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Why Killers leave the game...

....or why I leave the game.

I want to keep it short because I don't want to complain in endless paragraphs why I am leaving the game. I still hope that my feedback is helping this game in a long run because it has some great potential and some awesome players that still stick to this game.

For the people that really care and I hope this are the Devs and the persons at BHVR.

Here are my main points why I am leaving this game:

These are my objective reasons:

  • Current Game State: The Game is in a state where the focus is not on improvement for the player base (except the new looks of the maps). There are Bugs and balance issues in this game since years (Sound bugs: You can't hear survivors. Glitches: You get stuck etc) and they don't get fixed + the Frame Rate on PS4 is horrible.

  • False Priorities: Instead, the Focus of this game is: Making more Money. I understand that you have to earn money to have a business and to provide your services. I am running my own business, and I am very aware of that. BUT if you come to a point in Business where you don't care about your customers enough to give them real value and making the experience with your brand fun then you should change some things because this business will die over the long run. (For example: The Halloween Event / Skins get more expensive because they are "Legendary", The release of two unfinished Products: The Blight (Camera Problem) and The Twins (well.....they are just not finished at all)). Of course, you can always decide if you buy stuff or not but this is heading in a direction that's just too much for me...

These are my personal reasons:

  • Toxic Players: I love to play Killer and survivor, but I am a Killer Main at heart because I love the competition. My Problem is the increased Toxicity among the player base. I have tracked my last 100 Games as Killer to see if I am biased in any way: From this 100 Games 26 Games had survivors with last moment switching items (mostly Keys or Flashlights). I understand that you want to bring items with you but then be honest enough to let the killer decide if he wants to play against them. In those 100 Games nearly every game at least one survivor T-bagged (it was 73 Games in total). From this 100 Games I got 32 Messages from different Toxic survivors which is outstanding because the time to write something (even insulting) on PS4 lasts ages. I had to disable messaging because I didn't want to read toxic stuff all day long. Bonus Round: Survivors that try to Kobe in the last second before you reach them to safe them.

  • Boring and Unbalanced Gameplay: Who wants to chase/ or loop someone around in circles for decades? When I play a survivor it's so easy to distract the killer by running him around for ages when you know the right spots. On top of that, what do you do the whole game as a survivor? Run to a Gen, holding one button, make a skill check, Run the Killer in circles, repeat.

  • No Fun: A game should be fun. I don't care if I win or loose. That's the nature of competitive games. For me my goal is to get better and to have a fun experience while doing it. With all these Bugs + Toxic Players it is at least impossible for me to enjoy the game anymore. I don't want to waste my time doing things that I don't enjoy when the game is a) punishing you for playing good (DS, Pipping etc) b) throws problems at you (lagging, bugs etc) c) and matches you up with toxic players d) shows that it only wants my money and that my feedback is worth nothing because a possible solution for the problems coming SOON.

I want to thank all the players and Devs that want to make the game a fun experience. You guys are awesome! Here in the forums are some great players that really care and I hope that BHVR will listen to them one day.

Thank you for the fun times and <insert bad word of your choice> for the bad times.

For me the day has come to walk away from this game because the bad times are clearly overshadowing the good times by a huge amount. I have enough to be ignored as a customer and to waste my time on a game which has great potential but where the people in charge don't care about their customers and focus on making money instead before delivering a product that works.

Farewell DBD


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