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We have deployed a fix for an issue that was causing players to lose pips when a match was cancelled.
No update is required, but this may take a few hours to be applied across our servers to all players. Thank you for your patience!


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Is there any way to turn this damned auto aim off? It's the bane of my existence at this point and is a greater hinderance to me than any survivor.

I mean it's a 45 degree angle that it will just randomly snap to who knows what within. What? Why? Who okayed this?


  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,928

    no, sadly there's no way. Also, well, you'll get banned for your name, so, hope it was fun for you here.

  • DarKaronDarKaron Member Posts: 363

    It's actually something called Aim Dressing, whichbis designed to make sure the hit looks like it connects properly.

    The problem is that lately, it's been having problems, which is the reason why the devs recently disabled Hit Validation, because Oni was having problems Demon Striking people at high speeds.

  • finitethrillsfinitethrills Member Posts: 619

    Autoaim is like killer fov changes back at the engine update... BHVR says it doesn't exist, even though it's easy to see that it does, so there's nothing to fix.

  • HatchIsMyMercyHatchIsMyMercy Member Posts: 187

    I have lost count of how much auto aim has hurt me more than helped me

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 1,845

    What auto aim? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Auto aim doesn’t exist 👀

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 761

    That explains why when I play killer I see survivors moving back and forth really quickly as they run. it's to throw off the aim dressing so you miss.

    It's pretty lame but not much can be done about it.

    I reminds me of times in other games when I've heard people testing hitboxes so they can exploit the size of them or any weakness in them to mess with people.

  • MythMageMythMage Member Posts: 521

    Agreed. I can't play Legion because auto-aim just screws me over too much

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 3,340
    edited December 2020

    Hmm, could've sworn there was a better quote from a mod/dev than this, but this is what I found. Basically says the same thing I said, except maybe I was wrong about it re-checking for the hit after the animation is "dressed," but then again it says that missed hits do happen and the only way I can think it could cause missed hits is if it did indeed check a second time.

    (Yes, I agree, it sucks. Hits don't actually look good and it can cause missed hits. Awesome. Hits would look even worse without it, but I think most killers care more about the gameplay than the appearance.)

    Link: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/1026216/#Comment_1026216

  • JesseJH28JesseJH28 Member Posts: 258

    It's awful. I get what they're trying to do, but I'm constantly getting 360'd since they implemented this. I used to be able to react and get a hit most of the time, now I'm sitting there swinging at walls and barrels like five times before a hit lands

  • Terra92Terra92 Member Posts: 577

    I've experienced more Killers run into funky corners while lunging. I thought it was just my experience, or at the very least something only console Killers were having an issue with. Most of those times I'd let them chase me more, I'm not great at the chase but even I know the difference between a whiff and something wrong with the game.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,182

    Yep, it does nothing but screw over the killer. And its a redundancy for something that dosen't need it. Its not there for lag, which is what you might need it for. Thats what the new (and broken of course) hit detection is suppsed to be for. Its supposed to smooth the animation of hits, but it really just makes them wiggle wildly if a survivor moves slightly, so it doesn't help with that. It really just needs to be taken out of the game.

  • EuphoricBliss35EuphoricBliss35 Member Posts: 876

    A lot of times when I watch someone play and they cry “auto aim” it’s actually them swinging too early. Load into a KYF and practice instead.

  • ChekitaChekita Member Posts: 179

    If you are out in the open auto aim usually will change things mostly for Nurses it seems at least, but since most of the time in matches you are near other objects like loops and windows, auto-aim does make things worst rather than better I would argue. You can see that when you turn to one side and it brings you back, that is even worst because of hit validation I would say.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 1,606

    Auto aim is easily one of the most infuriating things in this game. You cut a loop very tight and almost manage to hit the survivor before they get to the pallet, you hit the pallet somehow, and then get stunned. It's highway robbery. So many hits I've been robbed of because of this stupid mechanic.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,712

    Recently had the most blatant robbery of a hit from this. Happened after the update btw.

    I was right behind a Steve who was doing that whole “right in your face and fill up your screen so you’ll miss me” thing (which also seems a bit......odd, but that’s a different discussion.)

    Anyway, once we were back in proper “chase” position, he went left. I turned left and attacked. I was right on him, and my character was literally yanked to the right and guided flawlessly into a wall.

    I’ve never had it happen this bad before or since, but it was very clear that control had been taken from me for that attack.

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 856

    The fact that auto aim is even a thing in a 'skill' based game is just hillarious.

    Just two words - 'console players'.


  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,182

    It’s not console players though, this was in the game when it was PC only

  • EuphoricBliss35EuphoricBliss35 Member Posts: 876

    Most people complain about auto aim in a loop. It requires taking the loop at a different angle in certain spots to land your hit where you want it. This is hard to explain typing it out.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 460

    I don't know how it works, but from a UX POV, it feels frustrating to have what looks like a clean shot at a survivor and then have your camera whip 30 degrees to the side so you can hit a barrel or a door jam or something instead.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,182

    So what aim-dressing does for this game is it overlaps two hitboxes over the other. Both are cones and about the same size. It is trying to match them up as best as possible to 'give a clear hit', but what it does in practice is the camera is trying to go towards the cone that confirms the hit, instead of the cone of view you are looking at. Its what causes your aim to jerk around so much. Its a really unnecessary feature. And the real kicker is the devs make it seem like people are complaining about it giving free hits, when most people are complaining about it causing them to miss a hit they should have gotten.

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 1,716

    I would love a test where Auto Aim is shut off.

    I don't care if it's supposed to help, its faulty and tends to force missed swings.

    I swear it feels some lunges get cut short, causing the miss.

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