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Why mori’s?... missed opportunity

TheeclumsyNinjaTheeclumsyNinja Member Posts: 205
edited December 2020 in General Discussions

So ive saved up a ton of moris because i rarely use them... usually will sometimes if i see a map and key, and even then if i have control of a game i wont even use it.

But now i have all these mori’s and no reason to use them cause they have 0 game play advantage.

Instead of just changing the slider from a 1 to a 2 and being lazy after you’ve been working on this nerf for over a year and surprise surprise not touching keys.

Why not use them to reward good behaviour and gameplay as a killer.

Have a mori activate after 8 total hooks.

Like “After 8 hooks while being 15 meters away from the unhook you can kill the remaining survivors by your own hand”

You can even have the different tiers relate to number of hooks.

Hell you could have made it so you can mori after the first hook but added that you need to wait 2 minutes after the unhook to be able to mori them


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