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Things that counter victor- list

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I’ll be updating this over the next week so keep that in mind

  • lockers
  • any exhausted perk especially headon
  • moving around and making him miss them kicking him it’s really easy to kick him
  • pallet stuns
  • getting further away from the actual killer to waste maximum amount of time for travel if downed
  • survivors Can just keep victor on someone making you a mouse one killer (this makes it easy to bully the killer from what I’ve seen and it’s absolutely stupid that survivors can do this and take away your power forever essentially)
  • he can’t vault windows so it can be easy to loop him
  • landing on top of something kills victor
  • healing really hurts this killer
  • crouching can let you dodge the killer (happened to Scott on stream)
  • OoO hard counters her since your put into oblivious stat
  • cant pounce down
  • can run around a object and he can’t hit you

my conclusion so far on day 1 Is that this killer is cool but super weak especially against swf there’s no mind game potential as victor glows and makes sounds when doing stuff and smart survivors will just waste your time I’ve been watching trutalent and his take is this killer is weak as ass I rarely hear him say that especially on day 1 ptb last time I heard him say that was blight and ghostface Scott thinks this killer sucks to

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