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Possible solution to fight frustrating games: Sparring Pit

Red_VikingRed_Viking Member Posts: 5
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I just read through the Dbd-subreddit and empathised with people complaining because they get looped infinitely as killer or go down instantly as survivor.

I thought that a lot of problems could be fought if there would be a good place within the game to practice chases. If the killers get better, there would be no need for camping and tunneling. Also survivors showing their superiority would slowly become less omnipresent because there would be an easy way to get better and learn to be as good as them. Also if there would be such a way, you could prevent non-games where you get killed instantly and spend the whole game on the hook - because you would learn to be decent in chases.

Therefore I think a sparring option on the real maps with survivors maybe being able to unhook themselves, maybe having more or infinite lives and so on, maybe with more than one killer in each game to practice chasing and looping would benefit the whole Community.

I hope you guys like my Idea and maybe have some constructive feedback on the idea.

Take good care everyone <3

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  • Zani22Zani22 Member Posts: 443

    I was Sparring pit was like a gladiator arena where angry killers and surrvivors would brawl it out that would be cool now all we would have need is popcorn and the abilty to vote someone to like introduce the all out fight Heck be allowed to invite others to wacth.

    But nah your idea isn't what I thought was, what could have been doe oh well your idea is still interesting :)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229
    edited December 2020

    I mean 90% of the frustration problems are caused by matchmaker/ranking system being bad; and not having the player volume to have proper brackets for them as well.

    I would rather they just fix that first.

    Also we asked for bots, or custom games by ourselves or something at least for testing things- but the devs said no too much time, and no they don't want to dedicate server usage to that.

  • Red_VikingRed_Viking Member Posts: 5

    I don't think AI is an option.

    But similar to other games having an unranked queue to train before entering the competitive part of the game, something like that could transform the "there was nothing i could do"-experience into a "I haven't practiced enough"-experience, which is far more motivating and enjoyable in my opinion.

  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,194

    Don't mind me, just upvoting this, since it probably will be good for searching for golden toolboxes

  • TeacynTeacyn Member Posts: 93

    The game desperately needs some kind of practice mode IMO. An unranked mode wouldn't really accomplish that because of how massive the skill gaps in lobbies would be, and the current setup punishes you for trying to learn and experiment because you'll just get clowned on and de-rank like crazy.

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