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To All Who Believe in “The Gen Rush”



  • ukenickyukenicky Member Posts: 1,331

    Serious question: does anyone accuse killers of hook rushing when they start downing survivors left and right?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again idk what's so bad about survivors focusing on generators as it is their main objective just like killing/hooking survivors is killers. Let me break it down some, as I've seen above some people say that "it becomes gen rushing when" ..

    When survivors run toolboxes maybe it's for a challenge or maybe they just want to run a toolbox because it's an option available to them? Resilience may give them more progress speed but at noticeable disadvantages such as bleeding, grunting and dying in one hit. All that being said if someone wants to run Resilience + Spine Chill and live on the edge that's their choice to.

    When survivors refuse to leave a gen to do side objectives such as totems or heal.. Seriously? Sometimes it's better to stick to the gen if you're safe to and finish it then heal after. Why would I leave a generator I've been working on to go search for Ruin/Undying as now the gen will begin regressing fast?

    There are situations where it's completely justifiable to commit to the gen just like there are situations where it's right for killer to commit to certain chases and I never see anyone compare these and it bothers me.

    The last point I'll make is I just don't get it when I'm watching killer gameplay and one singular gen pops and they start saying like "ahhh, gen rushers" like?? I understand when several pop quickly in succession but I seriously think killers just get way too upset sometimes when even one generator gets done and I GET IT it's anxiety inducing as a killer since that means they're closer to getting out but I beg you to please understand that in most scenarios, survivors are probably just doing the objectives they know to do and it really isn't that much more deep like myself personally.

    I'm not good at looping killer because I'm still really new to this game so I try to be that person that's always in the background hiding and working on gens and the only time I come out is to unhook and help heal my teammates. Specifically I use deja vu to try and keep the team from being 3-genned. Does that make me a nasty gen rushing player? If playing smart is wrong then idk, maybe it's time to find a different game or play more killer bcuz I swear people just hate survivors so much sometimes it's weird and very alienating to new players.

  • mynameisaaaaamynameisaaaaa Member Posts: 22

    right, holding m1 half the game is harder. if you face good survivors that know what they're doing your only solution is to 3 gen or tunnel and even with that you have a good chance of losing

  • AskingForHelpAskingForHelp Member Posts: 103

    The new part is such a waste of a slot. Waste of a ultra rare add on really. the progress gains are not even guaranteed to get or to stay once you get chased off of it. It’s a two time use that doesn’t stick. Killer add ons get used the entire game. That’s broken.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 4,054

    The amount of killers I get who facecamp because of "genrush" has gotten bigger over the time. If they used the time they do to just stare at me on hook to patrol gens instead there would be no "genrush".

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    No, people don't accuse killers of hook rushing because that would be putting a blame on killers which is a big no-no. You can blame survivors for all of your mistakes though, that's the way it goes around here.

    And about the "ah gen rush" point - a lot of streamers say it as a joke. OhTofu will make that joke almost every stream. He'll have almost won, and near the end of the game a gen pops and he'll say "oh my god these genrushers" or something like that as a joke.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,317

    I think the issue of gen rushing comes from noed, because survivor who ignore everything beside those gens then call a perk you can easily disable if you dont stay on gens single mindedly "op". And this behaviour in turn was called "gen rushing".

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    You know, reading through these threads. I rarely ever see survivor points of view that rely on logic. It is pure emotion as to why killers are too strong or why some options need changing.

    Granted killers can fall into that pure emotion category too, more often than not, it is Killers who are trying to use logic and actual points to, well, make a point.

    Again, not saying only killers use logic, and not saying only survivors get emotional.

    But if i had to go by the forums, id say percentage wise, killers take the lead in trying to explain out their issues mechanically by about 80% compared to survivors 30%. (Not saying over half the killers and under half of all survivors, jist out of forum levels i see

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,691

    Gen Rush does exists, but Kill Rush exists way more. Slugging and tunneling at 5 gens still up with Ruin and Undying still fully activated is what you get almost every game.

  • MythMageMythMage Member Posts: 521

    I'll try and find the post where the guy says it, but someone has broken down exactly how long it takes to finish 1 full chase and hook them with 0 looping whatsoever, just someone holding W. There's a reason why the few tourneys that exist is just "how little can the Killer lose?" Gens are 100% too fast, and when you ignore healing or altruism, toolboxes, BNP, splitting up on generators, it just becomes impossible to keep up with

  • XXXPrinnyGodXXXXXXPrinnyGodXXX Member Posts: 31

    By the very nature of 4 v 1 gen rush is a thing if you can pop 3 gens before i can even walk to more than 1 and down or let alone hit a surv it is an issue. And I am a red ranks normally 1-2 killer.

  • XXXPrinnyGodXXXXXXPrinnyGodXXX Member Posts: 31

    Hook rushing as a single person... no Genrushing as 4 people yes how do u not get this. Killers without mobility buff get destroyed because of how unbalanced it is. The time it takes for a killer to down someone with the pallets, loops, blinds, ect, all that eats time that is not on the killers side to begin with.

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789

    Agreed, plenty of matches swing in the killer's favor only because of survivor mistakes. That just ain't right.

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789

    Thank god for the toolbox nerf back when, they were far too strong.

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 2,553

    Hey guys don't tell them that survivors can loop the killer

  • VicThorVicThor Member Posts: 341
  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 312

    It's not gen rushing people. It's a good, experienced team that knows what the hell they're doing. Like 2 on a gen when the killer comes. One takes the killer while the other finishes the gen. It's up to the killer to apply pressure, which isn't always easy and can be costly.

  • CrewszpooCrewszpoo Member Posts: 26

    Survivors need to be able to teleport turn invisible speed across the map look at a killer and take away his insta down throw a bottle to slow down killer u know individual powers then they need character specific addons to spice things up also survs need to be able to see the rank of others in the lobby and the killer should get a cinematic view that doesnt show all the survs items in their hands

  • TheMothTheMoth Member Posts: 7

    Ehm...okay, Mister Killer-God? Mary Suing it up much?

    How come i play Survivor (in a "Horror" game) to chill then? I sit around at the red ranks, listening to some music and dont even get seen in most of my games? I just need to do 2 gens (m1, oh boy) and chill. When the killer comes, i crouch away ahead of time and sit behind an obstacle far away from the gen. Urban Evade around it, go back, easy escape.

    Hiding is very possible, you just have to use your brain and not hide behind then gen the killer comes to check.

  • KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444
    edited December 2020

    Until they fix infinite loops which (unless survivor makes a mistake) no way u can get a hit for 3-4min which is enough for all gens to pop... Rank 1 killer stands 0% chance against rank 1 survivors unless they ######### up

    (I say rank 1 but I mean really good, I seen alot of horrible rank 1s on both sides)

    When killers can safely down 1 survivor that's equal to them before 1/4 gens are done that is when gen rushing won't be a thing anymore

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 903

    Genrushing does exist but I don't really blame survivors. I blame the game design for gen speeds being a bit too fast for low mobility killers.

    I only really think the survivors "were responsible" when it's something like 4 BNP's with Prove Thyself, Streetwise, and good toolboxes.

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    Gen rushing exists, but it's often used as an excuse or scape goat for killers to explain why they lost. No you didn't loose because of genrusihing, you lost because you weren't able to down fast enough or apply enough pressure. Stop blaming it on genrushing.

  • KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444

    Are you challenging a SWF team in a custom game against you as a killer on live stream where everyone can see it? Ballsy

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,735

    Gen Rush is a very stupid definition generalization for a lot of unfair killer positions. Much like how tunneling and camping is often subjective and really dumb considering the circumstances might be unfair(someone unhooks then hides instead of covering for the injured survivor or they might finish a gen close by if you let em go). If 4 survivor spawn across the map on a large map all hand on gens your kind of screwed as killer or your at least on one hell of a backfoot.

    Advice for "gen rushed" Killers Slugging slugging slugging. I cant count the number of killers who just down and hook. They never take an additional chase if they spot someone close by and leave the slug for later. Now that being said "Gen rush" can be associated as an expression of scoring downs requiring immense effort. Which can often occur with the weaker killer rooster. Pretending wraith, clown, and pig can string downs with ease is assuming a lot of variables aren't going to slow the killer down. A second health state with limited range massively hinders a killer. scoring a down should require skill however having limited tools to string downs is detrimental to good killer design.

    Its why I like to stick to mobile or killers with snowball potential. It all about snowballing the advantage and maintaining that pressure. This has the consequences of making the killer role demand specific playstyles and a solid amount of experience which means killer players tend to be lacking in numbers to meet the demand of survivor players. While veteran killer's will be hyper optimized in how they play creating intense games for casual players.

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    Funnily enough i've done that multiple times and been in tournaments.

    I don't understand ur point.

  • XayrlenXayrlen Member Posts: 329

    Yes, because there are other objectives aside from doing gens. And don't even start about healing or saving others, since first one is pretty situational depending on a killers you are versing. And saving takes merely 10 seconds before you go back to do your job. If you are calling out playing optimally and you can not apply pressure - that's your fault.

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 122

    We really going to say it's not a thing?

    It's really only ever done by players of high ranks/playtime who simply know the map and how to avoid the killer the best way possible.

    But my version is that - but you NEVER interact with the killer; you play DbD like it's Hide'N Seek and don't bother to come out.

    Other than that yeah, you just need to play more and get better - or as the rude childish trolls like to say..

    "Git Gud."

    To which I say I am; now stop playing hide and seek.

    PS: Not EVERYONE is a sweat that uses headphones; they're trying to have fun. Which is literally the concept of the word 'game'. But the definition of fun varies so you can't go based off people that just want to have a good time - which sucks.

  • SpaghettiYOLOKingSpaghettiYOLOKing Member Posts: 19

    Because SWFs prove that voice chat breaks the game. I'm not talking a SWF that's just there to have fun. A SWF that takes it serious and has constant communication and similar builds with one or two differences on two different people.

    That's how BHVR balanced this game. With no communication. They wanted you to have full immersion. Should they update the balancing and enable game chat at this point? Sure, it's already there. People downplay how many SWFs are out there, especially at red rank. I hit rank 1 last season and it was a constant 3-4 man SWF team that was just sweaty af. The amount of people abusing Object is just ridiculous. I've had games where there's MULTIPLE Objects. First time it was really bad luck as I was Trapper and they used an Ormond offering. And because of the constant communication, I never saw two of them, never trapped one person, and the Objects constantly watched from a distance.

    Not a frequent example, but one that would become common with the game getting game chat with the balancing as it is right now. Some perks would have to be straight up changed or removed.

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