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Killer Christmas Cosmetics

DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105
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yeti outfit for the oni (ski as main weapon, log as weapon while using power)

krampus outfit for the trapper (bundle of sticks as weapon)

Elf or mrs claus outfit for the hag

Toy soldier or nutcracker outfit for the deathslinger

gingerbread outfit for the hillbilly (rolling pin or candy cane as weapon)

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  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 447

    Why should Krampus be Oni? Idk if Krampus is a yelling, smashing, running loud kinda Monster.

    Krampus is more of a Ghostface kinda guy I think.

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105
    edited November 2020

    “The animal of Krampus is heralded by the clopping of his cloven hooves, and ringing of his bell-covered iron chains. The creature appears during the holiday season, preying on children who have misbehaved. Krampus is often seen carrying a birch switch or whip to beat those children that it does not choose to kidnap and imprison or devour.”

    So not Ghostface, idk any other killer that could be a better fit. The oni already stomps around, he just needs a stick or whip to beat naughty survivors. When using his power his horns can grow and his weapon could be a bundle of sticks or a log. The only thing against it is that the oni already has the Minotaur outfit, which is sorta similar.

    anyone have any other ideas for cool holiday cosmetics?

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105

    Toy soldier outfit for the deathslinger.

    Gingerbread outfit I think would be good for the hillbilly. Have a candy cane for a weapon and a bite mark in his head, he’s angry about being eaten so he’s getting payback with a chainsaw.

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