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A reason for mains of every killer to be dissatisfied with BHVR



  • KIKI_KIKI_ Member Posts: 135
  • sugoimakusugoimaku Member Posts: 17

    I love this post.

  • MiniPixelsMiniPixels Member Posts: 528

    All I want is a demogorgon add-on rework, but I'm too scared to ask because every rework they do guts the killers base kit.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    Yeah, I was really looking forward to using PTB gearhead in my builds, and while I used it a lot at first, I quickly realized it was a wasted perk slot compared to discordance and surveillance.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    Also, yes, rat liver base would make my life complete.

  • ZestyZesty Member Posts: 380

    Nurse on Midwich is literally the bane of my existence. The outside area where the two pallets are almost unable to blink through. And dont get me started on that locker area in the main BUILDING !!!!!! What a joke that they even release a map in this stateee!!!!!

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,108

    That was a good post, the Legion and Spirit one's got me :D And hit me on the feelings... now I am depressed... pls help

  • KillbuttonKillbutton Member Posts: 83

    If that's Doc's only problem, I think he's in good shape. It doesn't matter that the survivors sees the hallucinations; what matters is I see the hallucinations.

  • Killing_TimeKilling_Time Member Posts: 519

    I'd honestly like to know why the bugs with nurse have not been fixed or even addressed. Every nurse thread gets deleted and/or ignored.

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 426

    well i agree with most of things what you said... nothing else to say really

  • LARILARI Member Posts: 66

    Trapper = can still end up stepping on ur trap and be in the animation loop till u quit or surv leave

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,144

    Not everyone uses rat liver, I don’t.

    Look sure the game has some unbalanced aspects buts it’s not unbalanced itself. I mean just look at the recent kill stats btw, highest they’ve ever been. Look at how many killers are getting good reworks. And at the end of the day, there are just as many things like the ones you’ve listed on this post for the survivor side as well, but I understand why they exist. Just because something you don’t like is in the game doesn’t mean it’s the end of the word.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 119

    Good for you sport, but it's not all about the people that have been here since the beginning and know how much it's really changed.

    They need to start thinking about the new players too - once again I'd like to consider modes; Casual and Competitive.

    No not everyone will stay on their side because people are trolls but it'll still do so much.

    Not everyone playing, survivors or killers; want to play competitively. I've played only 2400 hours or something before I said screw it and went to play Destiny 2 because I just can't have fun in this game hardly anymore; and I'm sure plenty of others agree.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    The toxicity and "bullying" problem would just get worse tenfold with a casual mode. Also the devs probably don't want to split the playerbase. There's already problems with queue times at peak hours in certain areas.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 119

    And a few days after dealing with super sweats that have played since the beginning they will leave - especially if people have false ranks and make them seem new to the game - end game can be so annoying even for console players.

    We still get end game messages when we don't give survivors what they want all the time.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    You're acting like this only applys to killers. When I first started as a survivor way back when I was going against deranking meta build Hags and Hillbillys. Know what I did? Learned to play.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,434

    Late to this thread, but since no one has mentioned it, Clown is confirmed to be getting buffs. So at least there's that :)

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188

    They said Clown was underrated but is getting a rework, they never said he was "fine"

  • finitethrillsfinitethrills Member Posts: 619

    I've always assumed they largely ignored the nurse bugs after her rework because they really just want to encourage everyone to not play her as much as possible.

    They got rid of quite a few players by changing her handling from an mx5 to an m3 halftrack.

    Quite a few would happily put up with that for nurse if every other button press on her didn't lead directly to a bug.

    Now you have just a few diehard holy warriors who still trot her out periodically, mixed with a handful of new players who haven't fully grasped the situation, and a handful of console masochists dedicated to making it work.

    As long as they can ignore those bugs, they guarantee the nurse population stays low, and while Survivors will still hit one occasionally (with a 50/50 chance that it's a player who can scream with nurse), it means they dont have to deal with pages and pages of nurse threads and reports about killers "cheating" by using nurse in general. Win/win in BHVR's eyes.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 119

    When did I ever try to mention a survivors side?

    I'm a killer main but can't play survivor. I can admit I'm literally too jumpy to play that role in this game so anything of mine you see is going to be 90% killer oriented.

    And just saying " learn to play " isn't really a good thing to say back. They're trying to learn - killer AND survivors.

    But they can't because plenty of people are already smurfing and starting up SWF at low ranks/rates.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 119

    I just said in my post how there will be people that don't stay on their side of competitive or casual modes because there are trolls.

    But THAT could eventually work itself out, since this is just made to be competitive the people like me wanting to just give a good scare or survivors that just want normal scary games like they advertise.

    I didn't come here expecting to try so hard almost every game, I came to have a fun time. But with them giving the mindset that this is Competitive makes it to where anyone that's a fun player won't want to play - especially if their first game is complete and utter garbage.

  • MoodyyMoodyy Member Posts: 71

    Don't forget Hllbillys animations are trash too and bugged as well

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 1,290

    This entire post is hilarious because of how true it is. What I am majorly disappoint in is how out of 9 consecutive chapters, we have not received a single decent universal killer perk since the plague. Not a single one. Only thing we received is Undying, a perk to make Hex:ruin less garbage and keep every other hex perk... pointless gambling. I hope we get 1 good universal killer perk in 2021. Just one. The game has always been survivor sided, so in that sense, nothing has changed between 2016 and 2020. Still the same game.

  • FondaDixFondaDix Member Posts: 173
    edited November 2020

    I play Killer and survivor, I can confirm that surivor has a much easier go at it. My partner who used to play killer and rather well i might add, will not play killer ever now as it's to stressful and just not fun. The toxicity of survivors was such a turn off for them. The game is not balanced not nearly.

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,144

    Survivors seemlingly have it easier because you can only actively chagne a game's outcome in a much smaller portion of situations, but that doesn't make it easier, just less stressful. The reason killer seems so hard is because everything you do affects the outcome of the match, which alot of people take as a bad thing because it means they can't make many mistaktes, but the upside is that the game is far more in your control rather than survivor where it is in the killer's and teammates control more than your's.

    Many killers also have an attitude of i need to 4k i need to kill everyone or the games unbalanced, which is silly. That's like going in with a 4man swf, trying to get everyone out every game and expecting to not have a stressful time. Trust me i've done both and they r very stressful. Try playing killer with a more casual mindset and for fun. It'll help with stress significantly. Or even with the mentality of just getting better, like doing hatchet only huntress for example. Games like those make you far better whilst not being overly stressful.

  • Tubby_SquirrelTubby_Squirrel Member Posts: 162

    Why does everyone pretend that as Trapper you spend like 3 or 4 minutes just setting traps at the start of the match without chasing or patrolling? Is there some meme I don't know where people pretend they don't know the way to play Trapper is setting traps as you patrol and in between chases?

    You're fist point is destroied, lets move on.

    Huntess, ok that complaint HAS to be you trolling. I'm a yellow rank killer and have no trouble reloading on swamp maps so I can only guess this is you lying for the sake of a meme.

    The myers complaint assumes everyone is running a single perk, which already invalidates it. You also under estimate having no TR.

    The Hag complaint is something already fixed so you simply included it to artifically inflate your complaints and make it seem like you have more than you do...

    Doctor's hallucinations are not meant to be convincing, their meant to be distracting.

    How am I doing so far?

  • Exerath1992Exerath1992 Member Posts: 1,035
    edited November 2020

    Im sick of hearing balancing complaints. Bug complaints, totally resonable. But damn, everybody comes to this forum just to throw a fit. I wish more of you constant complainers just looked at some of the fun stuff SOMETIMES. There's some great chapter concept threads that get no attention because everyone's too busy being pissed about tiny things

  • MikaKimMikaKim Member Posts: 298

    Infinites gone, vaulting/perk/map/pallet nerfs, bloodlust added, end game closure added, hatch close added. All this has made being killer easier and survivor harder since release.

    2 escapes, 2 kills is the devs unit of metric. You don’t have to like that but it’s whats given the survivors all their nerfs and all the killers current buffs.

    Killers now are up around 70% kills due to the trajectory of the game and the devs metric system, unless you feel their metric system is bad, in which case they can undo all the changes I've just mentioned. This was indicated in the stats of November 2019 and reaffirmed recently again.

    The 'poor killer' posts are a joke at this point in time.

  • druggedpug69druggedpug69 Member Posts: 155

    Wraith definitely has a power. Is it good? No. But it's there, crying in the corner. Wanting to be loved by Daddy Cote.

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