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What is, in your opinion, the best and worst chapter releases.

As the best chapter release for me it's either blights or the stranger things chapter. Both killers were really balanced and didn't need many tweeks. Blight presented undying which is a really strong perk, and demo presented a map and 2 survivors for the price of one.

As for the worst, either legion or this one. Legion on release had almost no counterplay and this chapter presented the game with tons of bugs, making legion almost unplayable.

What's your opinion? Let me know below.


  • Pior_MortePior_Morte Member Posts: 526
    edited December 2020


    1 - Stranger Things

    2 - Silent Hill

    3 - Chains of Hate


    1- A Binding of Kin

    2 - Darkness Among Us

    3 - Shattered Bloodline

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 6,090

    Best: Cursed Legacy

    I don't have a worst right now.

  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    Best: Silent Hill and Chains of Hate

    It gave us the 2 best killers, gave great survivor perks, and I really like the map design of Dead Dawg and Midwitch

    Worst: Darkness Among Us

    I'm a killer main so I have a bias, but old Ormond was horrendous and imo one of the worst designed maps. Legion is the most meh killer with match lengths that could rival forever Freddy. Came with the most forgetable survivor with decent perks I rarely see people use.

  • horrortale_sanshorrortale_sans Member Posts: 651

    they all were good

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 327
    edited December 2020

    From a killer pov, I think this one has to be the worst so far. Half of the ######### they released doesn't even work. Legion was broken on release but at least the game was playable --- I don't even want to play right now.

    Best? I think most of the licensed chapters. I remember the Halloween chapter being the most hyped thing in existence and Myers seemed like the only killer in the game at the time 😆

    Silent Hill and Stranger Things were pretty damn good too, mainly for the fact that we got those characters in the game (and how Pyramid Boi shook up the meta)

    Oh yes, and Huntress was pretty damn cool too. First ranged killer, so I was super excited to pick her up and get good at her. We also got dead hard that chapter, goes without saying.

  • MythMageMythMage Member Posts: 521

    Top 3 Best:

    1.) Shattered Bloodline

    2.) Saw

    3.) Spark of Madness

    Bottom 3 (from least garbage to worst):

    3.) Nightmare On Elm Street

    2.) Chains Of Hate

    1.) A Binding Of Kin

  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503

    The best chapter is definitely Cursed Legacy. Oni is a fantastic addition to the game, Yui is a great character with fun-oriented Perks, and Sanctum... well, it's not Midwich or Dead Dawg, so it gets a pass.

    Worst chapter is tough to decide. Shattered Bloodline gave us Spirit, it gave us Yamaoka, it gave us Deliverance, and it gave us the healing changes that pioneered the path towards the stalest meta in gaming history. Darkness Among Us gave us release Legion and Ormond, but it also gave us daddy Jeff. Silent Hill gave us one of the most controversial Killers in the game, the addition of money-hungry Legendary skins, Soul Guard, and Midwich, a map that most of the playerbase despises. A Binding Of Kin gave us problematic map reworks, a Killer that is forced to sweat to do well, a Perk combo that one-upped small pp build, dozens and dozens of bugs, several of which break the game, and is overall just unabashedly unfinished.

    ... We've had a lot of bad chapters.

  • SchmierbachSchmierbach Member Posts: 468
    edited December 2020

    Best: (From top to bottom)

    1. Curtain Call - Added Clown into the game. This was also around the time they started balancing the Pallet Vacuum issue.

    2. Descend Beyond - Added Blight to the game as a unique fun killer. Overall good and balanced chapter.

    3. Halloween - First licensed killer added to the game. Introduced the obsession mechanic.

    Worst (From top to bottom)

    1. A Binding of Kin - The launch had so many bugs, it was basically incomplete. The killer is unique, but clunky.

    2. Darkness Among Us - Legion's launch was controversial and added many different issues regarding the deep wound mechanic which was revised multiple times.

    3. The Last Breath - Nurse was brought into the game and quite literally broke everything. She's been balanced since then, but it was a long road to get there.

  • TruffleTurtleTruffleTurtle Member Posts: 615

    My favorite was stranger things. The hype around that DLC was amazing. And I like almost every aspect of the dlc.

    Worst by far is darkness among us

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 547

    Best - Silent Hill. It's freaking Pyramid Head and Cheryl, whom I both really like. The only thing that can top this for me is a hype Resident Evil chapter imo. Midwich unfortunately suffers from degenerate W gameplay but it's a visually and thematically cool map at least.

    Worst - I'm tempted to just call whatever chapter came with killers I hate bad chapters. But I think Blight's chapter has to be the worst because:

    It brought us the Ruin/Undying combo and Tinkerer was changed pretty close to it as well. This has created braindead "follow the neon lights" gameplay while the game plays itself for the killer and absolutely destroys solo survivor gameplay.

    Blight is still sliding off objects and has a pov located at his belt despite easily being twice the height of his pov (he is fun when he works and isn't on a grassy map though).

    Not to mention this chapter also added the stupid "hatch spawns at x location" offerings. I will admit, I really like Badham map reworks though. Easily one of my favorite maps.

  • MazoobiMazoobi Member Posts: 1,394


    1.Silent Hill

    2.A Binding of Kin (based on the content & not the overall debut of the chapter)

    3.Chains of Hate

    4.Stranger Things

    Least Favorite:

    Shattered bloodline and Descend Beyond

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188

    Best: Cursed Legacy, Stranger Things and Silent Hill

    Worst: A Binding of Kin, Chains of hate and Darkness Among Us

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,975

    Best: Silent Hill DLC- Probably the only reason why I have fun as killer still

    Worst: Darkness Among Us- I think of this as a chapter releasing Jesus and thats it, Legion and Ormond was bonus content (tbh I can't hate Legion too much, I like their cosmetics)

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