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Does anyone actually dislike playing against blight

I see people talking about they’ve heard others talking about hating blight and he’s busted. But for some reason haven’t seen any hate for blight myself. Is everyone just fine with him?



  • horrortale_sanshorrortale_sans Member Posts: 497

    you have to have skill to use him

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,806

    Yeah, I really don't like facing him. A lot of the time they play exactly the same; [BAD WORD] up their power and spend too long on a chase but get a tinkerer proc and zoom away. And when you find a Blight that knows exactly what they're doing at every single tile it's also pretty unfun because there's just... not much you can do.

    Plus, old Compound 21 really pissed me off. I'm glad they nerfed it to make stealth vs him more viable.

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 1,828

    I love facing him, personally. Fun in chases and feels threatening but fair. Whenever I die to a Blight I’m never really mad about it.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 2,000

    I don't like facing him much as I consider him M1 killer who runs fast for more M1 chases. Yes he can sometimes use his power in chases but it's imao very map dependant, I find it a boring power.

    Still there are other killers who I dislike far more (hag, trapper) so I'd take him insted of those any time.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 361

    My experience going against Blight is that he's map dependent. So, if you get him in the lower level of the meat plant, where he can pinball straight toward you and you can't get out of the way, it's certain death. If you get him on a corn map, you just run to an open field and that's the end of the chase.

    So, I don't mind, overall, though it's more oppressive on some maps than others.

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 382

    BounciBoi is best boi.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 2,284
    edited November 2020

    I think most experienced survivors quite enjoy playing against him. He's very powerful in the right hands but he has clear counterplay. He feels fair. I don't feel cheated if the Blight does some insane play.

    Imo hes the best designed killer since Oni, last few pre-Blight killers left a bad taste in my mouth. Powerful but fair.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 899

    I really don't have enough experience against Blight, but if I was to fit an opinion about him, I hate him due to the fact that I

    - I get dumb teammates that farm

    - I get a soft camping Blight

    This is my temporary Blight opinion, I'm sure it'll change once I get more expirence vs Blight

  • JustalittlepeeckJustalittlepeeck Member Posts: 1,104

    Blight is like Nurse, but nobody knows how to play her.

    Apparently if the killer is strong, but nobody knows how to play him, it's fine.

    Honestly I like this, this killer is maybe second or even just the best killer to use against SWFs because how much lethality and pressure he has with right addons.

  • jdcabraljdcabral Member Posts: 1,913

    I think I've only died once against a Blight. Most people don't know how to play him and I usually dodge the Lethal Rushes. Not even counting he is M1 killer on a lot of loops and maps.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 3,948

    No. But I'm on console so he's about as dangerous as the nurse 😆

  • DarKaronDarKaron Member Posts: 301
    edited November 2020

    Honestly, Blight is a lot like Nurse.

    They both have high skill ceilings, and have neat little tricks that make their game so much easier to manage.

    Out the gate, people hated Blight because they thought he was gonna be on par with Clown.

    A month later, everyone's turned tail, because his ability to traverse maps is perhaps greater than even Hillbilly, and he can pull some crazy bounces nobody expects, because not even Blight knows which way he's going half the time.

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 974

    Nah, I really like Blight. I think he's great fun, to play and go against. When I see a good one, I don't feel screwed over I feel impressed.

    And going up against a bad one (like me) is hilarious.

  • DarKaronDarKaron Member Posts: 301

    Frankly, that's pretty much how it goes, yeah.

    Blight's power is so... Unpredictable that you can't really be mad when one takes you on a one-eay trip to Pain Town. Plus, his aesthetic is consistently Halloween-flavored in theme with the Hallowed Blight events.

    How can you be mad at someone who's permanently festive?

  • Chloe_DeplanoChloe_Deplano Member Posts: 35

    I like to face whoever playes him! I find it very challenging but fun at the same time.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 985

    I don't enjoy Blight because most of them run the same build. Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer, BBQ.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,492

    yes. me. this survivor right here.

    Blight and Oni can go stuff themselves in a sock with their animations and rigging that feel so wrong (when comparing with the killers that don't use it).

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 935

    I think Blight's power is fun to play around.

    But I also dislike how Blight almost always has the killer wombo-combo active (it's not even Ruin/Undying that bothers me, I just really hate the Ruin + Tinkerer Synergy).

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,386

    One thing that can sometimes piss me off is his ~180° lethal rush hitbox, but that's about it, he's a great Killer with decent counterplay, his power cannot carry bad players to victory, but good players will demolish teams in a blink of an eye, and I think that's great.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,651

    Since I don't see him much, no I think facing every killer is a treat except Spirit, or Freddy

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 2,184

    I wouldn't know, I've gone against him once and the player couldn't control him at all so it was just a gen simulator match

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,872

    No I'm not really a fan. For the same reason I'm not a fan of Oni or Billy. They get some absolutely ridiculous hits around corners. Now I'm not saying they're OP and I'm sure many of the hits are affected by latency so they look worse on my end, but sometimes it just looks absurd and I end up frustrated.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 1,983

    I'm on ps4 with crossplay off so don't see many Blights. It's not that I hate him, I just feel like I'm bullying the killer whenever it's a Blight and I feel bad. Only time I'm not feeling like a bully is when they're farming.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,683

    Unless Blight is using their mobility to tunnel, I dont mind at all facing against them.

  • Ghost_Face_MainGhost_Face_Main Member Posts: 366

    On PS4 with crossplay on, I find him very exciting to face. It's unfortunate not many players know how to use his power. I have come across maybe 2 Blights out of 10 that were REALLY good. Shame he disappears into the "non-meta" killer list to collect dust just like any other killer that the community doesn't see as Spirit/Freddy/Nurse tier.

  • BubbaMain64BubbaMain64 Member Posts: 515

    Heh, little did you know I only get to play against Deathslinger and Ghostface! GG EZ

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