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Deathslinger the crème de la crème of Killer Design

gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 2,376

Disclaimer- Deathslinger is not fun to play against in the slightest as a Survivor. We all know this. This discussion isn't a complaining thread about how "boring" he is.

Deathslinger is addictive and really draws in Killer players with his mechanics as you learn him. There's this constant positive feedback loop with playing him. When you hit shots, its extremely satisfying. And when you miss shots, there's this little voice in your head that says: "I could've made that. I just need to keep practicing!"

Deathslinger really makes you feel like you're in the driver's seat when you play him. He's not at the mercy of the Survivor's perk slots and that's why he's such an awesome design for Killer players. His weaknesses aren't chase related at all they're mostly based on lack of map control and mechanical skill requirements. So even when you're losing as Deathslinger it doesn't feel nearly as bad as with other Killers.


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