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why do solo q red rank survivors never do anything

honestly it feels like I have easy mode ai teams, i play survivor at red ranks and the skill level is just nothing compared to playing red ranks killer where i'm up against strong loopers, constantly doing gens, etc, but I play survivor and everyone goes down in 3 seconds, i get in several minute long chases and if im lucky one generator will finish. what the hell man? it feels like i'm playing with rank 20s who have never played the game before

honestly the thing that shocks me the most is that nobody ever does generators, it's the only thing to do most of the time, why don't they even do generators? they just crouch around looking at barrels and stuff


  • M4dBoOmrM4dBoOmr Member Posts: 377
    edited November 2020

    Maybe they are bots, bhvr's little secret to get lobbies filled🤣

  • BadMrFrostyBadMrFrosty Member Posts: 1,100

    It's simple, most of them got up there by hatch camping, being carried by their much better (way more aggressive/chase oriented) friends, or both. 95% of red ranks don't belong up there, and I think the ranking system is the way it is on purpose. If every red rank survivor was average, most of the terrible killers in this game would quit, since the objective would be done in less than five minutes.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,236

    The dbd mobile bots actually do gens, I'd rather have them than most of the randoms I see on PC.

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742

    It's always been like that sadly. The game is just cursed from the beginning.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Give those same survivors voice chat and they become the classic "unbeatable" SWF's. When survivors co-ordinate without using their brains, gens fly by. All it takes is a more assertive friend to say "hey, do something" and suddenly something gets done.

  • IronWillIronWill Member Posts: 245

    Had a random Felix today who was hiding 90% of the match in the basement, in one of the lockers. Managed to get my fiend who I queued with to run into the basement when he got chased by the killer (he was on death hook and i was dead, so was the other random mate) to get that dude killed - we had 4 gens left and the one gen that was actually done was finished by the two of us - meanwhile Felix wasn't hooked once, died on first hook and had not even 5k BPs (everyone else had 15k+ BPs) - and yes, he was a red rank...

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