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"Just do gens if the killer is facecamping"

MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 2,634

Ok, but what if I'm the one on the hook? "Just struggle", yea, but I will still depip and only get very few bloodpoints. So how is that a strategy for me whatsoever? I feel like people who give that kind of advice aren't the ones sitting on the hook with a killer looking at them. It's easy to say "just do gens" or "waste the killers time" when you can actually play the game.

I shouldn't depip because I killer decided to stare at me on the hook and make me die on my first. The killer is still getting more BP for facecamping than I am for hanging on there for whatever how long.



  • F60_31F60_31 Member Posts: 61

    Yes it sucks if you are the hooked one but a killer is heavily punished if the others do gens. He will not do it again soon.

  • MomentosisMomentosis Member Posts: 767

    Do good for the team.

    You might lose but the team wins and Killer loses. It's okay. Take the loss/win for the team and move on

  • LeleLPLeleLP Member Posts: 139

    Yeah exactly my point. The wait is not worth the reward. Like If i was playing with some friends that might be a different story. Even then sometimes depending on how the match is we might just say screw it.

  • LeleLPLeleLP Member Posts: 139

    yeah usually this type of playstyle isn't to gain a lot of BP or pips. Iit's 9/10 just to upset the person on the hook.

  • DpoolyDpooly Member Posts: 475

    @Marigoria Like I said, it sucks for the hooked Survivor, but it's really all that can be done. Any true anticamping measure the devs can implement would be abused by swf.

  • jester20kjester20k Member Posts: 827

    You're complaining but do you have a better idea?

    And for the guy that said get better at running, I'm easily the best runner on my swf. This gets me face camped more than anyone else, because if you have a bad enough killer that refuses to drop chase, but who isn't bad enough to get run for 5 gets and 1 door, they are also usually bad enough to camp me after they finally catch me because they're mad. They're mad because I wasted too much of their time. I'm not a toxic player, I don't bm, I just run for as long as I can, but the deck is heavily stacked in the killers favor 1 v 1. Even the best runners in the game cannot run a halfway decent chaser for 5 gets and a door.

  • ZylanceZylance Member Posts: 57

    I might have skipped a few things. But all of is saying is that HE wants to have fun, and other should play the way he wants them to play..🙌

  • finitethrillsfinitethrills Member Posts: 619

    Yep, it sucks. The only advantage you get is simple though... You get to go find a new game in 2 minutes, and you know it won't be against THAT killer... assuming your queue times are decent.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 2,634

    Me wanting to play the game I put hundreds of dollars into (which i am unable to if I'm sitting on a hook) isn't me telling others to stop camping. Nowhere in my post i said "stop camping". I want to get more BP and not depip tho. I know its easy to regurgitate hot phrases from the forums but at least make sure to read the whole thing before commenting.

  • criminalcriminal Member Posts: 25
    edited January 1

    Devs dont care and killer “ggz”,”ez”

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 2,634

    They're crap at night. Waiting 10+ minutes to sit on the hook for 2.

  • jester20kjester20k Member Posts: 827

    I do think that actually camping, like refusing to leave the area of a hooked survivor even when others are not around, should actually penalize bps, to the point where you can get 10s of thousands of negative BP from a match, and that these not only remove your saved bps but can give you a negative bp deficit balance that you need to work off to have bps to spend again. I personally laugh and find great amusement when being face camped as gen after gen pops when Bubba is staring at me, but I get that most people find it annoying, because it's the cheapest form of play.

  • rats00rats00 Member Posts: 189

    I will always struggle to the end if killer facecamps and my team has the wherewithal to recognize that's why I have kindred and rush gens.

    I couldn't care less if I pip, I want my team to win and I'm happy to waste a crappy killers time as long as my team uses the time wisely.

    Guess I'm selfish.

    No not always. Lots of the killers I've seen face camp either do it because they are new or do it because they know that overly altruistic survivors will suicide on the Killers weapon instead of rush gens, making easy 3-4k games.

    Rushing gens counters the bulk of facecampers. Will there still be the genuine trolls? Sure, but if survivors didn't rush off to get killed by bubba far fewer players would do it.

  • ukenickyukenicky Member Posts: 1,120

    I'm glad someone finally laid it out like this because it IS bs and unfun when this happens to you as a survivor. I know killers can claim that sometimes things feel helpless playing as killer what with gen rushing and survivors doing their best to survive but I don't think that compares lol

    The only time I feel helpless as a killer? When mean, sweat tryhard SWFs are involved or keys. And both of those things aren't as degrading to a single killer player as it is when you're a survivor and you're forced into dying on your very first hook early in a match and you get like , under 5000 BP.

    This stuff happens to me and I've only been playing for a few months now (Purple, rank 5). I have no meta perks for survivors and if anything the most I get use from is Windows of Opportunity to help me last longer in chases and it still happens more often than I'd like that when the killer gets me downed they face camp me and hit me on hook and have to be mean in end game chat like I don't get it at all really. And no I don't T-bag or clicky clicky. Idk maybe they just really don't like me or something.

    But regardless I feel you OP, it feels really bad when you get sacrificed and get well under 5000 BP- especially when your other three teammates don't escape off of it and they go down as well.

  • ZylanceZylance Member Posts: 57

    You basically want the killer to play how you want. Doesn't matter how you formulate it.

    I play this game too much, camping isn't anywhere near that big of a problem. Is it boring, yes.. I agree. But you want the killers to change their playstyle into something more convenient for you, that's all I'm stating, and that's all😁

  • LeleLPLeleLP Member Posts: 139

    I would feel more obligated to stay around on hook while getting camped if the whole "team effort" part of the game rewarded me for staying. But since it doesn't then oh well

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