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This game doesn't like new players!


I bought this game a week ago to play crossplat with friends. The learning curve is steep. The game is enjoyable- I really like the perks system, and being able to make your own character with all the perks you unlock over time is something that always drew me into the game to begin with. I have owned this game for only week now, but there are some glaring issues that I wanted to ask about:

-Why is the wiggle mechanic a thing? This mechanic is incredibly underwhelming for a console player, as I don't want to feel like I'm gonna break my joystick trying to get out of the Killer's grasp. Not only this, but the amount you recover when wiggling CORRECTLY is so slow, and hooks are everywhere, why does it even matter?

-There is no penalty for Killers when the BM. So I have to waste my time waiting to bleed out if the Killer decides they want to celebrate a 4 K? Being "face camped" is also a common issue, and when playing with friends who are higher ranks, being the lowest means you're the weakest, and therefore the easiest target. Why would I wanna que with friends if I'm always the first to be sacrifice because the killer rushes me because of how the system is arranged? This isn't something only new players deal with, it's a common issue according to the community.q

-So, until I learn all the maps left and right, and learn every loop, and every T structure, path and find a dedicated team who are just as knowledgeable, THEN I can enjoy the game? I get the learning curve is steep, but are you serious? Solo que is impossible as a new player, because no one knows what they're supposed to be doing. Not even the one's playing for a week longer than you. The Killer at these stages is either a SMURF or also doesn't know what they're doing because they tunnel vision one person and they die within the first 3 minutes. Then most games turn into "Ok who can play hide and seek the longest and find the hatch?" This isn't exciting gameplay.

I know it's a matter of "get good scrub" I get that, this game is very fun for me and I'm sure I'll get to a point where I might enjoy it. But as a new player, these and several other issues make it so daunting that I'd rather have spent that $30 on something I'd actually enjoy.


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    So it's been almost a year now since I've started and I sympathize with what you're saying, especially the survivor aspects.

    My suggestion is to hop back and forth between killer and survivor. As killer you don't have to worry about those things as much. Also, you'll be able to freely roam the map for analytical means. Wraith is recommended because of his speed boost while cloaked, just ignore the random Kate that's gonna be following you and run to the nearest pallet the second you begin to uncloak.

    Just note that for balance the structures within the realms are randomized. Make mental notes when you see a pallet and vault location. Also, main buildings tend to have a relatively similar layout compared to L, T walls and everything in between.

    Wiggling doesn't require much application, the guage doesn't move any faster than the limit so no one's joystick should be snapping. Playing killer will broaden your understanding of the wiggle mechanic and why it in the way it is.

    Survivors can strategically set themselves up to be downed nearby a dead or sabo'd hook.If you sabo a hook in the corner of the map and there are obstacles in the way of the nearest hook chances are you'll wiggle free.

    As zubatlel once said dbd is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get with matchmaking.

    Yes, this is one of those game where you'll be torn to shreds while you're new or just not skilled as your opponent but In the same token all the negativity sorta just washes away and gets replaced with euphoria when you ascend from peony and start winning some. Dying in the first 3 minutes can be averted when the maps structures are utilized properly. Trust me I've been 5gen looped and stealthed by survivors that knew their stuff and I was either too stubborn or lazy to drop the chase. Now I simply ignore the shack early game because It's time consuming. (For me atleast, I'm not as good as OGs like Jae and Monto that I can efficiently moonwalk into bamboozle vaults without giving too much distance.)

    That being said the killer doesn't know who the weakest link is by default until everyone gets chased.

    See what structures provide the longest chases and make it work for you, when you're good enough to rotate tiles (basically moving from loop to loop) you'll really begin to shine.


    I felt the same way but I always came back. Utilize the structures, hiding isn't always the best option, know when to drop a gen or come out of hiding to help a teammate and vice versa. Learn the maps, killers and their powers. Experience plays a big part. You won't become a master in a week.

    Make a custom match with friends or something. I'll join If you need a body just to explore the maps or jus wanna swf.

    Also, there are a plethora of guides on YouTube. I recommend PainReliever.

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  • DaKnightDaKnight Member Posts: 720

    I can somewhat remember my first few games that I played many years back, and i'm pretty sure it was getting spanked over and over as the hillbilly until I picked up the nurse.

    Low rank solo Q you should not have too too much of a problem with, i'd probably just play bill or david. Bill has an amazing kit right off the bat, though I doubt many killers will be slugging at low rank. You get left behind for easy hatch escapes, and BT to punish campers.

    Playing with higher ranking friends I can see being a problem, since you will likely be facing killers of their rank instead of your own. Your main problem there will be dying so fast you didn't get to learn anything from it. I would probably just hide and do gens in that case and let your friends take the heat.

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    I recently introduced a friend to DBD (I've apologized many times) and he had some critcism too:

    1. The grind is insane. To get to the point where you can have "fun" with builds, you need to grind an obscene amount of BP to unlock teachables on characters you don't like, and then again hope they show up in the bloodweb of your preferred character. It's even worse for Killer, because Killer (unlike survivor) relies far more on their perks. To get to the point where you can actually have a decent build, you must spend a crazy amount of time and money. Reducing the cost of things or increasing BP gain would be nice. It's just so hard to get started in the face of the grind.
    2. It's super difficult at first and somewhat unintuitive. DBD is a niche game, there are people with thousands of hours who are unbeatable and people who just picked up the game and don't know anything about how to play and it's just a mess. The disparity between skill makes games unpredictable, and not in a fun or good way. Either they're insanely good, or useless. The tutorial could use an update, and mechanics could be made more intuitive (looping is weird, but necessary rn)
    3. The game is repetitive. It's just doing gens each game. It does get boring eventually.
    4. Perks that might be useful to new players (Visionary) are locked behind paywalls.
  • zestroszestros Member Posts: 7
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  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105

    Feng Min is probably the easiest, best survivor to start with. Next best either Meg, or Nea.

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