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Idea About Legion and Twins

ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,120

I have seen a lot of conflicting arguments about the ages of the Legion members (mostly Susie and Joey) and Victor from the Twins. The devs have said that all characters within the game are 21 years or older. I have also noticed in lore that other characters seem younger than 21. My idea is that once the survivors and killers become apart of the entity's realm, the entity has some level of power over someone's age. As a result, even if Victor technically died when he was really young, the Entity was able to control his age and make him older. Which also works for Susie and Joey who seem younger. The entity could have aged them to be 21 or older. I'm not entirely sure, but that's my theory.


  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    I think Victor is the same age as Charlotte since they're twins, and she seems to be older than 21. But completely agree that it's possible the Entity can control time in its Realm since it can also shape and create new terrain.

    However, I don't believe any of the Killers was younger than 18 years old when they entered DBD's realm. Susie and Joey might've been between 18 and 21 years old.

  • YarheeguyYarheeguy Member Posts: 101

    "The Devs have said that all characters within the game are 21 years or older"

    they said it once in a livestream and it's completely wrong

    Quentien, Steve, Nancy and Cheryl are 17 years old.

    Frank is 19 years old with other Legion members being around the same age.

    and Victor, despite being Charlotte's twin, died when he was a child, even if he was relived, he was dead during the time when Charlotte grow up, so he would mentally be the age of a child.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,120

    Actually, according to the lore for the individual characters, it is very much possible that Quentin, Steve, and Nancy are not 17 anymore. It mentions in Quentin's lore already happened and time has passed. Also, I'm pretty sure in Nancy's lore she's already working so she's definitely no longer 17 and if she's no longer 17 than neither is Steve.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,120

    I can't say for Cheryl because I know nothing of Silent Hill, but Steve and Nancy are most definitely not 17 anymore. It mentions in Nancy's lore that she is working now so she's not 17. If Nancy is not 17 than neither is Steve because they're the same age. Quentin, I've read his lore again, and I guess it's possible, but that doesn't prove that my theory that the entity has control over the age of a person when inside the realm is false. In a way, that almost proves it more.

  • FelnexFelnex Member Posts: 334

    What exactly do you mean "Entity has control of their age"? I'm not understanding that.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,120

    So the Entity is an all powerful being right? From lore we understand that time isn't consistent in the Entity's Realm, so to me it would makes sense that that means the Entity is controlling the time in it's realm. It can make time go forward or backward, but time doesn't seem really effected to the people within the realm or at least they just don't realize it's happening. I was thinking how we age technically every second even if it doesn't feel like it. So what if like the overall time of the realm, the entity can control the aging process of individuals in the realm. So in the case of let's say Quentin Smith, he might have been taken when he was 17 but the Entity used it's power and by Quentin's first trial he was 21. As if the Entity were to physically age him those 4 years.

  • TaigaTaiga Member Posts: 365

    Actually Nancy is 18 and Steve is 19 since they’re taken from Season 3 of Stranger things.

  • YarheeguyYarheeguy Member Posts: 101

    okay... why would the Entity age 17 year old survivors to 21?

    also based on the lore from Freddy and Quintin, it seems to take place right after the film when Nancy's (Nightmare on Elm Street Nancy) mother was killed, so Quintin and Freddy was taken around the same time

    he would still be 17 when he was abducted but could be 18 at the latest.

    and sure of what the other people are saying that Nancy is 18 and Steve is 19, but that's still below 21. still proving my point that not all characters are at least 21 years old or over

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,120

    I don't know. The entity feeds on hope and strong emotions so maybe those of someone 21 or older tastes better? If the entity even tastes.

  • YarheeguyYarheeguy Member Posts: 101

    if that's the case, then why did it take Steve and Nancy instead of say, Hopper and Joyce? why would it bother abducting late teens then age them to 21 just so that their hope taste better? it sounds like a lot of work and I don't think the Entity would care to age them.

    I don't think age matters for the Entity, it's just that the devs are scared of having violence towards children and teenagers in DBD, so it's better to say they're all be at least age 21 or over when some of them are under that age.

    I get that they don't want to get into trouble with some countries who find it unacceptable, but if that's so, then they really should consider only allowing characters who are canonically 21 or older to be in DBD when doing licenses.

    I'm still going to see Quinten, Steve, Nancy, Laurie (I forgotten she was 17 and she was taken during events of Halloween when she was 17) Cheryl, The Legion and Victor as under 21s

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 1,782

    I think Joey and Susie are 16 I'll have to double check though

    but it says in the lore that they are both younger than Frank and Julie

  • FelnexFelnex Member Posts: 334

    Tbh this just sounds like an extremely convoluted explanation to evade accusations of "violence against minors", there's probably censorship rules about that or something.

  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 1,323

    I don't really think the Entity (canonically, anyway), selects anyone based on age. It could very well have taken, say, Michael, when he was only 15. Personally, I have yet to see any convincing canonical evidence that suggests the Entity exclusively targets 'legal adults'.

    It's simply just that some countries would ban the game if it included violence against minors. Essentially, it's the same reason why the Huntress doesn't decapitate survivors in her mori. She very well could, but BHVR can't do it, because their game will be banned in certain countries.

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