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HUGE Victor power oversights

DwightFairfieldDwightFairfield Member Posts: 1,247
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The developers seemed to forget about a few key things that make Victor underpowered.

  1. He can't go through windows with lunging, nor can he break breakable walls. The breakable wall part makes sense as he is literally a baby, but the window situation only leads to him being looped, hopping through the window, and then being curb stomped by the Meg waiting for him. He needs a window animation, and fast.
  2. When Victor hops onto the head of a person, they cannot escape through the gate. Okay, but the moment they're downed, Victor leaves, and the survivor can crawl out. :/
  3. Victor is countered by lockers, that's it. I'm not saying he should be able to open them, but he should at least be able to do something, like.... he can hop onto the locker and the moment they get out he latches on to them? something simple, but something necessary.

Also, a side note; Why does Victor apply oblivious? I understand broken, but why oblivious? Nothing against him, but shouldn't he apply something better and more realistic, like hindered?

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