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Not rewarded for doing well as killer.

Now I'm not referring to doing well as in hook each survivor 3 times, etc. I'm referring to absolutely destroying survivors and you barely get anything at all. If anything the killer should get way more in that regard.

Here's an example: You're hired to kill someone (Don't do this) and the payment is $1,000,000. You find them, kill them, easy money. Go to collect your payment and you're only given half of what you were promised. Well why were you given only half? Because you didn't let them run away for 2 blocks, didn't let them call the police, and didn't let them find a place to hide.

THAT is the state killer is in for dbd. Kill the survivors very quickly, you don't get jack. You are FORCED to play the survivors little game of cat and mouse if you want a better reward. Hell, you even get points for the survivors healing up, like HUH??? Isn't it my job to NOT let them do that? Why are you rewarding me for letting them do something I should be stopping them from doing? Ooooooh I get it, you're FORCING us to let the survivors have more fun because if we don't kill them how the DEVS want us to, we don't get anything.

Killer doesn't feel rewarding if I'm penalized for, you know, killing!


  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    You’re not penalised.

    The game is telling you those survivors were completely unprepared for your level of skill, therefore they’re not rank appropriate.

  • Flame6Flame6 Member Posts: 2

    You just crushed them in 1/10th of the time as a normal match but got like 50% of the points. You came out way ahead in terms of points per minute.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 11,450

    Your job is not to kill the survs but to entertain the Entity. And it lives off of hope and strong emotions.

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 4,018

    If the person hiring you to kill someone said "I want them to suffer as much as humanly possibly before you kill them or I'm only giving you 50% of the money", you can't be shocked when you walk up to your target and put a bullet in their head and ask for your million dollars. You're getting 50% of your money because killing your target wasn't the entire purpose of your mission.

    Now replace "Hired Hitman" with Killer and The Entity with "Person Hiring You". Now you understand why you get less points for just slaughtering the survivors.

  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 488
  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,171

    Is this bait?

    I feel like I read this recently except it was a survivor complaining.

  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 488
    edited November 2020

    Bruh I just had a match where I demolished them and I walked away less than 19,000 I don't think that's a win.

    Edit: A survivor walked away with more points then me because they escaped. Never mind the fact the other 3 are dead and only 2 gens were done.

  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 488

    Then why match them with me? It shouldn't matter in this game since it isn't designed like that yet. So far the game only sees rank, mmr isn't here yet. If I steamroll them, I should get the points to compensate for that.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 11,450

    You can’t really compare killer blood points and survivor blood points. and getting out of hatch reward around 5k survival and 2k lightbringer points, so that survivor had to be doing other things as well to ‚deserve‘ more points.

    how you get more points is not really something hidden from you. You know what you have to do to get those points, so why complain that you didn’t get them? Sacrificing is just a small part of the killer gameplay, playing cat and mouse with the survivors is the bigger part of it.

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,977

    Yeah I think that'd be better if you end the match quickly you'll get more points.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 6,048

    The game's never going to reward a killer for finishing quickly. That's not what the game wants killers to do. It'd be one thing if the survivors were bots, but they're not, they're people playing a game, so the game isn't going to reward you for cutting short their experience. DbD needs players/customers to survive, and encouraging killers to just annihilate the opposition in as little time as possible would be bad for business.

    It would be better if the game were designed so that things were balanced organically. Instead, however, the devs have made it so that the reward system works as the "balancer," encouraging killers to play the way that's the most fun for survivors by rewarding them for doing so. (It can feel pretty crappy though to know you could play more efficiently but are hobbling yourself just so you can earn more BP.)

    The game's never going to reward killers for quickly slaughtering the survivors. If anything changes, it'll probably go in the opposite direction, like the devs putting artificial caps in place to keep matches from ending prematurely.

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