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alexsunny123alexsunny123 Member Posts: 2
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I mean like, when I get on dbd I don't really expect to have fun anymore https://ometv.onl https://chatroulette.top https://omegle.######### https://bazoocam.cam I really only play the game for the grinding aspect of it.



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  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    it's a mixed feelings... sometimes i feel better just by don't play the game at all and i take long breaks.. but then i start missing it and start playing it again..it's a cycle.. i think it's more the fact that i got addicted to the game, than playing it for fun, but it doesn't mean i don't enjoy it anymore..after you reach a certain amount of hours i think it's normal, for every game, we are human and we like to change at some point

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,542

    I legitimately enjoy playing Huntress. When I play different killers and lose several matches in a row, I just play another match as Huntress to feel better. I'm not a god-like Huntress, but even if I lose, I do enough good shots to not feel bad about it.

  • LivUndeadLivUndead Member Posts: 69

    i do but what i find fun not everyone does

    killer i play with a more competitive mind set, to me its fun. If i see the survivors are messing around sometimes ill flip my script and play along.

    survivor i play with a more mess around mind set. dont really ever flip the script with this though.

    i dont ever play too much on one mindset, killer cause it gets to be a pain once upon a time i did and just overall hated the game so i toned it back a bit. survivor cause i know there are 3 others and im not trying to ruin their experience.

  • GothicDamoGothicDamo Member Posts: 7

    The fun went from this game along time ago. Now I play for the toxicity it generates 👍

  • Slendy4321Slendy4321 Member Posts: 604

    I really only have fun playing with friends. Otherwise it's nothing but a sweatfest Survivors rushing gens and killers camping and tunneling. Can't say I blame them tho but I don't really have fun unless I'm memeing with friends

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    Yes, almost everyday.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,100

    Yes, I play for fun every day.

    Killer is all about laughing your ass off at Survivors limp attempts against my strategies.

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,052

    I play loops for fun the killer doesn't enjoy or respect what I find fun though so I try try again. Bubba never disappoints. Sometimes there's just no fun to be found so I get a final escape and close app.

  • rottmeisterrottmeister Member Posts: 317

    I do play this game for fun.

    Or at least I try to have fun, lol.

    I don't play the game for the grind, unless the tome has some nice stuff.

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 954

    Right now I'm having a blast on the PBE with The Twins. The dynamic of pouncing and kicking makes playing Viktor fun and rewarding when you score multiple downs. Also I enjoy running up and kicking little bro in front of big sis when I'm Survivor.

    Also seeing what type of pounces I can pull off heights or from bigger distances.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,816

    If I don't find a game fun, I don't play it.

  • I play this game because I'm an addict. And no other game lately has been able to hold my attention consistently lol.

  • SmesonSmeson Member Posts: 43

    I have fun right now with pig/blight/legion/deathslinger. Survivor I only play with friends sometiems but thats just m1/running simulator so I dont think that is very fun.

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    why else would I play this game? I get a lot of fun out of getting a challenge, getting laughs out of my misplays or survivors questionable moves, even when I come across some less than model players, I get a right laugh from the lengths they go to try tilt me :)

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,615

    If I didn't consistently have fun with it, I would take a break. So my answer is yes.

  • CustomerServiceCustomerService Member Posts: 479

    Nah, I don’t think many people play to have fun. Maybe new players will play for fun, for a while, but this game is a broken, frustrating experience for the most part.

    If you play with friends that can be partly mitigated. So I’m guessing a SWF team can have fun.

    Solo queue survivors never have fun.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    If i wasn't having fun, i wouldn't be playing it.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    Yes and no. When doing Rift challenges and being forced to use perks I don't like (Noed, Adrenaline, exhaustion perks) no.

    When I'm messing about trying different perk combos and playing against fun killers or good survivors on fair maps? yes

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,398

    I try to, even with a busted controller (Moving directly forward causes my controller to pull back, making my killer gameplay revolve mainly around billy and blight due to it, and looking to the right will pull my camera upwards)

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 3,409

    Occasionaly I try to have fun but the Rift has been forcing me to get serious

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 6,975

    i do.

  • RoboMojoRoboMojo Member Posts: 1,180

    What other reason would I play the game? I enjoy this game, warts and all. No one is obligated to play the game, lol. It’s a game, you play games for fun, not having fun? Stop playing the game, pretty simple.

  • kolosovskikolosovski Member Posts: 34

    Of course I play for the fun. Dbd is a fantastic game. Like most pvp games though, there are going to be good and bad matches, wins and losses. Obviously it's always more fun to the winning side, but what makes the win exciting is that it doesn't happen every time. There gotta be losing matches to make the winning ones meaningful.

    Plus the game has an interesting progressing scheme, I find fun in grinding to unlock a particular perk that I don't have in a particular charater and so on.

    My impression is that some players handle losses too poorly. Each player is different. Of course it's not fun to be tunneled and kicked out of a match in 3 minutes. But it rarely happens. As killer I find much easier to deal with a loss cause playing killer is always fun. As a survivor you rely on other and that can be problematic sometimes, but nothing that hitting that ready button again won't fix.

  • Leonardo1itaLeonardo1ita Member Posts: 1,489

    I do

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 489


    My opinion is that the problem with us as players is the emphasis on rank. I know there are competitive players and I also know that I have never had the skill or wherewithal to be a top end player at any game.

    In this game, I play killer quite often. I initially leveled Bubba up to get BBQ out there, then immediately worked to get that on killers I like to play. I play to have a good time as killer and try to provide a fun and engaging game if the survivors are into it. I try to hook juggle so that players aren't bored because they're just 1-2-3 hooked out. But sometimes it does happen. I don't camp but if someone's in the area, I will try to hunt them down. I love to head back to a hook and if someone is about to unhook, I just stalk or stand there and watch them unhook and leave before chasing. I find that stuff fun.

    I like playing pig. I like the more playful 'boop the snoot' stuff and surprising people with stalking. I like trying to slow things down with traps but not to make it boring. I usually will scare people who are removing traps but not actually attack them, giving them more of a chance.

    I play survivor a lot with my wife. She plays Claudette and does better than me. I mix it up but usually play Nea because my Nea has so many perks. I intend to be an Ace main once I get him more perks. She's around 7, I'm around 10. I love unhooking. My typical build includes Borrowed Time and Deliverance. I also like to use all kinds of perks and experiment. I like to engage the other survivors and killer. I try to get 2 generators and two unhooks per match but don't sweat about it. My favorite thing is to throw caution to the wind and save someone off hook during end game collapse. THis often results in my dying but the other person surviving. That's a lot of fun, to me.

    It's a fun game but trying to compete or focusing to much on KILL KILL or ESCAPE ESCAPE seems to hamstring the fun.

    Go on now, I give you all permission to have fun. Try that weird perk without looking up the best build on the internet. Goof around in the game rather than making it such an oppressive rank grind. It's better down here.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,308

    Meh, fun is subjective. What one person finds fun may be a nightmare for another. Personally, I don't enjoy survivor anymore. It's become more of a chore than actually enjoyable thanks to the nightmare solo queue has become, along with the many camping and tunneling killers. I usually just play killer, mess with different perks and see how much I can mess with a survivor. My most recent was Hag with no trigger traps alongside 0 heartbeat. It made the survivors super paranoid which I thought was pretty fun. They didn't since they just kind of shut down and wanted out.

  • JesseJH28JesseJH28 Member Posts: 477

    Yeah, I still enjoy the hell out of this game for the most part. I wouldn't play if I didn't

  • AlciniusAlcinius Member Posts: 14

    I intend to but it gets ruined by survivor's who don't unhook and camping tunneling slugging killers...

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