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We have deployed a fix for an issue that was causing players to lose pips when a match was cancelled.
No update is required, but this may take a few hours to be applied across our servers to all players. Thank you for your patience!

What do you hope to see added in 2021?

Personally, my number one hope for DBD is to see Old Freddy come back. I'd also love a Hellraiser chapter, having Pinhead as a killer would be so cool.

What do you all hope to see next year?


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,600

    Xenomorph chapter would be nice, but the thing I want the most is balance and health patch, please.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 481

    I am waiting for MMR System.

    I am Hoping for some cool Licenced Chapters.

    I wish for New Survivor Items & and more Map Objectives.

    Happy New Year.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 3,252

    Alien chapter for the anniversary

    MMR system that’s actually working

    New survivor items or more original perks that change the way you play

    better working QA processes, hopefully they expand the QA team and plan in more time each iteration for bug finding and fixing

  • lagostalagosta Member Posts: 697

    Killers groaning when i hit them with a pebble

  • ReverseVelocityReverseVelocity Member Posts: 394

    Stuns the killer for 20 seconds when you do it. Adam got some arms on him.

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 2,066

    More objectives for both survivors and killer

    Smoke bombs

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 3,768

    Changes to the grind so that newer players are actually able to unluck stuff

    -More and faster perk balance updates

  • ReverseVelocityReverseVelocity Member Posts: 394

    Everybody gangsta until the Blendette pops a smoke bomb and disappears to the other side of the map.

    A smoke bomb would be dope, especially if it hid your scratch marks and blood pools for a while.

  • CrazewtboyCrazewtboy Member Posts: 937

    I'm waiting for an option to disable killer autolock. If I had a dollar for everytime I missed a hit because autolocked messed up...

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 2,066

    Hell yeah!!!

    And it would help the fight against the ones that want to camp and tunnel that one person

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,470

    Bug fixes, 2-3 new maps and new perks.

    Only this and done well instead of adding new killers and survivors which only takes time and creates new bugs.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 2,358

    Optimization for ps4/xbox1/switch.

    Focus on game health.

    Firecrackers as regular bloodweb item.

    The Rift and Bloodwebs be less grindy.

    No more limited exclusive codes like they did for DwightCrow and Fruitcake.

    Add Chucky as new Killer.

    Bloodhunt weekends to be monthly.

  • 1nsignia1nsignia Member Posts: 264

    QOL changes, health and balance, and visual updates. Not just make it look usually appealing. But also have the physics first that cosmetic. Such as nurses dress. Looks stiff and crusty as hell.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 1,680

    Focus on making the new player experience better by giving all base characters teachable and removing perk tiers along with better tutorials

  • valvarez4valvarez4 Member Posts: 464

    Let survs kill themselves in dying state after 1 min of slugging

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,818
    edited January 1

    -heavy nerf to Object of Obsession. emphasis on heavy

    -Release schedule reduced to 3 chapters per year to enable the devs to actually focus on game health, balance and performance

    -Rework of Coldwind Farm, Haddonfield, Asylum and Swamp

    -reevaluation of breakable walls, some are too harsh for the Killer (Coal tower, Dead Dawg Saloon)

    -Introduction of more cues and base aura reading for soloq

    -more options to score in the Survival category

    -serious buffs to the unused trash perks for both sides (which are like 90% of all perks)

    -buffs and QOL changes to the Killers that need them the most (Wraith, Clown, Trapper, Myers)

    -Spirit and Freddy nerf

    -addon pass for Huntress, Myers, Clown, Wraith and Trapper (has to be leagues above the Billy pass in terms of quality)

    -harsher DC penalty escalation, maybe introduction of a quitter qeue

    -strong key nerf

    -adjustment of Autohaven gym walls to enable mindgames again

    -addressing hook suicides in some way

    -introduction of at least some form of protection against hackers

    -more frequent balance patches, given the history of how well patches are pushed out I got a feeling the bigger the patch the worse the bugs

    Edit: Friday the 13th chapter, you can make it happen Matthieu!

    These are the urgent issues I can think of from the top of my head, and I´ll be happy even if they only manage to solve 2/3rds of these.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,322
    1. smaller hotfixes with balance updates, bug fixes, etc.: the game gets incredibly stale with virtually nothing shifting for months on end, especially when the perk meta has been relatively the same for years
    2. more objectives for survivors: nobody likes holding m1 on gens
    3. bigger perk updates that aren’t just minor number tweaks: waiting like, a year for a small number buff to a perk doesn’t really shift anything
    4. early game collapse: self explanatory, but if this comes into the game id like to see slowdown perks nerfed too
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