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Undying is just ridiculous

Ruin stays up the whole game now, everyone is running around the map breaking every totem possible but there's always one that can't be found towards the end of the game.

To some degree I think the respawn of the hex should be timed, 60 secs. When it respawns the first time, it should show a small undying badge for everyone. Later when it respawns for the 3rd time it should reduce the hex perk tier one level (tier 2). 4th cleanse would reduce the hex to tier 1... 5th cleanse would finally remove it

Also inner strength is pretty much useless now, it should at least be able to stack for 2 slower heals.



  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,425

    Lucky you. I got facecamped by a Freddy yesterday evening, when his two Totems got cleansed (took even longer than 30 seconds, no Gen was done, I was his third Hook...).

    I would have preferred a Killer who DCed. :I

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,639

    Well, now that we know the Dev's are looking at the previous chapter each mid-chapter, like they did with the Silent Hill chapter last mid-chapter (Jesus take a drink each time I say chapter) I think it's pretty inevitable it's going to be nerfed. For one, I think they'll remove the aura reading on Dull Totems, and maybe add a limit to each tier. Tier 1 - only one respawn, and thus on. Or just give it a cooldown, that'll probably work too. We won't know until it happens though.

    Let's hope they also make Blood Favor not terrible.

  • valvarez4valvarez4 Member Posts: 868

    Yes, and the solution for old MoM or DS is hit again.

  • BasementDwellerBasementDweller Member Posts: 247

    I had a match against a Blight running ruin, undying, and tinkerer on Ironworks of misery. Both Ruin and Undying were in the same building (foundary) right next to each other, good thing I cleansed Undying first.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,425

    Have to agree on that one. Ruin/Undying with stuff like Autohaven or Asylum in mind is totally different from Ruin/Undying on Hawkins or Saloon. Especially the Saloon got some really dirty Totem Spots in the Midchapter. So it might indeed become close to impossible to cleanse Ruin on some Maps.

  • valvarez4valvarez4 Member Posts: 868
  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503

    What can I say, there's a reason Freddy rhymes with sweaty.

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 484

    Well yeah it does solve the problem because then ruin can't transfer to another totem lol

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 505

    I would definitely like to see a change to it as it has highlighted just how ridiculous Ruin is when it is up nearly all game. It feels like most killers are just going full auto pilot while Ruin/Undying/Tinkerer plays the game for them. And then if you have the audacity to try and cleanse a high mobility killer's totems, they'll be right on you due to the aura reading.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,425

    The thing is, the idea of Ruin is really good in general. Because it would only benefit good Killers, since they can apply pressure to have a meaningful result while Ruin is up.

    But combined with Undying and Tinkerer, it can be problematic, because you dont need to be good anymore to have a benefit from Ruin. Tinkerer is a big "go there" sign and with the improving Totem Spots, it can take a while to cleanse both Hexes.

    I guess there will be a change to Undying in the future. They wont change Ruin or Tinkerer, so I guess it will be Undying. Something like Otzs Idea that if Undying dies that a transferred Ruin will die as well or at the very least, they might remove the Aura Read.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 2,707

    Only issue I have with undying is the aura reveal.

    Imo thrill of the hunt should have the aura reveal instead

  • PiwattePiwatte Member Posts: 162

    Why are you playing these perks if it makes frustration for you ... ?

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,826

    Killers are relying on Rng with this build types tho. Hexes are bound to be found by perks or have the worst spawn.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,617

    This is what survivors fail to realize. Before undying, hex perks were a coin toss. More often than not, it was cleansed very early due to spawning on top of it, being placed out in the open or it was put next to a gen where people will see it. If Undying carried over stacks of Devour Hope then it would be broken. Ruin only works if the killer is applying pressure. Which has been what survivors have been telling killers to do for years. Literally any complaint brought up by killers about gen times was responded with "Duh, just apply pressure" Now that killers have a reliable way of doing that, survivors are angry.

  • HommeBizarreHommeBizarre Member Posts: 268

    They should keep the aura reading for dull totems but remove it for the hex totems

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,732

    Well,undying CAN be ridiculous.

    It might make Ruin last longer but it's still a heavily RNG dependent combo.

    You get maps like Autohaven or Coldwind and your totems are pretty much gone already.You can also be just unlucky like me and almost always get your Undying found first.

    The only maps that are really really good for totems are Badham,The Game,Lerys,Dead Dawg Saloon and Hawkins.The rest is pretty manageable

  • PiwattePiwatte Member Posts: 162

    One day, I pray for lobbies without meta perks. Players with meta perks should play together <3

  • SpirezSpirez Member Posts: 666

    Wow. Oh no. A hex perk has a chance to stay the whole game now. What will we ever do. It’s not like we can run maps, detectives hunch and small game. We can’t waste time doing dull totems either right. Why would we want to do totems when we could just do gens and complain about a hex perk.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,774

    theres 1 new badham totem spawn that I legit would nave never found without small game. By the road tucked in between a curved bush a a fence

  • the_newthe_new Member Posts: 175

    I mean it gets survivor to get something else instead off sitting on gens its so easy to counter just break all totems or undying just bring a map and detectives hunch if you have such a problem

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 121

    Ruin/Undying is only a problem for solo Q where survivors forget to do gens. high level games the killer is almost required to run it b/c even if the killer has 30 s or less chase, gens get done by efficient teams. Hook 1, find another 1 to chase, still have 2 out there to finish the first gen they each work on. once is done 1 can go to another gen and 1 can unhook. rinse, repeat. solo Q with uncoordinated teams is where there are issues with this build.

    I personally try to find a totem first thing in solo Q match before i start a gen. Dull or not b/c it helps in any situation now. I totally agree the aura reading should have been part of Thrill of the Hunt and remove the notification when a survivor starts a totem to balance it. That's the change I'd like to see the devs make.

  • Nosferatu3145Nosferatu3145 Member Posts: 542

    It's always funny when survivors complain that ruin+undying it's an instant win to the killer. Like, yeah, my totens hit and hooked all survivors. Besides, one survivor with small game can delete half of the killer perks with one walk through the map, but of course that they won't do it, cause they'll need to remove one of the 4 second chance perks they can't play without.

    Yeah, ruin + undying OP

  • BingbongbongBingbongbong Member Posts: 202

    Have to agree It's pretty overkill, I wish they'd fix gen times instead of a band aid fix that limits build variety to 2 perk slots.

    Leaving it up screws survivors in the end game and Trying to get rid of both totems at the beginning at the least takes about the same time as doing a solo Gen and that's without acknowledging the time taken for searching for the totems as well as the aura reading letting the killer know you're trying to cleanse and stopping you.

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