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Feedback: Daily quests for killers you never played before leads to deranking and unfun games

My daily backlog got full with killer-quests. I don't play any of these killers i got quests for and rerolled them everytime, but just got quests for different killers, which I also dont play. In fact i am new to the game and only play huntress. I got rank 5 with huntress. Now your game encourages me to do these daily quests, by giving me bloodpoints.

So what happens? I take this killer, I never played before, with a singe perk and no addons or offerings, since i dont level these guys and don't intend for the foreseable future, and start the game. The result is obvious. The survivors don't get a real game, i only try my daily ( I had a hillbilly quest to hit 3 people with my chainsaw, so I never used my m1, since I wanted this quest to be over asap ), and i depip in the end. The problem is not even in the missing perks or addons I believe. I get matched against good survivors with this killer I never used before.

All of this because you encourage me to do this with the way your daily quests are designed.

This also did not lead me to thinking "Oh this killer is cool, I want to play this killer again." more "I hope I never have to play this guy ever again" and go back to huntress, since that is what I decided I want to play as.


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