The Wraith/The Hillbilly

    Playing against Billy is so, so, but playing as him is just painful, i just cant enjoy him. no real reason, man's power just dont mesh with me

  • RoboMojoRoboMojo Member Posts: 1,295
    The Plague/The Clown

    Plague. People complained about Pyramid head forcing lose/lose situations and yet Plague is fine? If you don’t cleanse? Then you’re perma injured with no way to bypass the broken state. If you do cleanse? Then you risk giving the Plauge one of the most broken chase abilities in the game. Yes you can intentionally cleanse in the corner of the map but that wastes a lot of your time going out of your way to get there and she can just immediately reinfect you if you’re found again.

    The main reason I dislike her though is that she hard counters anything to do with healing and altruism which is frustrating because most of my favourite builds have to do with altruism.

  • musstang62musstang62 Member Posts: 497
    The Demogorgon/The Hag/The Blight

    Seems like that's a minority opinion but I find blight to be underwhelming in every sense of the word. Cannot stand playing as him and find him boring to play against too. Feels like there are several killers that do the things he does but better and/or less annoyingly

  • AkitoAkito Member Posts: 600
    The Huntress/The Deathslinger/The Legion

    I hate Slinger. He's the most annoying one. I just give up every game, I just don't like him. Huntresses are always campy af, at the same camping tier like a Hag for whatever reason.

    Legion is fine for me, I like playing him, he's fun.

    A third killer were Goofy or Freddy. Goofy bc I don't like this "snap away your TR and everything". Becomes even more annoying when you literally starring at him, into his black dark hole were people normally have a soul but even that doesn't work.

    And Freddy would be fine but he has no cooldown or downsides to anything he just spüams his snares or pallets, fake ports or go for ports. You have to run across the map to gain +30 seconds jsut so he can put you to sleep immediately after a hit. Then his snares has blindness and slowdown, with thousands of slowdown perks it's just silly at some point.

    I like playing him, because I know I will win no matter what. He's the only killer I have a 100% winrate. Wished there were a survivor with a 100% winrate but that would be op I guess.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,940
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    I hate Bubba. I hate everything about him. His looks, his sounds, his camping.

    I hate him even more than Spirit with Stridor.

  • TotemsCleanserTotemsCleanser Member Posts: 617
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    I hate Freddy with the passion of a thousand suns.

  • thelegion_fanthelegion_fan Member Posts: 49
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    My friend was the shape and hit me and my heart was like what happen and just scared me to death

  • brublibrubli Member Posts: 209
    The Shape/The Cannibal/The Nightmare

    I wish Freddy would just get stuck in one of his own nightmares and never wake up. Easily one of the most boring killers to play/fight. Though I suppose it fits the lore for him to be putting me to sleep

  • DarthRevan21DarthRevan21 Member Posts: 56

    Now i really don't understand what this poll is suppose to represent. least favorite killer, and in the polls the groupings are so random? like The Shape/ The Cannibal/ and the Nightmare, how are any of these killers related apart from being licensed???

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