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How To Play Against Stealth Killers

I’m new to the game and I’ve went against the silent killers and they are the worst. Michael Myers, Ghostface, and The Pig, how do you beat them. They have zero terror radius, which is weird because the heartbeat is suppose to let you know when they are nearby. It seems like it’s free wins for these 3 killers because there’s no way to counter act that. (None that I know of). And they get to 1 hit down you too which makes it even worse. If anyone has any tips on how to beat these killers I would greatly appreciate it.


  • venomz12venomz12 Member Posts: 46

    Spine chill is a big help against stealth killers. Deffo keep looking around at all times aswell.

  • chieften333chieften333 Member Posts: 1,554

    Spine chill, it completely counteracts the point of a stealth killer.

    They rely on the stealthy approach to get an easy hit, but spine chill deprives them of the stealthy approach.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,346

    Gotta run Spine Chill to counter stealth, UB to counter slugging, Iron Will to counter Spirit, DS to counter tunneling, DH to extend loops, and then Bond and Kindred along with WGLF for BP.

  • freddymybaefreddymybae Member Posts: 613

    stealth killers dont work in high ranks just not worth it

  • TrashmasterTrashmaster Member Posts: 357

    How to stealth like a master while actually being trash: just run bond and always look at the other survivors, they'll more than often reveal the exact location of the killer

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,547

    UB is Unbreakable, DS is Decisive Strike, DH is Dead Hard, WGLF is We're Gonna Live Forever, and BP is blood points.

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 1,030

    Counteting Spirit is actually a very small part of Iron Will. The main charm of the perk is that the injured sounds are a HUGE giveaway to any good killer. Iron Will lets you do many plays you otherwise couldn't and helps in chases by stopping killer from knowing your location at all times.

    What I would suggest is to PLAY stealth killers or killer in general. As many people said Spine Chill is perfect against stealth killers but it takes a perk slot and you don't need it with enough game sense. When you play enough killer you will be able to predict what the killer is doing most of the time, but until then Spine Chill all the way.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,091

    Keep your head on a swivel, run spine chill so you get a warning the killer is nearby and Sprint Burst encase they sneak up on you. SB usually lets you get far enough away that you can reach a pallet/vault before getting hit. If they get a sneaky hit on you that cuts the chase in half. If you make it to a pallet before the first hit that adds more time to the chase.

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319
    edited January 2021

    if you see spine chill on the bloodweb get it, even if you are only level 1 or level 4 and it's your only perk you can use, USE it. against any kkiller in a chase it gives a slight vault speed bump... and when that perk's icon lights up it means the killer is close and their general screen area is fixed in the direction you are in (meaning without obstacles they would see you even if only on the sides of he screen) and it means they're VERY close when it's the yellow form of the perk. It's not trainable, it's a generic perk and it is available as soon as you start the game if it appears in the bloodweb (rng), and it's agreat way to help get a feel for things like threat radius and visibility and how long you can stay on a task or in spot etc with the warning it gives. It's also a good heads up on whether you might be facing a stealth or low radius killer.

    You'll eventually develop habits and sense of things that can help against threat radius killers too after using it long enough. It can wind up becoming a crutch though so once you get a better feel for things and find you're being found less enough try out some other perks too and see what's best for you. Relying solely on a perk is never a good idea since once in a blue moon even survivors get something nerfed.

  • NotACompPlayerNotACompPlayer Member Posts: 183
    edited January 2021

    just have eyes and ears, all stealth killers are crappy m1 killers if u have some awareness

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,395

    I think the counter is a combo of game awareness and positioning. When you don't know who the killer is yet, or you know it's a stealth killer, try to position yourself so you have a good view and it's hard for someone to sneak up without warning. The more more you play, the easier it is to get a sense of where the killer is or whether you should be suspicious. Pig and Wraith typically make sounds that let you know if they're about to attack you. Myers typically tiers up and loses his undetectable status after a couple minutes (if he doesn't, then he stays really slow and you can try to make distance on him). Ghostface is the one you have to be most vigilant about, but if you swivel your camera enough you can often catch him.

  • RoobnusRoobnus Member Posts: 375

    Map awareness. Good positioning. Always have an escape route in your mind in case the Killer shows up from a specific direction. Don't repair gens with lots of blind spots, you want to be out in the open with a good view of your surrounding.

    Ironically, that's exactly what you want to avoid when playing against for example a Nurse, Billy or Spirit. Adapt your playstyle.

  • halfmanhalfapehalfmanhalfape Member Posts: 153

    Like many here have said, spine chill is a great counter. If you’re having trouble with stealth killers, using it will give you space to learn about stealth killers until you’re more familiar with them, and then you can maybe switch it out for another perk if you like.

    Many people here have raised great points but I’ll just add something I haven’t seen here. I’ve been watching a lot of Fungoose and something I picked up from him is he sometimes start the game by running across the map to the middle generator just to get a feel of where and who the killer is while simultaneously pressuring the most important objective.

    Sometimes that is not viable and that could be very dangerous especially if you don’t know how to loop. But another thing you could do is look out for puzzle boxes, cleansing springs or traps around. If you see none of those you have crossed 3 killers off the list.

    Nurse, Huntress, Clown, Leatherface, Billy can usually be heard from pretty far away. Doctor usually gives off his identity when you hear screaming and see madness on your teammates. Deathslinger’s gunshot can be heard across the map.

    If it’s 30secs into a trial, you see no puzzle boxes, traps, springs, hear no terror radius, chainsaws, gunshots, etc, be prepared for a stealth killer. There’s a decent chance it could be one. Plan your escape route and don’t be afraid to step away from the gen if you suspect the killer is around.

  • 1nsignia1nsignia Member Posts: 306

    Like what everyone else said

    pan your camera around, or run spine chill if your worried you won't spot them.

    Check if there are signs of a certain killer

    Listen to your surroundings. For some reason most of the stealth killers seem to be loud in other areas killers aren't for example. Micheal has loud footsteps. Ghost face has a soothing sound also with the loud foot steps. Pig has loud breathing but not as much as the other stealth killers.

    Pay attention to the HUD (picture and name of the survivors in bottom left. Sadly soon to be top left.) and where your teammates are, as well as who they are. Track them. If you see a mega name blob or something run of somewhere and then get hit 5 seconds later. You know that the killer is over there and in a chase with Bob. ( since it's a mega, expect her to go down after 3 more seconds) and keep an eye out on all of the access points.

    Stay on the safest side while repairing a gen, with a plan.

    That all I can think of, good luck.

  • NickNick Member Posts: 841

    You're not supposed to counter everything. Vsing stealth killers without Spine Chill doesn't mean that you can't play well

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319
    edited January 2021

    When I hear nothing, see no killer specific stff, and haven't seen anybody get injured by their status or heard or seen anybody chased by about a minute in I usually wonder if it's an afk wraith or other sort of killer afk somewhere on the map lol. Sometimes it's just somebody that somehow takes along time finding somebody, but often they seem afk after a long time like that lol. I've had a few suddenly come alive with noed though, which is something I've done before on wraith for fun, so I get my free chase points out on afk ones until I hear the gates are powered since I started seeing more fake afks the last times I played. When I play again is often after patches for a few days or so, so it kinda figures lol.

  • halfmanhalfapehalfmanhalfape Member Posts: 153

    Haha! Your comment made me lol. Must have been funny.

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319

    Yeah as long as I manage to get away still it's always funny. It's still funny if I don't, but only for a second or two and then I realize I got bamboozled. It must be what the killers feel like when matchmaking screws them I guess.

  • lagostalagosta Member Posts: 1,658

    If you're aware of your surroundings and on an open map, you don't need Spine Chill. Another issue with SC is that, until you're more experienced using the perk, it might lead to false readings. Ex: If you see the perk turning on and off, changes are the killer is close chasing someone around a loop. Newer players tend to take that as a sign to stop doing objectives and hide and focus or depend too much on the perk to the point where they can't play without it.

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