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General thoughts on 4.4.0 PTB

  • New killer is fun to play as, but Victor feels very clunky. Needs some adjustments to make him feel smoother to play as, i.e better camera turning, lunge feels way too far
  • When taking control of Charlotte, it feels clunky not being able to turn the camera while she’s waking up
  • New Ormond looks brilliant, and it feels smaller/less cluttered which is nice, though it could do with a reduction in size (tiles) if it hasn’t had that done already
  • New Autohaven is not aesthetically pleasing, the green tinge is a little too much, it could do with reducing to feel like a more natural colour pallet. The ground makes it feel like a swamp map (combined with the green tinge), it feels like there should be more grass on the floor rather than mud. The maps also look very bare and boring, and a bit too dark
  • New perks are fun, Deception still opens a locker door which might just be a bug, but it looked odd if it isn’t


  • UltraviolenzeUltraviolenze Member Posts: 21

    Oh, also, it seemed weird leaving Victor in the middle of nowhere and not have him automatically coming back to Charlotte (though it does help to apply pressure, so I don’t know, might just take getting used to). It also seems a bit weird that survivors can leave Victor on their back with no punishments (unless I didn’t notice any), and can leave through the hatch with him on (this was hilarious but still, looks weird)

  • UltraviolenzeUltraviolenze Member Posts: 21

    And another thing... the kick animation looks weird/clunky, it could do with smoothing. Same goes for the “rummage” action, the end feels very clunky when you’ve finished rummaging and return to standing - needs smoothing.

  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 488

    So all in all, this has the best potential to be a really good chapter. It just depends on if the devs capitalize on this potential or if they release it as is with minor/pointless adjustments.

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