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PC: We're Gonna Live Forever heal speed buff can persist into injured state


Step 1: Have a medkit without enough charges to complete a heal (probably because you've already been injured and healed).

Step 2: Have a survivor knocked down and left slugged by the killer

Step 3: Heal the survivor using the medkit and the perk We're Gonna Live Forever

Step 4: Continue the heal even when the medkit runs out of charges (I believe medkit must run out of charges before a point where they've recovered from the dying state, but not 100%)

Step 5: Usually the 100% heal bonus speed persists even when the survivor has reached the injured state, despite no medkit being in play and WGLF explicitly only working in the dying state. The effect ends if you break the heal.


  • Multiple characters
  • WGLF, although when I've noticed this I've also typically used Iron Will, Borrowed Time, and Empathy... I think it's worked with a few variations though as well.
  • Multiple map
  • Seems to be relatively consistent but I've only deliberately tested it a few times since I noticed it (it was always tested live in game rather than arranging custom games) and it's possible some of the conditions were obscured by other factors at play (say if someone nearby had Leader, and I believe I tried to test it once while We'll Make It was active but then realized I couldn't be sure but then I wondered if maybe the same thing might happen if WMI ran out before the dying state recovered) and that it needs to be more specific (like the medkit running out at the recovery point, which happened at least once, etc)

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