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Whats the point of pushing high ranks as killer?

Unseen_ForceUnseen_Force Member Posts: 218
edited December 2020 in General Discussions

The amount of fun you have as killer directly starts dropping off the higher rank that you get. The survivors get more disrespectful, and all games become tediously demanding, requiring you to multitask at a high level while a survivor sits somewhere and holds m1 on a generator.

Just played 4 red rank swf teams with multiple rank 1s in a row as a rank 6 killer on ranked. Not only was every single one of them disrespectful during the matches, they all had something disrespectful to say after the match. Its like a tradition in this game to be as disrespectful as you can to the killer for some reason.

And to top it all off? There is zero reward for being a higher rank killer. Is the 4k still satisfying if you got crapped on and disrespected the whole match? At least as survivor the games stay fun all the way to rank 1. I do not deal with a fraction of the abuse on other competitive games like Siege or Tekken


  • Unseen_ForceUnseen_Force Member Posts: 218

    Its not about lacking skill, its about lacking motivation to pursue those ranks because the opponents become more disrespectful, and the game becomes less fun.

    Also Im not sure if, "theres no point, its easy, just play more" is motivating lol.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 641

    I find that the opposite is true. For example after rank reset, the games are so simple and easy that I just feel bad for the survivors. At high ranks I feel like I've achieved something and I've been challenged. If I ever get so good that I no longer feel challenged in this game I'll probably quit.

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 456

    Because of how SWF works, when playing as a killer one gets much more skilled survivors than when they are playing solo queue. That's why I like to keep my killer at purple ranks while survivor at red ranks, killer still gets better survivors but I find it a good middle point for fun matches.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,928

    there's absolutely no point in reaching rank 1, furthermore there's no point in having such a strict pip system (like you can 4k 200 matches at rank 1, but the moment you lose a single game, you get dropped at rank 2), especially in a game balanced around yellow ranks.

    but trust me when I say that having rank rewards (unique stuff, not bps, like unique skins, since this community loves skins) would be even worse.

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 652
    edited December 2020

    Well that's kind of what I mean. If you play enough, you'll get to high ranks whether you like it or not and this is especially true the more you play. You don't need to pursue it. This is why I was saying they should make it hard to get there because if you're not good, or don't try, or don't want to pursue it, you won't get to high ranks. As it is now, you will, pretty easily.

    We'll see what they do with the MMR system they're working on.

  • UnchartedUncharted Member Posts: 125

    Seeing how [BAD WORD] up matchmaking is there's absolutely no point. Low rank killers go against high rank survivors anyway, the badge color is the only thing that's different.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 4,097

    A challenge. That's why I'm still at Rank 1.

  • BioXBioX Member Posts: 652

    Ermm there is no point apart from the achievement, it would be a silly thing to actually try for.

    Rank means nothing at all but if it did its trying to put you into matches of players who are on your skill level, where the end result should be 2 dead and 2 escape.

    If you do "too" well you need to rank up, if you do "too" poorly you need to rank down, its a simple system.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,576

    Because being rank 1 somehow validates your opinion. Because people cannot seperate casual and comp games.

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 1,845

    Being rank 1 lets me flex on the forums and it means people have to take my extremely biased and unrealistic ideas seriously. Worth it.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 728

    I have more fun in red rank. I hate this matches, where matchmaking gives me green ranks. When i needed bloodpoints, i played nice and gave them a chance. Now i want this boring matches to end fast.

    In my experience toxity is not so rank dependand. Most people are only toxic when they win. When i did not play a month (with old rank reset), i was yellow, tried nurse, they were toxic, too.

  • savevatznicksavevatznick Member Posts: 641

    You do it for revenge.

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 663

    Everyone is gonna have their reasons. Some people, like me for example, don't even try to push for high ranks. That's just where the system ends up putting them as they play.

    At least as survivor the games stay fun all the way to rank 1.

    Play survivor then? The fact that you don't enjoy high rank killer gameplay doesn't make your experience the benchmark for anyone else.

    Also, I most definitely don't believe you at all when you say out of 4 consecutive trials every single survivor (i.e. 16 players and all in SWFs mind you) were disrespectful to you. That's the kind of talk that you hear from people who find toxicity in simply being outplayed.

    As killer, you'll always gonna have to multitask and sweat a little. It's the nature of the game being 1v4 and especially it's the nature of the concept of 'top ranks' whenever that happens to work as intended.

    If you prefer easier games, then just let the survivors escape after you've hooked them twice. You'll be knocked back to green and yellow ranks, where the competitions is gonna be more to your taste, by the look of it.


    To challenge yourself mostly and to prove to yourself that you can overcome the challenge. I also get matched up with red ranks as a rank 8 killer. Is it unfun? Yes.

    Do I wanna go back to green ranks? Yes.

    Will it be fair for the survivors? No.

    Even tho matchmaking is a bit bad rn, I still believe that when it works, the games become very, very interesting. I'd love to be matched with rank 8 survivors since I believe that they're on the same skill level as I am, so it will be an interesting game.

    If you wanna win every game, staying in green ranks is probably your best bet. But imo the players isn't the problem, but matchmaking is.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,332
    edited December 2020

    There no point in reaching red ranks. Ranks mean nothing in this game. Hitting red put you against entitlement and toxicity.

  • Unseen_ForceUnseen_Force Member Posts: 218

    Why put time into the forums when there are people like you here? Its directly relevant to the game. You start by telling me to just play survivor, then you say you dont believe me, that im just being out played, and then you tell me to intentionally derank because "the competition is gonna be more your taste, by the look of it".

    Why put time into the game when there are people like you playing it?

    "Doesnt make your experience the benchmark for anyone else" - except everything im saying is common complaints from high rank killer players, and thats why survivor queues take 5+ minutes to find a game

  • NotACompPlayerNotACompPlayer Member Posts: 128

    Every other rank is extremely boring, 4king bots at 5 gens is unfun, in red ranks you 4k bots at 3 gens at least, its very slightly more of a challenge.

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 1,731
    edited December 2020
  • Unseen_ForceUnseen_Force Member Posts: 218

    Youre rank 8, one rank away from green ranks, it sounds like its your first time at rank 8 killer, and youre giving me advice? Lol...

    I never said anything about wanting to win every game, I want to be able to lose games without being taunted or recieving disrespectful messages after the game

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 663

    As I said, you sound exactly like the type of player that gets gotten to too easily by every minor inconvenience, for example by the truth contained in the points I raised. Your post is the case in point. I suggest, unironically, that you try to take DbD less seriously, if a videogame has such a bad impact on your enjoyment. Best of luck.

  • tomas11403tomas11403 Member Posts: 90
    edited December 2020

    I think that the majority of the DBD community thinks that they are a better player than they actually are. I should say that this isn't a personal attack on anyone in specific, I'm just trying to get my point across. That being said, even at red ranks the majority of games won't be very challenging at all for a good killer. This isn't because the game is killer sided, this is because most survivors do not know how to play the game optimally. I know this from experience in solo queue, I know this from experience as killer. Most survivors really aren't that good, even at red ranks. I'm going to use a quote from Ralph (a twitch streamer): "If you don't think you're going up against the doofs, you are probably the doof". The point here being that if you think you're going up against a 4 man comp swf every game, most likely you just aren't as good as you think you are. This could be from inexperience, or just not being amazing, either way it's fine, and you're still entitled to having fun. My main argument though is that red rank really isn't that challenging if you know what you're doing 95% of the time, as the ranking system is flawed to the point that anyone can make it there.

    I should also say that my reason for being at red rank is because that's the only place where I will potentially face a challenge, same with majority of experienced killers.

  • Unseen_ForceUnseen_Force Member Posts: 218

    The only "points you raised" was to derank, let survivors escape and play survivor lol. You didnt say anything about disrespectful messages after the game, just that you "didnt believe me".

    Why do the "the game is easy for me, idk what youre talking about" people like you have zero self awareness? Lol

  • The_NightmareThe_Nightmare Member Posts: 36

    I agree Ive honestly thought about just waiting it out long enough to be reset too rank 20 lol i cant have a fun game at high ranks either. I have to get down and be a sweaty try hard to get anywhere on matches. No fun in it anymore.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 2,573

    Because queues are faster. That's literally the only reason why you should push for high ranks

  • DariusB92DariusB92 Member Posts: 96

    Completely agree like 10000%. I used to love being killer, now I can't stand it and it's never fun. You have to play extremely sweaty matches and get bullied and trolled by other survivors. I am never matched with non swf. Almost every single match consists of them and ita highly obvious. From the names to the dedicated goat paired with gens popping off magically within minutes. Then you get the tea baggers and all of them rising you yo block you from hooking. Then they all rush after gates are open. There's always players with BT. They body block so you can down their teammate.

    It always starts once you get closer to 10. Anything less than ten and your matches are full of this. For some reason that's how my matching is. There's absolutely no incentive for ranking up as killer. Still think there should be a limit of two for teamers.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 108

    But again they're not talking about how hard the game is.

    It's not the GAME at all, it's the survivors that scream bloody murder when you don't give them their fun game but act like complete children just because they know what to do.

    That's why I took a break and I'm back at rank 18 from being rank 1-4.

    But I still deal with sweats/trolls even then which makes me really sad.

    So I just mess around in every game instead of trying at all. Pointless to try, just have fun.

  • KillbuttonKillbutton Member Posts: 74

    Ranks are there to give the illusion of competitive progression and milestones, much like battle passes give repetitive multiplayer games the illusion of depth of content. It's illusory bragging rights.

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