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Getting Banned for an hour after internet error

I was playing dbd and my screen froze in which I got taken out of the game and back to the main screen of dbd, all it said was "requires a internet connection" or something like that but when I checked my internet was still perfectly fine and working on everything else (including the pc which I was playing on) So I immediately load back in to see that I've got an hour penalty. This isn't the first time this has happened because I admit my wifi isn't the best but I never deliberately disconnected so why am I being punished as if I was. If dbd wants to have a penalty system that's fine, I think it's a good idea considering the amount of players who DO actually rage quit, but they need to sort out their system so it can actually tell the difference of a rq and an error.

Is there anyplace where I can report this, I sent a ticket but all they said was "it can't be changed sorry" basically.

EDIT- my computer crashed and I know have a 6 hour ban. I get it can be annoying if someone disconnects but they don't deserve a bloody 6 hour ban.

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  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,720

    As you effectively DC'd from the game the system will automatically apply the disconnect penalty as there's no way of telling if you deliberately disconnected or if it was an internet issue on your end. At the end of the day, it's still ruining the game for the other players and we do recommend a reliable internet connection to play on.

  • deadbybumsdeadbybums Member Posts: 76

    No I respectfully disagree. Not having a fairly balanced and bug free game is ruining the game for players and being banned from matchmaking due to said bugs is ruining the game for players. BHVR only have themselves to blame for a dwindling player base.

  • surviversneedabuffsurviversneedabuff Member Posts: 12
    edited November 2020

    I agree with the mod on this one. You did ruin it for the other players.

    I know I'd be annoyed if i brought an aniversary cake, brand new part etc while having a sweaty killer and one player disconnected.

    Also having 1 hour ban, hints that it's not the first time it happened. I also get an ocasional disconnect, but the longest I've had to wait was 3 minutes.

    I'd suggest fixing your internet by either calling your ISP or invest in a new router(if it happenns on all devices) or a WiFi adapter(for your laptop) for a stable connection.

  • dbdgame66dbdgame66 Member Posts: 3

    My internet is reliable. No other game crashes my system. They keep updating these maps and making the game unstable. I have a pc built for gaming. It is the ormond map. This is happening to multiple people on this map. People rage dc all the time regardless of what u bring. It happens to me all the time in solo q. Dc penalty isn’t discouraging this. So why punish someone for multiple hours because a map is glitchy and crashes your system? It shouldn’t be a thing. A dc penalty should never be over an hour.

  • dbdgame66dbdgame66 Member Posts: 3

    So now I have a 24 hour ban because I got ormond map again. I guess I’m just gonna have to run at the killer and make them hook me and instantly kill myself every time I get this map and hope the map doesn’t crash my system in that amount of time. This is absolutely ridiculous I’m almost done with the rift and have zero incentive to dc. Get it together devs. Either remove the dc penalty or make it so I can opt out of being sent to the new ormond map. I shouldn’t be banned because your map crashes my system 100% of the time I’m sent there.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,720

    If you are having a PC issue, I suggest posting in Technical Support sub forum for assistance - there's no instance that I know of that's causing Ormond to crash for people.

  • So much doubtful information here too....

    First ban is like 4 minutes not an hour, if it crashes on loading you don't get a penalty at all, and Ormond crashing in game because it's Ormond hasn't been an issue I've encountered even once so far, and believe me I know there are a lot of issues since 4.4.0.

  • FixThisGame69FixThisGame69 Member Posts: 97

    Only 1 hour? My first DC of the game gave me a 24 hour ban.

    I play on xbox one usually around 8pm to midnight.

    No other game I have disconnects as often as DBD. Also every time I try to load into DBD, it always fails the first attempt and then I have to select it again for it to load. My gf doesnt have this issue, just me.

    Me and my gf play in rooms together, and whenever we both disconnect she doesnt get ANY TIME BAN, AND I GET 24 HRS.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 49

    A friend and I were lucky to only get a 3-4 minute ban from matchmaking! Our games both died mid-match.

    It really, really isn't fair to punish people whose connections to the game give out based on no fault of their own... :(

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 1,747

    You ruin the game for everyone else in the match by disconnecting.

    Either fix your connection or wait out the timer.

    If your connection sucks rarely you get banned rarely. It will be mildly annoying to wait out the 5 minutes but as long as you don't have connection problems often it won't increase beyond that.

    If your connections sucks often you get banned often. In that case you ruin a lot of games and should be banned to stop you from ruining more games.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 1,683

    What about when it's a corrupted file or an Unreal engine error? That is an error on your end, ruining MY game and still giving me the penalty.

  • NazNaz Member Posts: 80

    I have had that happen as well and received a 5 minute ban. I took out a ticket and was told that any dc results in the 5 minute ban. I doubt it would happen enough to get you to a higher level penalty.

  • Prankish_Prankish_ Member Posts: 8

    Why not just have a penalty for people who press the disconnect button? At least it won't affect people with internet problems, and if people just quit the game then so be it. No point in punishing people who want to play the game.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 49

    Please. Please.

    My internet issues are few and far between. Rarely does this happen... but it is still aggravating beyond words when suddenly my game has a stroke because of a blip in the network.

    It is not my fault. It is not the fault of the player in case of this technical error. So why is the player punished? :(

    Please, BHVR, fix this... The above suggestion is a very good idea. The game should be able to tell if the player clicked a button to disconnect, or if the game booted them.

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