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How do people like the new UI?

I really like how the current UI places all relevant information nicely in the bottom left. Your power, the generators, the survivors, it's all there to be seen at a quick glance.

This new UI for survivors is in the top left of the screen, not even as far left as it could be, with very large icons. The killer FOV is already incredibly small, and all this serves to do is clutter up an area of the screen the killer uses to track and find survivors.

The generator is in the very top of the screen. What is the reasoning behind this? That is now TWO points of information that are now cluttering the FOV, both left and top.

Finally, the killer power is more or less the same place, just much larger, which is a good thing. I also do not understand why a "progress" for the amount of hooks was added, which has absolutely no relevance because it is not specifically telling you what survivor has how many hooks put into them.


  • TizzleTizzle Member Posts: 503

    Pretty much agree there is too many places on the screen with information which is tedious.

    It needs to be simple and all basically in one place, no one ever complained about the old UI.

    Add hook pegs above the new portraits to the old UI in the bottom left when playing BOTH Killer and Survivor, that's all they needed to do.

    There doesn't even need to be an icon of hook progress for Killer with pegs above the Survivor portraits.

    After four and a half years this is mind boggling, why put time and effort into changing something no one had a problem with.

    This is exactly like the aura change crap.

  • HidonHidon Member Posts: 27

    The portaits and hook counter are the only needed things, idk how a UI TEAM doesnt understand that you stick it in a simple compact zone to stop it looking busy and distracting... its basic ui design... All the had to do was update the current one.

  • TheeclumsyNinjaTheeclumsyNinja Member Posts: 283

    Honestly unless my perk has a cool down or activation scenario i dont want it on the screen. Thats my only complaint. Id rather look top left for info rather then bottom left.

  • UltraVenomUltraVenom Member Posts: 37

    Those portraits have gotta move from the top left, it is just not conducive to seeing where your running. I think the current ui has a lot of character that's missing here.

  • ohmyohmy Member Posts: 14
    edited January 2021

    I love the additional UI features that are being added, like the scaling. In my opinion, the UI still needs some work.

    A good HUD will show brief information in an instant. Now we're going to have to look up, to the side, down, left, right... too many directions. Can't even imagine how bothersome that would be for people with higher screen resolutions.

    The current layout has generator number, player info that is pertinent, albeit some stuff is missing, like hook counts. It's simple and concise. Not sure why hook counts need to be added, but I guess it's nice info for newer players.

    Something that I would like to see added is a HUD Safezone. This will allow players with wide and larger resolutions to be able to have the UI closer to the center of their screen to prevent people from moving their entire head just to see if spine chill is active, for example.

    Additionally, I think the player portraits is unnecessary for the HUD. It has too many distracting elements, and instead should be added to the pause screen. Minimalism is important to me when it comes to a HUD. Overall, the UI update feels very odd and dispersed, almost amateur like. Various elements are different sizes and isn't cohesive. Also the extraneous text like "generators left" or "find the hatch" is very unnecessary.

  • M4dBoOmrM4dBoOmr Member Posts: 245

    I hate UI on the upside of the screen ... yay

  • VisiVisi Member Posts: 23

    Hire whoever made that instead, please. That is perfect.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 2,340

    I like the new UI, i may be the only one.

  • The_DaydreamerThe_Daydreamer Member Posts: 535

    Just this. I personally I hate the new UI. Why are they changing the UI to something, where I have to look to different part on the screen? It's just inefficient - bad UI design.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144

    Not a fan. The new UI looks like a mobile game.

  • greennuvgreennuv Member Posts: 1

    I agree it's all scattered around and it's not very comfortable to check status of things. Also the letters are white and thin and barely can't see them, I hurt my eyes and is not very accessible. The pictures and hook count is good, but put everything in one corner so it's a fast check. Also maybe put some kind of black background behind white letters so we can see them.

  • moon_shapedmoon_shaped Member Posts: 3

    Maybe I need to get used to it but at the moment it's very distracting for me and I barely can check the status of survivors while in chase. I'm not a fan of portraits, older concept was simple and worked better. I don't see a point in adding pictures = bringing distraction if they don't even show the cosmetics the survivor has.

    I don't have this issue while playing survivor though but I can't switch to it because hitboxes are destroyed...

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,668

    I feel like this UI was designed by someone who doesn't play games. All the information is in 3 different spots. You could literally fit all of that in the bottom left corner. Hell, I've setup a better UI when I was playing MMOs.

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 166

    Meh... I can take it or leave it. I think a year from now, when everyone is used to the layout and where to look for information, no one will even be talking about the UI anymore. I like the layout less than the old one, but the added portraits and hook counters make it worth it to me. I could never tell who the obsession was under the old UI.

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