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My thoughts about Hoarder

solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 691
edited November 2020 in 4.4.0 PTB Feedback

48m is too short to be useful. You can hear survivors opening chests from around 8-16 m i think? And the "picking up items"-specification only really comes into play if you use Franklin's Demise or in the rare case when they pick up items from dead survivors.

But the perk has good potential to become the "opposite" of Franklins if you buff it to around 96m or 128m ... while Franklins has its uses if all survivors in the Lobby equip items, you could use Hoarder if no survivor has any items, because the probability of chests getting opened is very high in this case. This would make for a decent tracking ability besides the other effect (less rare items).


  • DaKnightDaKnight Member Posts: 720

    I agree, I really want them to buff this perk. The idea of having trapped or rigged chests in the trial just sounds so good to me. Kind of like haunted grounds. But in reality it will probably end up being a perk that gives you 4-5 notifications a game, that you might not be able to act upon. I think even something like spies from the shadows sounds better to me than that.

    If you have to bring franklins you are dedicating 2 perk slots to removing items and franklins does it very well by itself already.

    Many survivors already bring items into the trials and have no reason to loot chests.

    If you want to keep an itemless lobby itemless, you can use a cut coin or a scratched coin instead of a perk slot.

    It should be like, you open a chest, you are exposed, scream, and your aura is revealed for 10-15 seconds or something. That would give people a reason to actually fear opening chests; and be worth a perk slot.

  • NoxeriasNoxerias Member Posts: 93
    edited November 2020

    I agree, I really think Hoarder should make the chest as traps and either give them the expose effect for like 30 seconds or keep them in place for a few seconds like Trapper's Traps, because it greatly aids survivors and hardly helps the killer.

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