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Which killers would try to help the survivors escape?

If the killers came to a compromisse with the survivors to try and escape the entitys realm who would help? Hears my list of killers that would

Wraith- wraith was an innocent man before all this. Whale he may have killed people, it was not intentional. Deep down wraith has a heart of gold and would want to do the right thing.

Billy- billy my be a bite bitter twords humans, he would soon reliase that the survivors where not to blame for his suffering. Also i think mybe billy and claudette would form a friendship as claudettw is a nice person

Nurse- sally, like wraith is actully a good person who was damaged by the world.

Huntress- anna im sure deep down is very sweet and just had bad sercum stanses in her life.

Spirit- rin would most likley help the surviors for both to get revenge on her father and becuase she is a good person

Deathslinger- caleb most likely doesnt care for the others, he would only help just so he can get his revenge on henry.


  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,469

    Bubba- Bubba isn't evil, he was more so forced by his family to kill. If the survivors showed him empathy I think he'd warm up to them.

    Twins- Charlotte and Victor aren't evil, they were hunted down for being a "demon spawn" even though it was just a birth defect. If the more modern survivors made it clear to her that they thought she wasn't a abomination I think she would be down to help.

  • JesseJH28JesseJH28 Member Posts: 477

    Pig - just boop the snoot

  • MerridewMerridew Member Posts: 55

    No, she'd be one of the last to help you. Amanda Young would rig the trials specifically so no one would live. If she had things her way she'd weld the hatch and exit gates shut to trap everyone in before she had fun slaughtering them.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,357

    Everything that has happened to Rin was beyond her control. The fact she is so hated by the community sucks because she's already been through enough.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,503
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    I think everyone hates her gameplay, not her character and...

    Am I the only who is sad while watching Rin's face waiting in-lobby? I mean, there's a part where you can see sadness and pain in her face and it makes you feel bad about her.

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 819

    plague is problemly the most good hearted killer by a mile lots of people care about the suffering of strangers but how many people would cut off their own toe to try to sway the gods to help them?

  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871


  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Trapper. He was the one who got tortured into submission by the entity

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,357

    I have seen a lot of people hate on her saying she should get taken out of the game and it really pisses me off because I love Rin so much.

    Also, I get very sad watching her sad face in the menu. Honestly makes me almost tear up.

  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 77

    I agree on Wraith and Death slinger. They look more human than the other killers.

    The rest in my opinion, are pure evil.

  • En3ermostEn3ermost Member Posts: 274
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    A lot of killers are tortured and/or deceived in doing what they're doing so there's a chance for them to rebel against the Entity and help the survivors under certain circumstances.

    Others like Freddy, Myers, Doctor, Clown, Ghostface, Demogorgon and Pyramid Head are the ones that would never help survivors in any way Imo.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089

    Top 3




  • JesseJH28JesseJH28 Member Posts: 477

    I think you took me way too literal lol. I've seen the Saw movies, I know Amanda plays to win. But in dbd, pigs who let you boop are just messing around and will let you go 99% of the time, which is what I was getting at

  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 77
  • sudintlinksudintlink Member Posts: 185

    If they purposefully let the survivors survive I feel like the entity would have a punishment for that.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,897
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    On the contrary, she gave her followers false hope. This is akin in the modern day to Parents who refuse to get their kids vaccinated because they believe their children will grow stronger by fighting off the diseases naturally, Parents who treat their children with homeopathy because they don't trust modern medicine, Parents who starve their infants to death with a Vegan only diet because they feel its the morally right choice despite their Childs' nutritional needs, or People who refuse treatment for cancer because "God" will either see them through this or it's all part of "Gods Plan".

    Misguided as she was, her Charismatic charm as a priestess only lured in more followers, spread the Plague even faster, and offered no real aid or salvation for her flock other than empty promises that they would survive as long as they had faith. True, this was the only life she knew, and by all accounts she truly believed that her gods would spare them, but out of her good intentions, all of them perished. At which point only The Entity actually answered her prayers, but not to save her, to prolong her suffering for the damage she did, and give her a new path which in her mind must've been: "Spread this glorious disease and punish the unworthy, so sayeth the Entity"

    On top of this, upon her ascension to the entities Realm, She must have seen this as a reward for the damage she did by giving her previous followers False Hope... She's been gifted with immortality and the Devine purpose to go forth and do her masters will. She basically became the horseman of Pestilence, and because she knows the Entity is very real and has shown her its power, she is actually the LEAST likely to let the survivors escape, because she now sees her efforts to infect and sacrifice them to the entity as a way of HELPING them attain enlightenment, as well as appease her "true" god.

    As a society, if a person dies in these kinds of situations, like a child who wasn't given proper medicine, or starved to death because of their parents beliefs, we punish them HARD for their negligence or ignorance, because neither is an excuse for the loss of a life. Adiris's crime against humanity was nothing different, but was made even worse by her willingness to sacrifice anyone and everyone who worshipped with her, no matter the cost, in an effort to prove she was right.

    In essence... her Sin was Pride, and it resulted in a reward for her, but only her. Does that sound like someone who "did absolutely nothing wrong"?

  • BardBard Member Posts: 657

    In modern times? Yes, absolutely.

    Thing is, Adiris is from ancient Babylon.

    Medicine at the time was pretty much "go pray at the temple". As far as she knew, doing rituals (for which she went as far as to cut off her own toe) was going to save people.

    She never killed anybody; that was all a plague, a natural disaster. There wasn't exactly any such thing as an Epidemiologist (or medicine, or bathing, or regular hand-washing) back then, so even though her actions probably made things worse to an extent, those people were all screwed anyways, and the temple would have still been active regardless of Adiris.

    She's not evil by a longshot. At worst, she's uneducated and a bit of a diva.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,897
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    I laugh at this list for the most part because there's really only 1 who might let survivors go IMO, and that is Wraith.

    Philip Ojomo's Story reminds me of the saying "“We must all fear evil men. But, there is another kind of evil which we must fear most … and that is the indifference of good men.” - Monsignor from Boondock Saints. It's honestly hard to say if he was a good man in life, as he saw evil being done, but purposely turned a blind eye to it until it became known to him that he was an unwitting accomplice in it through his indifference, and took out his rage on the man who made him something so detestable. While his overall faith in humanity may be heavily diminished, he still freed one of his victims to be, before going after his boss. I see him as the most sympathetic killer who might falter if a survivor begged for mercy, and possibly remember his own humanity.

    Otherwise the rest of the list is filled with unbridled hatred for humanity.

    Billy - Mistreated and scorned by his parents, and if the saying is true "Mother/Father is god in the eyes of a child" then he likely has an extreme hatred for normal people with their normal faces and bodies. He would easily surmise that they would be just as disgusted by his appearance as his parents and god, and therefore have nothing but hatred for them in kind.

    Nurse - Sally only worked at the asylum to make ends meet, not because she had faith in what the doctors were doing for the patients, or because she was a good person at heart, she was a desperate woman in mourning for her lost husband in an equally desperate situation. Being verbally, mentally, and physically abused for 20 years by inmates of the asylum and possibly even her employers left her with the disposition that the only real "cure" for all of this madness was death, and she swiftly tested this theory, by strangling over 50 people in the night while they slept. She has no sympathy or even empathy for the rest of humanity... this is possibly why she's attracted to Philip, who reminds her of how she used to be with her husband, because he still retains some of his humanity. (this ship is cannon)

    Huntress - HELL NO! She's not "Sweet" deep down, she's a cold blooded predator to the bone! She hunts humans, steals their children, and lets them die because she doesn't know how to properly care for them, Which only frustrates her more as she believes they are the thing she's been missing since her own mothers passing. She's a woman with the mind of a child, needs of a survivor, and the skills of a professional apex predator. To her, the survivors are just the next "game" in a hunt, nothing more.

    Spirit - While she is the one who actually did nothing wrong in life... Her view on humanity was completely inverted the moment her father took up the sword and mercilessly murdered her. She's literally holding onto a grudge for how she died, and in an endless loop of unbridled rage over her last moments of terror, loss, and thoughts of vengeance. Anyone who enters her domain are either those who mean to hurt her more, or representative of those who would not help her. While she hates her father the most, this rage cannot be satisfied by his death alone, when there's so many others to blame in her eyes.

    Deathslinger - He hates humanity through and through, simple as that. He's only been used and abused by everyone he's ever known, and he's hunted the worst humanity has to offer. To him, all People exist until they eventually become perpetrators against the law which he'll be hired to hunt. This man is Bitter, takes pride in his work, and has been hired by the Entity to do what he does best, and he loves being appreciated for his fine work... every second of it.

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  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,897
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    Uneducated or misguided as she was because of the era she lived in, the fact remains that she was begging her Gods for salvation, and only one actually answered her and gave her a new Devine purpose... The Entity. At which point, she'd have to believe that the deaths of everyone who worshipped her were all part of this "Gods" plan, and that she was doing the Entity's will without realizing it until she was rewarded. She definitely did much wrong by providing her followers false hope, but now she sees it as Devine providence, and is no longer going to try to save anyone.

    She may have believed in life that she was doing nothing wrong, and the people who followed her also believed as much, but by remaining naïve, and refusing common sense in favor of following her beliefs despite evidence to the contrary, she doomed them all. If she had any common sense, and even cared enough for her followers over her own pride, she would've just told them all to stay home, while she prayed to the gods for their salvation. Instead she had them come to her to worship, gave them grandiose gestures of her faith in the gods, and lead them to their deaths with no proof that her or their prayers were being answered. If they had more common sense, and if she were less charismatic, they would have cast her out long before she banished herself. Ultimately, she is responsible for all of those deaths, and I believe that she knew it, which is probably why the Entity was drawn to her.

    I'm not saying that she was Evil, just that she was too prideful.

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  • azameazame Member Posts: 2,870

    Blueberry is hated because she has no chase counter. Also shes fictional.

  • DeliciousFoodDeliciousFood Member Posts: 459
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    Likely would help:

    -Blight: Talbot's main goal was to find the secrets of the entity and the breakthroughs made by Vigo. Surely, if given the chance, he'd escape and free those bound in the realm (likely as a sort of penance for the crimes born of his scientific curiosity). I'm surprised no one mentioned him, considering his MAIN GOAL was to get out of this dump.

    -Wraith: An empathetic man that's been dealt a horrible hand, and while violence was his go-to, he was always revolted by the misdeeds of bad men. He'd likely help end this ordeal, considering he likely never wanted to be like this.

    -Freddy: Unlike the other two, Freddy would not help the survivors out of any desire to help them. Instead, it'd be so HE could be free and return to his own world, or if we're thinking of the recent movie Freddy, have a chance at regaining his life, which is what he wanted but could never achieve so he went out to punish the kids instead. It'd be more a repressed alliance, but a proud ######### like Freddy would want out.

    -Susie and Joey: They're not the sickos Julie and Frank are, and have been led by peer pressure from the leaders and coerced by the entity.

    -Deathslinger: All his life he's despised people who took advantage of him and attempted to cheat him out of what he's due. The entity is using him, while the survivors are being exploited the same way his family was. Caleb isn't a good man by any means, but he isn't a monster either. Senseless carnage was never his thing.

    -Trapper: He was never a twisted psycho and apparently had to be bent by the entity to do these deeds. Likely would seize any chance to get out.

    -Spirit: Her anger was directed toward one person, her Father. As a vengeful spirit, she'd be expected to despise all those that enter her accursed grounds, but ultimately, if there is still of Rin in there, the remaining shred of humanity in her would likely seek to move on from her grudge and save those she can.

    Maybe: Uncertain as to how these guys would act

    -Oni: A proud monster, likely a puppet of the entity at this point, but one I'd hardly believe would accept being 'owned' if he had a shred of his past self within. Thinking more of a 'no', he'd keep these survs nice and suffering, but it's hard to tell.

    -Pyramid Head: It would depend as to whether or not he'd deem that the Entity is next to require penance. Or maybe it wouldn't do anything whatsoever. Pyramid Head is an enigma. It'd sooner kill itself should survivor show their true resolve than force itself to be a mere minion.

    -Nurse: She's crazy, but was once a good soul. May turn on the entity more so than directly help the survivors, if it came to it. More inclined to say she'd rather mercy kill them, but the fact that they never truly die may change some things in her broken mind.

    -Hillbilly: He has every reason to hate the world and the people in it. But he also has every reason to despise the entity that keeps him caged just as his parents did. He wasn't all hatred in his early life, so perhaps he'd direct his anger elsewhere other than the survivors.

    -Pig: Crazy #########, but one that was crazy for John Kramer. May want bail, but may not exactly want to help others while doing it. Hard to say, maybe she is full-blown crazy and believes they all deserve to be punished.


    -Hag: She was once good, but she's now fully cursed and turned into a horrid monster. That was before she was taken by the entity. I believe she is doomed to forever crave flesh and live as a thrall.

    -Myers: Evil Incarnate. Maybe he won't do anything. No one knows.

    -Bubba: The entity is his new family. He feels safe. The survivors are evil. Bubba is far too afraid to leave and let an evil survivor escape to potentially destroy his family again.

    -Doctor: The guy's a complete psychopath with unlimited patients and no ethics committee. He's happy here.

    -Frank and Julie: Edgy teens live out their perpetual honeymoon stabbing people. Their Nightcore playlist never ends and they're just nasty. They'll keep the party going indefinitely.

    -Plague: Entity is God. God gave her new life. Sacrifices must be made to it, so they shall not escape. She'd a zealot that owes her life to the entity, guys please.

    -Twins: Charlotte owe Victor's new life to the entity. Only Victor matters, the rest of the world is only suffering. Just to keep victor, she'll torment anybody as much as needed.

    -Ghostface: Lol, unless he gets bored, he's staying and killing.

    -DemoPls: Predator without the intelligence to be truly self-conscious. It's probably content with constant hunts. No reason to change.

    -Huntress: She's an animal and she constantly has small and big game to hunt. Her routine doesn't change, only the realm sometimes.

    -Clown: Disgusting psychopath that gets infinite fingers. Why'd he ever want to help or leave?

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