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DC no but suicide on hook yes?



  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,974

    Alright, so now that I know that you're not discussing in good faith, I am finished discussing it with you.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Disconnecting is an offense and can draw a ban. Suicide on the hook it just idiotic 99% of the time unless you and one other person are left and you can see they are camping the hatch. So 99% of the time don't suicide on the hook. Look, if you don't want to play the game... don't play it. Don't do this lame, half ass stuff.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,513

    Suiciding on hook is better for the both the Killer (BBQ stacks, points) and your teammates (More time to do gens, even if it's just 10 seconds).

  • UGWRayneUGWRayne Member Posts: 15
    edited December 2020

    Ive had survivors purposely follow me and pop gens. Or get hit by the killer and chase me then do the butt dance by my hiding person as if to rat me out. I feel like they are helping the killer in some strange way. I know the odds of getting into a public SWF lobby that one of your friends is the killer is very minimal but i just dont get why so many are #########. I would rather you suicide than act like that.

  • WheresTheGateWheresTheGate Member Posts: 560

    There are situations where suicide on hook is a strategic move.

    For example:

    2 survivors left. I'm on the hook. There's a Bubba hidden nearby using me as bait to get that last survivor. In that situation staying on the hook is just a guaranteed death for both survivors since Bubba can pop out and instadown the other survivor before they ever get me off the hook. In that situation if the other survivor starts getting close I will suicide on hook. It saves the other survivor from sure death and maybe even gives them the opportunity to escape.

    I also agree with those that said it's a good way to get out of a bad match, and I don't mean a match where I wasn't playing well. As a survivor main if I get stuck in a match where one survivor is trying to sabotage the others or with survivors that aren't even trying to do gens I'll just hook suicide and leave. The killer gets a kill and I get to go to another match where hopefully my team is actually trying to escape.

  • Soulslayer618Soulslayer618 Member Posts: 482

    I agree with that Im speaking about like 4 gens left game just barely started 1st down of the game kinda suiciding

  • HowsMarsHowsMars Member Posts: 35

    A Survivor suiciding in red ranks can cause you to 1 pip if you kill the rest, the amount of blood points it gives you isn't worth anything to the killer in higher ranks and screws their team to the point you can end up black piping or even de ranking to everyone dying on first hook or dc because 1 person couldn't handle the game. Suicide should be treated as a DC and make a person reportable and not cause the killer to be punished for playing the game optimally. If the killer camped or tunnelled however there should be a punishment to that besides ds seeing as that perk is rarely ever used as anti tunnel and is abused by half of the survivors who use it

  • UncleUncle Member Posts: 11

    What is a suicide? How can you tell that someone is committing suicide instead of trying to hit the Kobe and then screws up the Struggle?

    With a disconnect, you can tell that someone hit the "Leave Game" button. That's a bit more concrete than "Oops, you got greedy and then your nose itched. Sorry, you get to sit out for a while."

  • Jed_OlsenJed_Olsen Member Posts: 256

    Can I just point out that this game has a lot of issues, that lets face it are not fully addressed.

    Like bugs, lots of um, old ones new ones. Fact is this game has more bugs than your average multiplayer title.

    There is also the constant struggle with balance

    And also an abundance of toxic behaviour.

    If a player is suffering from a bug, lets say killers power bugged out, why are they punushed for leaving?

    If a survivor loads in with no hud, cant see perks, skill checks, progress bars, status icons, EGC timer, gen count etc. Why are they punished for leaving?

    An example of a game i had just before hot fix against The Twins on Lerys. Within a minute a survivor is downed and dc's, their SWF buddy who loaded in with them instsntly follows suit. Victor pounces on the other survivor who runs to an exit gate and waits there tea baggin with victor on his back for the rest of the game. That leaves me vs Charlotte with 5 gens left. She finishes the chase and downs me then downs the other survivor and let us both bleed out without hooking us. I would've got a DC penalty for quitting, which is complete and utter BS.

    They need to address the reasons why people choose to disconnect instead outright blindly punishing them, also this thread proves why the penalty is useless. You have the option to suicide on hook which should not be changed because frankly sometimes this game aint worth playing

  • MPGamer18MPGamer18 Member Posts: 113

    DC penalties should be removed from the game until devs figure out how to deal with actual crashes first and foremost. The way it's set up now is just not well done. I'm on PS5 and unfortunately the game has crashed because devs don't have a full grasp of the hardware yet. So I shouldn't be penalized because of their code.

    Killers should not get any additional bloodpoints for DC's. While I've not done it intentionally. Nine out of ten times I totally see why and agree with the player that did it. Again, really bad killer camping out and tunneling a player.

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 157


    1) You cannot implement any penalty system for a Survivor attempting to escape from a hook in order to eliminate themselves from the match or a Survivor purposely letting go of the struggle.

    No system you can design will be able to tell if a Survivor died prematurely on hook as a result of doing it purpose or having their finger slip or misclick the struggle button or if the struggle button got stuck for some reason or their keyboard/controller lost power or literally any of a hundred other reasons someone might mess up the struggle early.

    Your system will not be able to tell when a bug or glitch causes a premature struggle death, either.

    New players notoriously die on their first hook because they have no idea what they're supposed to do and how the struggle works. They see the prompt, they click the key or hold it down and so they die. Should they be punished, by the way? How will your system tell that they just "don't get it"?

    2) Your attitude is wrong and needs to be adjusted. I don't usually flat out tell someone they're actually WRONG about a video game, but in your case - you're WRONG.

    You CANNOT force people to play when they don't want to play. I don't have to be "pro-DC" in order to say it, either. I don't like DCs, I rarely DC myself, even in the worst matches - but people can DC if they want to.

    You're not their kindergarten teacher, you're not their educator, you're not their daddy or their mommy - they can leave a game they don't want to play if that's what they want to do and there's nothing you can nor should be able to do to stop them.

    As for why you should let go on hook or DC?

    This game has a lot of problems and if I get hooked after a minute plus of looping (during which not a single gen has been done) and all I see is three noobs crouching in corners on opposite sides of the map and one noob making friends with a bush two meters from me until I hit struggle phase while the Killer is nowhere near us - YEAH, I'M GONNA WALK AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD.

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