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What do y'all feel is outdated in regards to killer and survivor mechanics?



  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,582


    It's just too bad it's 80% of the Survivor gameplay, so it can't really be revamped.

    Still, i'd love to see this old ass mechanic be replaced, it's boring to me from both sides.

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    Hitboxes for survivors need to be made smaller to accomodate extremely unsafe pallets and insane server validation hits.

    Bloodlust needs to be removed for killers that are 115.

    Some killers should be buffed (Myers, Clown, Trapper, Wraith, and Ghostface come to mind...)

    Some killers need to be nerfed or have a counter (Freddy/Spirit)

    Deadzones should not be a thing and maps should have a maximum of 2 safe pallets outside of jungle gyms and the rest should be like those loops with the car on Springwood where its loopable but still mindgameable.

    Extremely unsafe pallets shouldn't exist if they don't wanna fix hitboxes.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089

    Pallets and wiggling and hook struggle I hope that sometime they replace some pallets with traps with unique effects that could work both ways

    And I haven't thought for those other ones yet but I hope to see a different implementation to them

  • handfulofrainhandfulofrain Member Posts: 317

    A lot of people seem to have confused the title (and especially the word "outdated") with the phrase, "tell me everything you hate about this game."

  • JackTheMimicJackTheMimic Member Posts: 59

    To push back as a wraith main, about light burn...it's fine. If I start to uncloak and someone starts flashlighting me, I stop uncloaking and go around a corner and start again. They usually start to try flashing me again, giving me loads of free hits.

    As for the Trapper an easy fix for his bear trap mechanic is make it the same as the Reverse Bear trap boxes. If you get trapped you fill a release meter by holding action button and hitting rapid to occasional skill checks. This gives a general time frame of what amount of time it takes to get untrapped. Failed skill checks reduce progress and another survivor can help you get out faster (think the time difference between solo healing and double healing).

    The most outdated mechanic in DBD? The Hatch. I know, I know it's been buffed and nerfed. The point being it rewards nothing but being able to physically be somewhere when all your teammates die. I think if the hatch were to stay (let's face it, it's not going anywhere), it should only be opened with a key and a key should only work with old generator rules (Openable if remaining survivors<=gens completed plus 1.) The hatch should always be visible from beginning of a trial. And the key only allows one survivor to escape at a time. If you as a survivor think your team is going to bite it? Make your first priority to do at least 2 gens and bring a key.

  • DistortedDreamDistortedDream Member Posts: 672

    This is going to be a long list, But here we go:

    • Oak Offerings
    • Luck Offerings/Perks
    • Mist Offerings
    • The Struggle Mechanic
    • Base Survivor Perks (Slippery Meat, This Is Not Happening, No One Left Behind, Etc.)
    • Base Killer Perks (Insidious, Spies From The Shadows, Monstrous Shrine, Etc.)
    • Older Killer Moris (Mainly Trapper, Wraith, And Hillbilly)
    • Light Burn
    • The Bloodweb System (Too much grind)
    • Perk Tiers
    • Tombstone Piece, Iridescent Head, And Redhead's Pinky Finger.
    • Exhaustion Addons
    • Addons That Award Bonus Bloodpoints
    • Old Killer Powers (Mainly Trapper and Wraith)
    • Old Character Models (Both survivors and killers)
  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624
    • Struggle mechanics -- seriously needed to be removed 4 years ago.
    • Camping, Tunneling and Slugging -- the game encourages camping and tunneling far too much. There needs to be changes to the base mechanics that discourage this sort of gameplay, but it's been 4 years. No wait 5 years now.
    • Looping - game needs less looping nonsense and more stealthing, you know because this game used to be a Hide and Seek game originally.
    • Gens - would it kill BHVR to think of new mission types for the new maps? Deep Rock Galactic started off with five mission types last year, today it has 7 as the developers added more mission types. Current batch of maps will be for gen type missions. There should be other mission types that require other objectives instead. Perks that work on gens will translate to whatever the new mission type is.

  • Cable2486Cable2486 Member Posts: 249

    .....No. If anything, each killer needs some form of shutting down the excessive exhaustion perks, and should have insta-down add-ons. Now they shouldn't be super easy to use (or abuse), but they shouldn't be removed as long as there are still exhaustion perks. Period.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,257


    They should just change it so that there is no input while on the second hook phase (that is, make it like hook phase #1, except you can't attempt to escape).

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 251
    edited January 2021
    • delays before any action as a survivor
    • no real teamplay features for survivors
    • hit registering is terrible
    • sitting next to a gen pressing M1 is pretty outdated too
    • that "latency" feeling everytime you do something, hitting, using a pallet, taking a window
    • the hook mechanic favoring camping and tunneling
    • RNG on maps bringing unbalance everytime
    • about unsmooth gameplay for killers : trapper (having to search for traps on the map, setting traps is too long); wraith (well, he needs a big rework); huntress hatchet throwing is not smooth at all; Hag has a no skill gameplay that has nothing to do in a multiplayer game
    • perks system is weak : too much diversity, too many combinations, too many useless perks - we just need 20 usefull perks that allow quality build diversity
  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,206

    Exhaustion perks are strong but many killers have ways to end chases quickly to counteract that. As for instance downs slingers coin is pretty bad but I still feel they are too volatile to give to every killer

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