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Isn't it kicking Victor too much?

I talk from experience when my lil sister said "no, no, what are you doing kicking a baby?" even when he is a killer

He is Charlotte's brother so what? he still looks like a "baby" and a survivor kicking him seems too much!

Devs try to lessen the fact of a "kicked" baby with the "crushed" terminology lmao

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  • BumbusBumbus Member Posts: 600

    You should call them g-men for the purpose of political correctness.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Yes, and then there's this part that you left out: "as if his sister's blood still coursed through him."

    It doesn't matter to me either, and I do agree it sounds like the devs want to have their cake and eat it too, but he's not supposed to be a baby.

  • SunaIIanuSunaIIanu Member Posts: 609

    I left it out because I don't think it changes the fact: You can't be decaying and aging at the same time.

    But I can edit it in if you think the statement is misleading without that part.

    I understand that he is supposed to be an adult but I just think the lore contradict that.

    I'm sorry if I was rude to you, that wasn't my Intention, this Chapter and the Devs way of handling the expectable discussion of the baby/child thing just dissapoints me, so I might be a bit unfriendly in my responses.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    I do think it's misleading because the intent, as I understand it, was to imply that Charlotte was keeping Victor's body alive, even if he himself was already dead. Then there's the Entity, who can do almost anything She pleases. She could've aged Victor's body and kept it from fully decaying. Regardless, even if he died when he was 6, that's still not a baby.

    I don't think you were rude, just FYI.

  • SunaIIanuSunaIIanu Member Posts: 609

    Okay, I added it in, thank you.

    If I remember it correctly the lore mentions her teenage years, so you are probably right and she is supposed to be atleast 18, but probably not much older.

    If I understand you correctly you are saying that lore shouldn't be used as an excuse at all, because what counts is the impression something makes, if Victor (or a different character) looks like a child and walks like a child, people recognize it as a child regardless of lore and Intention.

    I think it's a good point, but in this case not even the lore is supporting their argument imo.

    In general I think we agree that there are issues with this Chapter and the Devs could have handled thinks better (like the beard that you suggested).

  • MissKitty95MissKitty95 Member Posts: 784

    I laughed to hard while reading this, exactly my thoughts I was wondering how long it would be till someone complained about it XD

  • itsaconeheaditsaconehead Member Posts: 236

    I mean, for once the survivors get to fight back other than slamming pallets down on a killer. Also, why is your little sister watching you play? This game is a lot, there's people ripped open, hung on hooks, traps on their heads that yank their jaws open till it kills them, I mean Freddy's backstory isn't the most tasteful to a lot of people.

    Look, I had bulimia when I was in high school, plague makes me kinda shudder especially when there's jokes about her having this eating disorder, but you know what? I like playing her, it feels like I'm taking the joke and making it feel better to myself. I understand not everyone can do that, but horror is designed to make you uncomfortable.

    And this thing isn't a baby, it's a...deformed Gollum. Maybe the Devs will take this away before the chapter is released with this negative feedback on being able to stomp him, also this is not kicking a disabled person either, hillbilly is considered disabled and we drop pallets on him and blind him with flashlights. I am speaking as someone with disabilities here.

  • itsaconeheaditsaconehead Member Posts: 236

    Australia is very strict apparently with games, there's a few games that got banned there, I'm surprised if dbd isn't already banned there.

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