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Crossplay destroyed this game

FlamingkittyUmadFlamingkittyUmad Member Posts: 310
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The queue times are way longer EXCEPT on killer with crossplay enabled, horrible network code breaking the hit detection, players who can't even chat, useless console survivor teammates who can't play the game, a massive influx of sweaty SWF players from console to compensate for the lower end platform, and the game isn't fun. I can't play spirit to counter the sweaty SWFs because footstep sounds are STILL BROKEN, and nurse is just as impossible with the hitreg (since console players default to a stealthier game style nurse is countered either way).

Even before crossplay there were sweaty SWF squads, but I at least had a chance against them if I played well.

The game never needed crossplay, yet here we are months later, with little to no effort to improve the experience. Server-side hit validation seems to have only made it worse, prefering console players. Best part? This would have gone much better if crossplay was OFF by default, to be used as a last-chance if the queue times is taking too long. you can't 'just turn off crossplay' because it's on by default and nobody looks at the settings, so obviously the standard queue because less unused

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  • FlamingkittyUmadFlamingkittyUmad Member Posts: 310

    Far more often for a console survivor to be useless. it's not understood by many but the different platforms have their own meta, and the meta for console relies a lot more on stealth than for pc. this creates more immersed teammates.

  • GorgonDorgonGorgonDorgon Member Posts: 94

    I’m not sure where you’re located but que times have been pretty great ever since cross play was enabled for both killer and survivor, for me at least. And honestly, any teammate is capable of being useless. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good teammate mostly you don’t whether on pc or console. You also gotta remember people are playing on switch where with those graphics stealth is their only option lol.

  • tomas11403tomas11403 Member Posts: 121

    I guess this is what you've found in your own experience, because I'd been playing console for multiple years before crossplay. I can tell you that the gameplay of everyone I've faced isn't any different from before. There are confident players, stealthy players, and everything in between on every platform. You probably notice this trend you see for console because there are more console players, meaning there are a lot of immersed gamers. I promise you there are plenty of incredibly strong console killers/survivors, whether you continue to think that they are all rank 20 Megs is your choice.

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    Nah. PC definitely has the worst survivors. They're the ones that start the match digging through chests when that's the best time to rush gens. They're the teammates that all wanna be Noob3 and end up dying for it. They can't buy time for ######### and often just camp pallets wasting 'em for those that actually know how to loop. PC survs are useless and there are times where I have to turn crossplay off just to ensure I get into a lobby with good teammates.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624

    Disabling crossplay makes my queues take forever. Enabling it is much faster.

    I don't know what they did but it is terrible.

  • DwigthtDwigtht Member Posts: 462

    Queue times depend on the time of the day. Queue time quite fast during the morning/day, but long after like 7pm.

    For the killer queue time is instant almost all the time. I love this. As a survivor, most of the time I am playing with average skilled survivors. Console and PC survivor players are almost same. Red rank console SWFs are better than average.

    Useless survivors is not a crossplay issue -- it is matchmaking issue. Current rank based matchmaking is funny some times. They tried to introduce MMR, but that was a failure.

  • FlamingkittyUmadFlamingkittyUmad Member Posts: 310

    There's more to the game than rushing gens, if your team can last in a chase you don't even have to genrush to stomp, you can do it with normal play

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,795
    edited January 2021

    Probably the biggest exeggeration i've read today

    -Queue times are subjective.You'll see players that have faster queue times due to crossplay,for some people queue time are worse and other people didn't experience a noticeable change at all.

    -It's not that console survivors are bad,but rather the lack of a proper rank/MMR system makes it extremely easy to get to high ranks

    -The hit validation seems to still prefer high ping killers.Nothing to do with consoles

    -I don't think console survivors are stealthier.Most of them are probably just inexperienced and got to high ranks because it's so damn easy

    -Sweaty SWFs were always hard to beat.Nothing new about that.

    -I disgree,i would say crossplay was a great addition to the game.And i'm still amazed how well it works

    -crossplay would have been pretty much pointless if it's turned of by default,because as you said not a lot of people care to check their settings

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,978

    People here really thinking theres a difference between PC and Console survivors. Both can be equally as bad or good. A platform doesnt change that. Its just that the majority of the games playerbase is bad.

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    Ya but I can't rely on PC survivors for that so.... :)

  • FlamingkittyUmadFlamingkittyUmad Member Posts: 310

    1) input device. Controllers are objectively, less precise than a mouse and keyboard.

    2) Hardware. Consoles can barely compute with with a moderate gaming PC, The PS5 is the closest any console players have ever been able to get to PC hardware. worse hardware = lower FPS = lower reaction time. Sometimes the hardware differences can benefit the player, lag can benefit survivors in weird ways but it's not dependable

  • NossyNossy Member Posts: 118

    Im a main killer at rank 1/2, on PC and EU server and its funny to read what you say cause i can tell you its the opposite. Most of console survivors are less boosted (meaning they rank actually represent their skill lvl) than pc players, they loop better and are the only one who succeed to 360 at least once (pc 360 is a joke, the only time i miss them is cause i laugh so hard by looking at them trying xD). I said that 50% or even more pc surv dont deserve theyre rank, just stick to gens and hide as soon as they head a TR or spine chill activate but cant loop more than 30s and wasting 3 pallets meantime. I dont say all pc surv are bad but they tend to be the most boosted one.

  • IsJustMeIsJustMe Member Posts: 381

    each eystem has good and bad player. this is fakt!

    and crossplay is for me and my friends one of the best things ever in DbD. A half of us play on XBox the other half on PC.

    so and now... we can play this game together and with the xbox-app on windows we can open partys to talk.

    crossplay destroyed this game? fakt, too a big NO...

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,978

    Despite those handicaps, there are still some really good console players out there. Even I, 3.5k hours in the game have the majority of my hours (2.2k to he exact) on a PC that could barely run the game at 20fps. And I still consistently hit rank 1 and even managed to reach top 150 as Trapper and Wraith according to DbD stats. This was before crossplay was even mentioned by the devs. So just because some one is handicapped, doesnt mean they are automatically bad at the game.

  • FlamingkittyUmadFlamingkittyUmad Member Posts: 310

    I can't believe this has to be said, but obviously it's possible for some console players to be better than some pc players

  • Ink_EyesInk_Eyes Member Posts: 445

    I don't understand where this ''console survivors are all bad'' reputation comes from? I've had good console team mates and bad pc team mates too, we all suck at some point whether we are from pc or console...

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