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Am I in the wrong here?

I'm open to hear all opinions on this.

So on the dbd Facebook group someone made a post about how they destroyed a team of rank 20-15ish survivors with blight. They said that the game was easy and bragging about how they only got one gen done.

I commented and said that getting a 4k against rank 20 survivors isn't something to brag about and seems very unsportsmanlike. This girl in the group replied to my comment saying that I was rude for no reason, I'm toxic and that she hates the dbd community cause of people like me.

I never insulted the guy who made the post btw, i remained respectful and never said that he was bad or questioned his own skill. So am I in the wrong for trying to tell this guy that bragging about killing rank 20 survivors isn't really a great thing to do? Or am I a rude toxic disrespectful person and my mom never taught me decent manners, according to this girl in the group.

Pls remain respectful in the comments.


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