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Locking Killers is a horrible change



  • Salty_PearlSalty_Pearl Member Posts: 1,367

    I'm a Rank 6 Survivor and was getting matched with Rank 1 survivors against RANK 20 Killer. I felt really bad. When I play Killer (I'm around Rank 8 I think), I also get matched with Rank 13 who I destroy immediately. This new system isn't working well at all.

  • ReptileReptile Member Posts: 22

    At the risk of necroing this thread.. though it better then starting a new one?

    I have heard that they ditched the killer based "match making".. not that it ever seemed to work and I have both a new killer and killers I am terrible at match to red/purple SWFs.... so why are we still locked in??

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 510

    I get it but what's to stop Survivors from switching to their highest MMR characters. I have had loads of games where someone would switch to a character with either a flashlight or a key last second. My game last night had all four survivors do it at the last second each one brought in a key. If Killers are to be held to that standard than so should Survivors.

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,151

    I really don't enjoy the locked killer the amount of tapps that have gone untested makes me very sad! They are beautiful rare creatures to see!!

    And I'm like OK legion daily... Join and a wild tapp appears!! 🐷😭

  • Salty_PearlSalty_Pearl Member Posts: 1,367

    I am honored that you chose to necro my thread lol. But my point still stands, it wasn't a good change.

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    How woud u know if they have all perks or none in lobby?

    Also r you implying that you'd only play a game if there's a bunch of baby default neas and won't take on a challenge?

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    always better to necro than start a new one for reasons disclosed in several forum feedback posts. The whole issue stems from there not being a way for the forum to sort by anything but date. It's a bad system to sort feedback, and it's a bad system for preventing bumping threads (which sometimes happens without the user wanting to push the thread to the front).

    The devs have basically said that they don't want to have to release a patch to change killer locking when MMR releases even though locking killers is annoying to many people when there's not active reason behind it other than BHVR not wanting to send out an update just for that. There are plenty of reasons a player might want to switch killers in a lobby, and limiting that often feels like a giant finger from the devs.

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742

    And ofc only killer mains are whining about such an irrelevant thing instead of just playing the game.

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