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My experience so far with no blood lust

So i played 3 games so far all 4Ks(rank 4)

2 Pig- Surge, endering, bbq, STBFL

1 Legion- Same thing but discordance instead of STBFL.

Legit noticed no difference at least on these 3 maps

Autohaven wreckers yard, chapel, and badham.

So hows yalls games going?



  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,578
    edited November 2020

    A 0k, 2 2ks & a 4k today.

    Can't play more right now.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    I've just been playing anti-loop killers like Clown and Doc. No real change but a lot of bad matchmaking skewing my views

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 2,975

    So far for me.

    Legion 4k 3 gens remaining autohaven.

    Legion 3k 2 gens remaining bloodlodge.

    Ghostface 1k 3 escaped, red forest.

    Clown 4k adept, the game.

    Pig 3k 1 escape, badham (can't remember the number).

    Pig 2k 2 escape coal tower

    Trapper 1k 3 escape through hatch with key, midwich.

    And just oni until now mostly 3-4k.

    So far my experience without bloodlust has been great but on some maps is kinda needed/would be great.

    Holding W is working great as a survivor.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,590
    edited November 2020

    So far:

    Game 1 Legion, Badham - 2K, 8 Hooks

    Game 2 Pig, Badham - 4K 12 Hooks

    Game 3 Trapper, Sanctum - 2K, 9 Hooks

    Game 4 Wraith, Resting Place - 4K, 12 Hooks

    Game 5 Hag, Abattoir - 4K, 9 Hooks

    Game 6 Doctor, The Game (Map Offering from a Survivor), 4K, 11 Hooks

    Game 7 Wraith, Wretched Shop, 4K, 10 Hooks

    Game 8 Doctor, Wretched Shop, 4K, 12 Hooks

    Game 9 Legion, Hawkins, 4K, 10 Hooks

    If I got a 4K, not all Gens were done, but I dont know how many were done. (All games without Ruin or PGTW, but Corrupt Intervention on all Killers except for Pig)

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    Yea i don't think you will notice it much if at all on balanced maps, only on unbalanced maps will you notice a problem. But all the unbalanced maps r being fixed with the graphical reworks, such as how new ormand is far more balanced.

  • BootlegmothBootlegmoth Member Posts: 287

    I didnt even know they'd turned it off until I went on forum after the matches. Tbh with the new map reworks I don't think it will be missed

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,411

    Sorry, we're ######### off for the weekend.

    Good luck dealing with a ######### up mechanic.

    G1t gud nubz!! LULZ!

  • RocketPenguinRocketPenguin Member Posts: 374

    yeah id agree, thats why i asked i mainly want to see how people who played it already are doing, mainly on midwich which i dont want to play with or without bloodlust honestly

  • itsaconeheaditsaconehead Member Posts: 236

    I mean, I would get a chance to try it if people wouldn't disconnect when they see I'm playing doctor for my daily.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,865

    Two games so far

    One clown who just seemed to want his four BBQ stacks and then he was chill

    Second was a really bad Toblerone and I had equally bad teammates so it didn't seem any different than those situations usually do.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,911

    Did all the killer tome challenges using Billy/Legion/Demo - Similar results.

  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871

    I have had 9 games as survivor and only been hit twice. It's laughable. Mind you I am also out of Haddonfield offerings, and moved onto Autohaven offerings.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,400

    Well, night one involved 7 grabs that got cancelled, and I thought, "Yeah, Bloodlust is way less satisfying than outplaying someone at a pallet and then standing still for a second while they run away unharmed."

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,906

    Out of all my games as survivor:

    0k-1k if the killer doesn't hard tunnel/camp someone to death or someone suicides on first hook.

    3k if the killer is going full try hard with add-ons/offerings.

    Even with potato teammates who have a phobia of generators making me do over half of them I still generally speaking escaped or was the only one to die every normal game.

    Also I do not blame killers for camping/tunneling hard as there are so many infinites without Blood Lust its not even funny(Even a shack varient can be an infinite right now).

  • ExellenExellen Member Posts: 49

    Exactly the same as before. If you activate bloodlust often you are most likely bad killer.

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 689

    I dunno if they've buffed killers' speeds to make up for losing bloodlust, but I've been doing great without it. Had 2 4Ks and 1 3K+hatch as Dr, then a 4K as Myers, then a 4K as Freddy (who I suck at), and then a 0k as Billy who I also suck at, but I was doing the "2 chainsaws in 30 seconds" challenge which I got.

    So everything looks great to me!

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    Well i had a game as pig where the survivors abused the main building of asylum, but i still 4ked at 3 gens and that maps gonna be heavily nerfed/changed so i don't think it's too much of a concern.

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 689

    I was especially worried because once on the 4.4.0 PTB bloodlust wouldn't activate while I was chasing a Dwight with OoO who had kidnapped my babby, and he infinitely looped me on an LT jungle gym, but I haven't seen anything like that so far with this change.

  • GaalaGaala Member Posts: 51

    My opinion is complicated.

    Some times i don't need it.

    On the other, circle around a pallet 4 times before the survivor drop it and tbag me isn't fine. Even worse if they do this (and they do) all match. Specially if they is a close windows where the survivor can extend the loop (i'm looking at you, badham).

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742

    It's exactly the same as before bloodlust removal because players that relied mostly on bloodlust were the lazy and bad ones anyway. Bloodlust was never intended to give free hits in chases. True infinites are literally gone that's why bloodlust needs to die, period.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,504

    Killers that I play are spirit and blight. With those killers bloodlust was rarely used anyway. The majority of my hits are phase hits or lethal hits. I haven't noticed a difference, except around shack. Shack seems a lot stronger now.

  • VenoxxieVenoxxie Member Posts: 300

    Did three rounds as killer, 3ks and 4ks were about what I got. I personally feel it depends on the teams you verse, your own skill, and the killer you play as it's always been. Some solos are big brain, sometimes you get swf, and sometimes you get potato gamers. Certain killers don't even need BL providing you have the skill and perks good for it.

    I'm not a good killer & don't play it much but I did fairly well even without BL as a Hag.

  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 77

    Huntress 0k

    Hag 4k

    Nurse 4K

    Huntress 2k

    Billy 4k

    Wraith 0k

    It's stupid the amount of time that u need to spend now chasing survivors with slower killers or 1m killers, the maps are not balanced enough to remove bloodlust permanently, infinite loops are everywhere.

    I think dev don't get the fact that in high ranks survivors are all equipped with ds, unbreakable, brand new parts, etc increasing the time needed to catch on a survivor it's a rule change specially for people new to the game.

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