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Be Honest, Was Turning bloodlust off As Bad As You Thought?



  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,702

    If some killers require Bloodlust to get downs they were probably already unplayable, tbh

  • JedJed Member Posts: 254

    Well I play on a ultrawide monitor so I'm use to playing at a disadvantage. But seriously it's not as bad as playing on a ultrawide monitor.😉

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,702
    edited November 2020

    The killer capsule is .5m in radius and the survivor capsule is .45m in radius. Let's imagine the killer and survivor are both running around a circular loop 5m in diameter. Let's also assume that both are hugging the walls of the loop. The survivor is therefore running around the perimeter of a 5.9m diameter circle and the killer is running around the perimeter of a 6m circle.

    So, now for some simple math.

    The survivor's total path length is 5.9πm and they move at 4m/s. That means they run the loop in 4.63 seconds. The killer's total path length is 6πm. Standard killers move at 4.6m/s, and will therefore run the loop in 4.10 seconds. If we solve 5.9πm / x = 6πm / 4.6s for x, we get the equivalent straight-line speed of this killer: 4.52 m/s. In other words, when chasing a survivor around a circular loop 5m in diameter, a 115% speed killer catches up to survivors as quickly as a 113% killer would in a straight line. That's hardly impactful at all.

    If you repeat this math for a circle with a 2m diameter, which is pretty much the smallest thing I can imagine a killer not being able to mind game you around, it shakes out to making a 115% killer behave like a 111% killer would in a straight line. If this makes most of the map into infinites, then how are 110% killers viable?

    TL;DR There are not infinites everywhere now.

    Bloodlust is far from useless, but killers shouldn't be relying on it anyway. I'd honestly expect this to hurt baby killers more than experienced ones.

  • HealsBadManHealsBadMan Member Posts: 1,120
    1. Not really. I played about 10-15 games on Survivor and Killer each trying it out, and its not as rough as I had originally thought. The 115% killers move pretty well if you know how to run tiles, and the 110% killers do well but are slightly more power dependent.
    2. Overall, I think it can be removed but should be monitored closely. There's a few maps that could be slightly updated so bloodlust isnt as necessary, which leads me to-->
    3. On a few maps there are nasty loops (Dead Dawg Saloon main building, Groaning Storehouse, etc.) which need the breakable walls destroyed immediately. I haven't looked too closely at the new Autohaven and Ormond maps, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had similar loops. Maybe these strong loops could be nerfed/changed slightly, so its not necessary to immediately destroy the walls? Just my thoughts :p
    4. Week's going pretty good! I've been focusing on my Killer adepts and I'm averaging about 1 a day at red ranks! I've gotten Blight, Pyramid Head, Wraith, Huntress, Pig, Trapper, and if today's a good day too maybe Cannibal! I'm also practicing for Oni and Plague, but I'm not crazy/good enough to try them at Red Ranks- I'm not good enough at Oni and Plague is near impossible at high ranks.
  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 77
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Just fix the maps
    4. Good, hope yours was good too
  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,583
    1. It's about what I thought. Indoor maps are very problematic for M1 killers vs survivors who path efficiently, and it exacerbates the problem of ridiculous connecting tiles that should never be near each other. It's a justified nerf for mediocre/bad killers, but an unwarranted buff to skilled survivors due to ever-problematic map design.
    2. Yes. I think it should be removed. But they still need to actually address the problem areas of the maps, and I'm not sure they realize why their maps are problematic. They redid MacMillan and Suffo Pit is still absurd. You can't cut someone off on an indoor map if they look behind them and react to your pathing. You are never downing anyone in the middle of Suffocation Pit or Ormond in general with an M1 killer unless they completely biff it. Stuff like that
    3. I wouldn't have bloodlust in the game and I'd swallow my pride and consult knowledgeable players about the maps at this point
    4. My week was good! Hope yours was good as well

  • MorfedelMorfedel Member Posts: 224

    I think its terrible. For example, all a survivor has to do is run around in circles at a place with a pallet; with blood lust you can close the gap more. Without it, they can almost guarantee to drop the pallet and head to the next one without taking a hit.

    Its especially bad with the slower killers. I have not had such bad matches in a long time like I'm having now. I'm now being run through multple gens in a way that didnt happen before.

    So yeah, this is terrible IMHO.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,450

    I've definitely noticed a difference. As survivor, I suddenly live about 150% longer in chase just by running forward and occasionally popping through a window. As a green/purple killer there's not a huge difference when I match with people close to my same rank -- it's clearly taking longer to go around a loop, but not so much longer that I can't catch them), but when I get fed to red rank SWF (or, you know, extremely suspiciously coordinated red rank teams that I assume are SWF) I'm toast. They just smash their faces against the scenery and run an optimal path between pallets, and I'm like, "God, I don't even know for sure I'll EVER eventually catch up."

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 1,497

    I love it when I play Survivor, literally never caught outside of my own screw ups. Some tiles that force the killer to take a longer way around (like the crane) due to the hitbox nature of characters I can actually run a killer 5-6 times around before I even need to throw the pallet. This "experiment" has really shown that the devs have no idea just how strong some of their tiles are, let alone when they are chained together.

  • SpacingLlamasSpacingLlamas Member Posts: 600

    I always felt that if bloodlust was eventually removed someday, that beast of prey should just keep the bloodlust mechanic as a unique thing for itself. Maybe make it a bit weaker then it is now, but if a player really needs bloodlust then let them waste a perk slot for it. Still giving the Undetectable status effect too

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,470

    1 - Not really sure. I like to play m1 killers and play on autopilot mode and so mindlessly do things, maybe even take advantage of bloodlust. It's just so convenient. So I have noticed the change. I actually have to... think about what I'm doing. It's horrible.

    As survivor I have noticed I can take more advantage of loops, too. My last game resulted in a rank 13 hag DCing because she couldn't catch me for about 2 mins on a loop... where I used 1 pallet and no windows. Bad matchmaking and no bloodlust is a bad combination.

    2 - I really never thought I'd say this because I mostly play survivor and hate when bloodlust is used against me but... bloodlust 1 at the very least needs to stay in the game. Imagine trying to catch a survivor that knows how to loop the garage, asylum, shack and jungle gyms on suffocation pit, or any good loops for that matter.

    3 - Keep at least bloodlust 1, maybe 2.

    4 - Little stressful, but fine thanks.

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