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Advice on Counters to Legion?

megswifeymegswifey Member Posts: 815
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Oh boy, I know we all complain about them but they probably won't have any counters added, and I just want to know if any of you have some good perks/tricks that help you? I just hate that they can track me even if I'm hiding, and for a good amount of time. I have only survived against them a hand full of times, but they are rare to see these days. Thanks :)!

EDIT: Thank you for all of the advice!! I'll make sure to avoid healing and I'll find gens to do alone as to avoid putting teammates in harm's way and to deter their tracking! You guys are very clever lol :)!

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  • lowiqlowiq Member Posts: 435
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    • Don't heal unless you need to (e.g., going for save, end game, etc.)
    • Split up and don't work on the same gen as your teammate
    • Don't drop pallets when they are in frenzy. Legion will usually respect pallets in power so you can use this to your advantage to get another loop out of the tile. Then when they don't expect you to drop the pallet you can drop it on them

    More advanced tips:

    • Legion is weak at getting downs because their power doesn't assist them. If you are good at looping, legion will be more likely to chase other players
    • When legion is in frenzy, there is very little opportunity cost in trying something dumb, since you will likely get hit anyways. With this in mind you can try spinning, running at them to bait out a swing. Another tactic is to try vaulting back to the other side when they vault to your side. For the most part, it's almost like you have borrowed time when legion is in power.
    • Legion doesn't see scratch marks in power and has a very low field of view. You can use this to your advantage to lose them by hiding around a corner, etc. (This is only if legion hasn't hit anyone else with power yet)
  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,898
    edited November 2020

    Split up if at all possible and if you see deep wounds and are in their Terror radius just W straight forward across the map as if they aren't in 12(16?) meters of you and you run straight forward they can never catch you with Feral Frenzy.

    Also rule of thumb against legion: If someone has Deep Wounds YOU CAN'T HIDE JUST RUN!

    Legion gives warnings on what they are doing on the HUD pay attention to them and don't try too hard to heal even vs thana as thana is still too weak to be detrimental as its still slower to heal then it is to power through thana.

    Also Legion is just an M1 killer if survivors are injured thus reducing his slowdown.

    Edit: If legion is chasing you in FF run away from your teammates to try to keep legion out of FF range on them.

  • MythMageMythMage Member Posts: 521

    As a legion main, I think I am best qualified for this. Here's just a few of their straight weaknesses:

    -Missing while in their power punishes them ALOT

    -Their tracking is limited to their TR

    -Gen rushing will obliterate any Legion

    -The Legion is an early snowball killer. If they don't have at least 2 people mending after their first use of their power, they are immediately much weaker.

    Now, let's go over some strategies:

    1.) The Legion excels at punishing altruism and keeping people injured. For this reason, splitting up demolishes the Legion more than any other killer. You should only prioritize heals if you are dead on hook or if you must go for a save.

    2.) The Legion cannot see scratch marks or blood stains while using Feral Frenzy. For this reason, you can easily mindgame a Legion if you lose LOS with them.

    3.) Deep Wounds isn't a threatening status effect. It's moreso 12 seconds of stalling for a single person. You can make sure the timer NEVER goes down by always running or mending.

    4.) Legion players typically run full gen control builds, since it synergizes best with Feral Frenzy's ease of injuries. Common perks are Pop Goes The Weasel, Surge, Ruin, Thrilling Tremors, and Thanataphobia. For this reason, making sure you don't get injured quickly into the match or not getting downed quickly is key.

    5.) Legion isn't lethal in Feral Frenzy, so outside of getting free injuries, they are just a basic M1 killer that is slightly shorter than most. Not much of a threat if you don't take any ballsy plays.

    This is the best I could come up with. Legion isn't that hard to deal with if you have your wits about you. Good luck <3

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    Don't hide from legion. Here's what I do:

    Legion is running at me. I shall now run straight forward in the opposite direction. Sometimes that's enough. He'll tire out and go back to being an M1 killer and you handle him normally.

    If he's close enough to smell your hair, do a spin by holding down right mouse click and A on the keyboard and pull your mouse in a circle to spin your survivor. Chances are the Legion will take a swing and miss. Now you're just dealing with an M1 killer.

    Alternatively you can just hit ctrl on your keyboard as fast as you can to crouch repeatedly, take the hit that sends you into mending state, and while the Legion is going after his next target mend yourself and go back to repairing gens.

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 819

    never heal.

    try not to group up

    don't commit to running away if they're in their power( they cant down you in their power)

    gen rush

    if you and your team do this you will win every time legion is the worst killer in the game and this is all it takes to win

  • IceCreamPrincessIceCreamPrincess Member Posts: 226

    Since legions power is easy injures, best stay injured unless you need to not be so, such as near the end of the match, getting saves etc.

    Try to stay seperated from other survivors, hopefully split up doing seperate gens. Most legions run discordance since its their teachable perk, so even more incentive to split up.

    Unless you're being chased by the killer/unhooking a chap, you should always be on a generator, most legions dont run Noed since theres kind of anti synergy with the power, so only do totems if its glowing, or you have Inner Strength

    if you are uninjured, run away from fellow survivors, attempt to auto aim the killers Feral Frenzy attacks into obstacles, and never ever drop pallets unless you will stun them whilst they are frenzying. Stunning a legion who isn't in the power is pointless, as it just allows them a quick and easy injure since they can pop the power, slide over the pallet and slap yeh.

    Finally, know your tiles. Once you're injured, you need to be good at looping, so play it safe. Dont take risks at safe tiles, and be careful of being mindgamed as they are a shorter killer than usual

  • sudintlinksudintlink Member Posts: 185

    Just split up and m1 on gen while injured the whole game and loop the m1 killer when they arrive.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Well, first let's just get this out of the way: don't bother healing unless you know for a fact that the Legion is very far away and you can spare the time. Okay, that's the generic disgusting answer out of the way, so let's get to some stuff you may have not heard a million times.

    Personally? Game sense is a big one, I find. Knowing whether or not they're running at you in Frenzy, and knowing how much Frenzy time the have left, is a pretty big deal. And I'm not meaning you look at them and see their stance - I'm talking about those moments when you see someone get Deep Wounds and you just know you're the next tasty morsel. If you take off and make enough distance, that's a Deep Woundsing that you've avoided. If it's a good Legion and you ran away from the gens, even better - they'll know to drop chase, and you can get right back to the gen.

    Another one is knowing you're gonna get hit. If you have a weak pallet you can get out of the way, it's often a good idea to try and stun them out of their power. You only really want to do this when you're the first person in the frenzy chain and there's a couple of survivors within distance, because a lot of the time you cannot stop yourself from taking a hit. But, it can help prevent your teammates from getting injured, and in my experience as Legion that's actually a pretty fair trade for a weak pallet (like a Badham junk tile or something - I wouldn't try it at Shack or a jungle gym, that's a very valuable pallet). If you don't have any weak pallets, just literally run away and ignore all tiles. Worst-case scenario, you take the hit, get the speed, they still chase you down but then they eat a 4-second stun because Legion is god-tier.

    And this is a wierd tip, but if you're getting unhooked and the Legion runs up in Frenzy, don't take a hit. It's not like BT, the killer just immediately hits your rescuer and now you have to mend at some point. I normally wouldn't say this, but I literally win trials because people try it.

    One last tip - play safe. This destroys almost every killer but a small handful, and against Legion it is completely busted. There's nothing the epitome of M1 killer can do if you don't even allow for mindgames.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,791
    edited November 2020

    Only heal if you can do so very quickly (such as having a dedicated build or an insane medkit) or are on death hook.

    Don't drop pallets unless you're already injured. This renders the legion an incredibly bad M1 killer.

    If you're near teammates, go somewhere else and continue to be productive.

  • QuenuoQuenuo Member Posts: 19

    Do not repair together, and repair each one as far as possible from the other, with this you counter their power.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061
    edited November 2020

    Never heal, I know it sucks but stay injured for the rest of the trial, only ever heal if you need to go for risky unhooks.

    After Legion hit someone with feral frenzy ONLY survivors within his terror radius will be revealed to him.

    Never drop a pallet if you are healthy, its just a waste he will turn on his power and vault then end up hitting you

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