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Man I love it when the survivor sidedness shows

Good job guys we did it!

We got the mori's nerfed and not the keys with them and it'll probably take months for the keys to be changed while the mori's stay effectively useless with killing someone on third hook more useful and less time consuming on certain killers than using their mori off second hook you guys just lazily looked over at pyramid head and said "Hey why don't we do that?" And then bam amazing super balanced nerf no need to glance at keys just screw killers ya know it's not like there are tons more survivors than killers let's just make things harder for em ya know?

But seriously this nerf is lazy and BAD I have no idea why they would cram it into this bugfix unexpectedly without warning, without teasing, and without trying a public test like with the bloodlust experiment and I think they're wrong for doing it but that's all if you hate my outlook so be it I think it's a bad idea and I think mori's are more or less useless in this new state or at least pointless.



  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,131

    There's plenty of counterplay to keys. They require a lot of work to use. They don't need nerfed.

    But moris was probably nerfed too much. They do nothing for the killer now.

  • WoolphiWoolphi Member Posts: 18

    5 mins is really long time in a match, and the killer needs to down you twice to use the mori.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 4,250

    I was trying to exaggerate and good, it's the way it should be.

  • ChekitaChekita Member Posts: 184

    It's not survivor sideness in this case though. And they will probably do something about keys as well, at least that is what we expect. I play mostly as killer and I do think Mori's pressure was excessive. If you get some people who play with only one or two killers with thousands of hours they can pretty much use one almost every game. The average player won't do so, but in the end the pressure of the possibility of tunneling in the case of Mori is just too great to make it a fair game. It's almost the same as starting with one less player from the beginning.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 636

    It’s obvious keys are a problem but who said they should Nerf both Mori’s and Keys at the same time?

    It seems like Mori’s are easier to change whereas Keys aren’t: Number tweaks, add-on pass, animation introduced etc. it’s more complex.

    I rather them take their time and do it right than rush it and flop.

    Just wait, keys will be nerfed soon

  • PerfectlyPinkPerfectlyPink Member Posts: 435

    I mean... moris were really never that good. It's literally an Everone Loses offering. Both sides depip, have a short ass match, and get like 6 bloodpoints. Keys are actually really really good for the survivor for the very opposite things

  • TizzleTizzle Member Posts: 657

    Do you not understand what would have happened if they'd have teased or tested this first?

    Nearly every single game from now until the change would have been with a mori, everyone would quit.

  • MythMageMythMage Member Posts: 521

    No there isn't, what are you on, yes they do.

    I don't think so, good they shouldn't do anything THAT impactful as an f-ing OFFERING

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678

    Do some research and use your brain before speaking. Mandy said that the keys are taking more time because of animation changes, addons are being changed, and bc moris were more powerful.

    It's common sense that keys are items, so they'll take longer to fix.

  • zackdaylightzackdaylight Member Posts: 190

    then please Einstein, what can they do the fix keys? Only be used after all gens are done? Pointless. Moris were changed because they’re much easier than changing keys. They have to make keys not pointless, while also keeping in mind they have an achievement where all 4 survivors need to escape through hatch. I’m sure something will happen soon with keys, but a simple switch to the hook requirement is much easier than totally revamping keys

  • dezzmontdezzmont Member Posts: 481
    edited December 2020

    See the logic on why keys and moris were changed at different times is kinda whack and really DOES show a survivor sidedness, because the logic of urgency of change was evaluated from the survivor's side in both case.

    Moris, from the killer perspective, are useful for swinging a game but only increase the speed of kill by 33%. That is very useful for swinging a game, but not crazy. But from a survivor recieving it you are just suddenly out of the game when normally you wouldn't be, and that stinks. However, from the perspective of the survivor COLLECTIVE Moris don't change as much as you might think: Good survivors can still play to the hatch just as efficiently and the game barely changes at all for solo players who basically are evaluating if this is a hatch or gate game every game anyway.

    For survivors, keys aren't that powerful, they merely make it so you can nope out a gen or two earlier if a solo, and as a SWF a lot of conditions that make a lot of your friends lose need to be true for keys to seriously accelerate the game. However... from the killer's perspective... Keys are INFINITELY terrible because a key being featured in a game requires you to tunnel the keyholder out very quickly, or steamroll the game, or you absolutely won't pip. There isn't a killer equivalent of doing two gens and then taking the hatch here, if 2 survivors escape via hatch early while there are still plenty of gens to go and you didn't already get hook states from them your de-pipping that game, flat out, and there isn't actually a ton you can do about that.

    So from a survivor perspective, even ignoring the bias of wanting their tool not to be nerfed, obviously keys aren't that bad, but that requires you to ignore the key structural difference between the killer's loss condition and the survivor's loss condition. Its actually kinda mega screwed up.

    Now don't get me wrong, both needed to be changed and the Mori change is... fine I guess? It just really IS annoying that they changed moris first for lots of reasons. It ties into the pretty obvious favoritism that Devs were showing in the past and seemed to be 'growing out of.' But also it encourages survivors to use keys way more (Because a lot of killers would 'counter' keys via using the mori to remove keyholders from the game very fast, and because survivors know a key nerf is coming and won't save them), and because keys are far more common in games at rank 1 than moris.

    It doesn't matter that the key change is more complex, they coulda just NOT nerfed Moris until keys were changed, because, again, Moris impact survivor scoring way less than keys. Also they are less NPE weirdly. Its way better from an emotive standpoint to suddenly be out of the game in a telegraphed way you have lots of control over than to know your almost certainly going to lose because they have OoO and a key, even if you play amazingly.

    This is just actively irritating and is a choice that shows very little empathy with the actual problems of the community and the relationship of its two sides.

  • Mr_LemonMr_Lemon Member Posts: 74

    It's still the fact they could have changed them at the same time rather than cramming the mori changes into the bugfix unannounced it's still the fact that for a good month or two the keys will remain the same and mori's will be useless

  • Mr_LemonMr_Lemon Member Posts: 74

    It's common sense why don't you think before you try and correct someone

  • ZaytexZaytex Member Posts: 841

    Killer mechanic: absolutely ######### broken and OP

    Developers: Let's make it healthier for the game and nerf it!

    Half the killer playerbase: oMg SuRvIvOr-SiDeD

    Survivor mechanic: absolutely ######### broken and OP

    Developers: Let's make it healthier for the game and nerf it!

    Half the survivors: oMg KiLlEr-SiDeD

    absolutely pathetic

  • Mr_LemonMr_Lemon Member Posts: 74

    You say this but the game and the devs actions have shown survivor sidedness the fact that you say this and anyone who says the game is killer sided are the people who are dumb if you can play a game where one side can absolutely dominate you to the point where there is nothing you can do if they're a good team with good perks than that shows it pretty well to me.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678

    I did, so you want everyone to suffer for 2 months? Just be happy that they got rid of 1 of them. You wanna complain so fast? Know what you're talking about.

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