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We need more of these experiments

With this BL experiment... I got to thinking that we need more of these experiments for live testing


  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    It would allow the devs to give small changes

    And leave the bigger changes to the PTB's

  • Sandt21Sandt21 Member Posts: 495

    Only if the next experiment is “a weekend without exhaustion perks”. Survivors have been pretty happy with the bloodlust experiments. Next time, it’s the killers turn to be happy

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    Sure why not........

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,901
    edited November 2020

    I feel like them starting these experiments with Blood Lust's temporary removal was a bad idea as it will make people not want to bother with them in the future.

    Especially when its a one sided nerf with no game play incentives for people to actually play the afflicted side.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    Yea... I feel the same way... Honestly I haven't played

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,862

    Looking forward to the "no more red stain" and "no more Deep Wounds" experiments myself. Those would be fun as hell to play.

  • PokemonGOPlayerPokemonGOPlayer Member Posts: 179

    My personal issue with this experiment is that it only makes Killer less easy to pick up as it punishes newer players and doesn't affect veterans that much.

    Just like what they did with the Ruin change, now Killers need to be smarter, better, with no compensation on the other side except the fact that new versions of the maps should be less unbalanced. Which isn't true yet.

    As a Survivor main, thank you for making the game even less stressful, I had some problems looping sometimes and removing BL took completely care of two of my main difficulties, counting seconds for BL activation and blocking Line of Sight without losing too much distance to break BL.

  • I don't care, just give me bloodpoints. Double it or something for killers if you are experimenting on them, ditto for survivors, just don't decentivize people from a role.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    Yea... just leave these to small changes

    I would like to see DBP for some of them (or line them up so both happen at the same time

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    But if they make better changes to benefit all players

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,977

    I like that they tested this way since console players actually got to participate. Not being able to participate in ptb, especially when it's a change that could be harsher on console than pc, is pretty frustrating. It's nice that for once console is included in the data/feedback.

  • HarlowXRavenHarlowXRaven Member Posts: 191

    I want to do a no perk weekend for killer and survivor it could out an end to the war survivor and killer has and show who has the advantage most likely.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    That's my point.... If they were to do more all players can test it out and even more on consoles

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    Yea.... I almost done this myself

    A perkless weekend might be sooner then expected

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