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If I remember there used to be a downvote option that (knowing this..."community") got removed due to "toxicity." I'd like to reintroduce this concept, or, if I remember incorrectly, introduce this concept because no cap, some people deserve the harsh reality of communal backlash and/or hated concept. I have made my fair share of downvote worthy ideas but I see...just...so many comments that need a downvote. 0 upvotes just, it just does not sell the whole "we hate your idea" concept. Toxic as the..."community" might think it is, the reality is that there is no "anti-toxic" concept in real life and the..."community" can't actually halt it.

I think it's honestly a necessary option and while y'all might not like it, some of you know what I'm talking about and I really think it's time that the..."community" accepts that. Some people's thoughts are well...kinda not worth 0 upvotes.


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