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Congratulations - your toxic player base lost a long-time player



  • TimeOutTimmyTimeOutTimmy Member Posts: 135

    Not surprising because we have normalized this behaviour. We can say whatever we want because we are all hiding behind a screen and keyboard.

    The sad part is, we don't know if the actions or comments directed towards greenhorn are from a 12 or 40 year old.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    When they’re ready to quit, they’ll jus quit.

    These posts seem more like a 2 week notice so we can all say our goodbyes and then convince them to stay and continue on in the DBD community.

    I personally believe many want to keep playing, have a series of bad matches within a condensed timeframe, then immediately post here in the forums to vent out the frustration.

    I’ve had friends who wanted to end their lives and they opted to “vent it out” in this manner.

    I’ve also had friends who didn’t vent, said nothing to anyone, then shocked everyone when they abandoned their life and all of ours, as well.

    So, I understand these posts. I feel we all can relate to some extent. If anyone can be helped into a better mental state, then it’s always good to try and do so for them. Even if it’s just a video game, people can have something deeper going on, within, that reflects their outward projection.

    I say keep playing.

    If you find yourself too worked-up over DBD, then find another game that doesn’t negatively impact your well being... many times that means playing only on a team who will always have your back (ie. not solo/killer) or avoiding multiplayers all together.

    Usually they’ll feel better after they get it all out if their system, then refresh, recharge and continue playing in some format.

    The handling of stress and anxiety varies from person to person, tho.

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,790

    I’ll play along: if a family female was complaining about video games being ‘toxic,’ I would tell them the same thing.

    Saying do not let silly things like this bother you is not the same as bottle up your emotions or whatever odd place this quote is driving towards.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,433

    Idk man going out of your way to tell them they lost a long time player and telling them they should feel bad about it seems kinda toxic ngl

  • Bye Felicia

  • piggypablopiggypablo Member Posts: 102

    Don't announce you're leaving, just leave.

  • carnage4ucarnage4u Member Posts: 338

    That probably isn't true. I have quit dozens of online games never to return. this game is fun, but not so magically a person wont' come back. Sometimes people come back and find that element that got them excited at first, or the gave remains super crappy to them.

  • greenhorn999greenhorn999 Member Posts: 3

    Okay so the reason I shared is not for sympathy, encouragement or validation. I figured the devs would want to know when a long-time player leaves vs someone with say a couple hours and and just decided it wasn't their cup of tea. If they don't care then w/e. My experience started out positive and has just became ruined over and over and over by how players literally ######### on each other during/after the game so I just decided enough was enough. If you're playing a game that is no longer fun to play because the others playing it actively trying to ruin the game experience for the others, then at some point you have to ask yourself why bother. I attributed my own experience to the state of the DBD community because overall the game can in fact be quite fun -- but the players just ######### on each other -- and I for one have more enjoyable things to do than to play a game that is no longer even remotely fun to play.

    Just my two cents, ymmv. Peace.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,267

    I feel like if they got 4k hours out of you they made some good money and will sleep just fine at night. Not sure why you people expect to never get bored or frustrated with a game when you've been playing it for thousands upon thousands of hours.

  • ImOldGregImOldGreg Member Posts: 6

    He ain't wrong, mean comments ain't #########, but to always have someone afk, ######### on first hook, sand bagging, failing skill checks just to sabtoge the game...its really sad. When you feel so small and pathetic that you want to drag others down to the cesspool you dwell in just so you won't feel so alone. That's signs of some deep seeded depression and self loathing. All the up votes on all these smart ass toxic comments only proves his point...I feel sorry for the real people in your lives that have to put up with your childish toxic bullshit on a daily. To be so utterly atrocious, you people cannot have a single ######### person who loves you in your lives. But I've got good news, if you bathe with a toaster my troglodyte cucklings of the fog, it will surely cure the hole in your heart that makes you persistently want to make others feel as bitter and angry as you do everytime you open your eyes to this mundane repetitive existence. Your just a bunch of little weak Victor's with no Charlotte. GGEZ

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    Never understood why someone would feel the need to make a forum account for the sole purpose of quitting. Theres no point in joining the community, just to announce that you hate the community and want to quit it. Thats like getting hired for a job, just because you wanted to deliver a grand "I quit".

  • LethalPugyLethalPugy Member Posts: 493

    Aww, she passed away?

    Awww :(

    Mmmm :(

    Alright :)

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    That’s good... I wasn’t giving you any sympathy.

    I do have Empathy for those who feel they want to quit, but never Sympathy for those who do quit.

    It seems people on these forums are trying to understand why you and others who have permanently quit DBD are still here on these DBD forums continuing to talk about the game you are forever no longer affiliated with after sending the devs your farewell notice.

    It’s like quitting a job and then showing up every day in the break room to share your feelings instead of just moving on to your new career and letting everyone at the job you quit enjoy their lunch in peace every day before going back to work at the job they all are happy with.

    I do believe the devs care.

    While I would imagine they hope those who come to the forums to post these notices will be persuaded to stay and play, I equally as much feel they would prefer those who are quitting the game forever and potentially leading others to do the same would just move on.

    Peace to you too, I hope you find the community that suits you better.

    Wherever you go, have GGs ✌🏽

  • BasementDwellerBasementDweller Member Posts: 341

    Imagine complaining about "toxic" comments while also telling people to end their life in the same comment.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Community Manager, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,671

    As this is going the way these type of threads usually go, I will lock it here.

    To the OP, I hope you find something else you enjoy playing.

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