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Are People Playing the Twins Correctly? Are we being asked to change our playstyle a little?

ZJ3ZJ3 Member Posts: 6

Played the PTB a bit at a friend's place, and while I agree that the twins have some issues that need to be addressed, I'm still wondering if most of the streamers and commenters are playing this killer correctly.

One of the key parts of The Twins power is for Victor to alert you to survivors doing non stealth actions nearby. To me, this provides an immense amount of map pressure, as you can effectively be at two parts of the map at once without having to trek all the way across it to get to the other side. Pair that with the alert, and you can switch over to Victor to take a survivor intent on repairing out of that ability for a bit of time.

Most I see, though, will do the standard looping, get an injury, then detach and chase. Or, they will just... detach and chase like normal, which to me gimps Victor's strength. He squishes for a reason. He's meant to be unseen, then like a creeper, crawl out of nowhere and leap at someone unexpectedly after you got an alert.

Is it possible we are being tasked with changing our play style a little here? To put the usual "well, I loop and I chase, and thats what powers should help me with" mentality away to use it a little differently?

That said, I do agree that there are some things that should be done to make Victor a little more effective. But I figured I'd start a discussion on a completely different subject altogether.


  • BugsGaloreBugsGalore Member Posts: 57

    It feels like they were intended to switch up gameplay, but they changed them to a chase / mediocre intel killer. I think they would function a lot better as a stealth / intel character. I originally thought victor was just intel for charlotte. I thought it would play out like this:

    Victor sneaks up and gets an angle on survivors and stalks them, revealing their locations rather than making them exposed. Doing so would grant charlotte the undetectable status effect, allowing her to sneak up for an early hit. Maybe give her a secondary ability for chases or mobility so it's not just a straight stealth killer. Obviously this concept is very weak and rough around the edges, but I feel like a stealth killer that could send out a scout would be a fun concept if given a secondary ability. Right now the twins are a bunch of mechanics mashed together that need to be smoothed out, or they'll be extremely mediocre.

  • BluegattiBluegatti Member Posts: 80

    I don't wanna explain in details about how to play lmfao but when I see people complain about beh beh I just wanna laugh because they still think that this killer is same as the old killer tho.

    This killer is probably the most diverse killer they ever design and the play style is just totally different, since you at leasd spent 60% on victor the idea of this killer is basically just slug the fck out of survivor and snowballing, you don't use victor to get into a loop... While you see bunch of people complain about how hard to land a hit with pounce... This is literally a clear sign of playing in the wrong way...

    To put it as a another example to understand it faster: when you playing wraith and land a hit on survivor after you uncloaked, if you decide to chase that survivor by bare foot and you calling him weak, this is your problem because wraith is not design to play like that. Twins is kind of killer that you indeed need to spend some time to learn since the idea of this killer is a bit hard to understand and complicated. Twins is not the killer that you gonna know how to play him within the first several hours of the game like Huntress or Billy.

    Nurse is about predict your blink, while twins is about planning ahead and mindgaming, and this mindgame is not about loops but about action that's why aura reading perks works way better on twins, I guess probably we all know that if you let twins start snowballing they ACTUALLY able to end the game with a minute or two.

    BTW Tru3 is a joke man seriously lmfao I'm not gonna go explain how stupid he's ideas are.

  • DelcatDelcat Member Posts: 32

    Who's Tru3?


    you put the man in the camouflage and go out on the hunt

    you put the man in the camouflage, he makes you see better

    you put the man in the camouflage and drink the bloodpoints up

    you put the man in the camouflage


    Video of this one in motion: https://youtu.be/-RcUZxxrNyc

    I love map control, so the Twins are great for me. I find a central location that covers a few different generators, scooch Victor in there where he's hard to see, and go hunting like normal. Either I immediately get KI notifications and do a quick 180, or they're on the other side of the map and I end up looping them normally until a) hookage or b) it gets close enough that I can use Viktor as part of the Chase, which is just pure, unadulterated fun.

    Once first hook is achieved, it's time for your strategy to change, globally. I'm still working on this second-phase part, I don't want to hook camp so I've been redeploying Victor to "babysit" so I can come charging back, but idk, running as far away as possible and then switching to Viktor to pounce would-be unhookers is...such a joyful thought. Brain Dead joyful, Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors joyful, Alien joyful, just little baby mans clinging to people's faces until they pry him off. The mayhem. The mayhem.

    *There is no actual one "true" playstyle. This Killer especially allows for a lot of strategies, and that should be celebrated.

    But they don't have a song.

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