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Is Franklin's Demise a must bring now?

OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

Lately almost every match every survivors bring items, either medkits, toolboxes, keys, etc. If i don't bring Franklins, the match becomes very unbearable.

For example, 1 or 2 medkits are fine for me, i can still somehow work with that, but 4 medkits makes it extremely hard to pressure. Survivors getting healed so damn fast that it's like 7 - 8 secs per heal. The moment i drop chase, the survivor heals in 10 secs after i left him. Someone got unhooked? 10 secs from explosion and they're healed.

Also, I have been matched with people bringing 3 toolboxes and 1 key, and the moment i got 2 hooks, 1 gen left (Playing as myers on yamaoka btw). The hooked guy suicide on hook, and everyone else escape with a key. I brought Franklins and still not enough to stop this. The game is over in 4 - 5 mins btw.

Does anyone experience this more often lately? If so, how do you counter it?


  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302

    I do Franklins for 3+ medkits or a key. A sole key is probably the most annoying reason to have to bring franklins for; but needed unless you like only having 3 generators to win the game with.

    I also play a lot of Bubba, for him I will just use his Broken add-on or maybe the one that makes people drop items if it’s just a ton of medkits.

    Pyramid head is also pretty great with Franklins since you can make people drop the item and then send them to the other side of the map; while covering it up with some trails so it’s basically impossible to get back.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,738

    No because all you have to do as a survivor is drop the key in a distant spot and pick it up when you go to use it. Congrats you wasted a perk slot.

  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302

    Against solo Qs it’s usually pretty easy to camp the key user / key to death at the same time; unless you really struggled to down them. I try to make sure the key dies on it’s first drop even at the expense of some generators so it never gets hidden.

    Against SWF they will call out Franklins and the key will be hidden or easily picked up. But it’s still worth a try IMO.

    And it’s still worth using for a ton of medkits unless you want every survivor healing themselves in under 10 seconds; making spreading pressure almost impossible.

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,313

    Meh, down to choice really. I always see survivors bringing in 4 med-kits or flashlights, or one of them holding a key. Personally, I could care less. They earned those items so let them use them I say. Even when they bring a key in at the last second, I could care less. If they're so desperate for the win, let them take it. I'm just here to enjoy my game.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,067

    I would just dodge if I see a key or more than one tool box. In my experience, more than one tool box during the evening means swf with two brand new parts. If they want to rush and have as fast a match as possible, that's fine. I rather not sweat and allow another killer take my spot would would be more than happy to oblige them.

  • venom12784venom12784 Member Posts: 666

    You would think that anything dropped by surivors would be taken by the entity whether it was from franklin's or just done by the survivor

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,346

    Not if you like using good perks

  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 1,435

    I don't have it and I do pretty well, so probably not?

  • ggezbabyggezbaby Member Posts: 398

    I dodge all lobbies where a key is involved. Keys are simply unfair when survivors can do 3 gens while a killer is in a minute chase.

  • savevatznicksavevatznick Member Posts: 651

    Arguably Sloppy Butcher is better to counteract the medkits by wasting charges more quickly.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,633


  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302

    I disagree, that might be the case for brown and yellow medkits without healing perks.

    But sometimes you will hit survivors rocking a ranger medkit and a healing build. In that case you would probably have to hit them like 8-9 times or something before it’s even depleted and they might have built to last on top of it all.

  • ukenickyukenicky Member Posts: 1,337

    It's fair game for the most part for survivors to bring items. It's like bringing add-ons as killer. Both sides can bring some things to help them.

    Yeah, 4 toolboxes or keys in any way shape or form are not fun but medkits, flashlights and maps are pretty fair game. Even toolboxes if there's only one or two and no keys.

    Some killers can make healing moot (Plague) and literally every killer can turn medkits into death traps with Nurses Calling. Sloppy Butcher is also really good.

    Franklin's is honestly pretty bad except on like, Hag.

    Flashlights are one of the worst items in the game and killers shouldn't be afraid of them. Infectious Fright will rat out flash savers and imo is much better than Lightborn.

    If 4 survivors bring flashlights that is no keys, toolboxes or medkits.

    Idk after a while it feels like killers just don't like any items survivors bring at all and the same could easily be argued for certain killer add-ons

  • Claudette_BaguetteClaudette_Baguette Member Posts: 567

    If only Franklin's helped against keys... Survivors can just drop the key somewhere and then grab it again when the hatch spawns and escape, Franklin's can get completely countered by doing that and more and more survivors do that "tech".

  • JinSimeJinSime Member Posts: 405

    I also don't like going against 4 toolboxes, but I don't care for the rest... really.

    I don't Franklin is worth it. Unless you're camp an item, what can cost you the match if you don't know how to put this with other kind of pressures. I also don't really mind keys, as long as I don't a mission to kill x survivors... but it's your choice... in the end it may make a difference or not. If the survivors don't really know what they're doing, they can really screw up after their items.

    But if you don't notice a big difference of playing without it, then you can try something else.

  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,836

    It falls into the category of "Good, but why bring this when you can bring that?"

    Sometimes I'll use it if I see 30 million keys in the lobby, but most times, I find it pretty ineffectual, and I don't like to be robbing survivors of their hard earned items. I think that the latest update (where the entity devours it after x amount of time) is completely unnecessary, and I would have felt better about running it before that implementation, but now I just feel bad for taking away this poor chap's purple flashlight. My only respite is if the survivors end up being noxious in the chat.

    But back onto your question, there are so many better perks you could use (unless you have a key infestation). Traditionally "meh" perks like third seal, surge, knockout, or even rancor can give you more value in most situations.

    Of course, the exception is if you see blendettes with keys. Only then, it is obligatory to bring Franklin's with an ebony mori and NOED.

  • illusionillusion Member Posts: 869

    I would not say that it is a "must bring", though it is useful. Often times players will take ridiculous risks to get their items back. Plus, while they are looking for the item they dropped, they aren't working on gens. I think it is more effective when it isn't used that often. That way it is more of a surprise, and they may not notice where they dropped it.

  • megswifeymegswifey Member Posts: 815

    FD is the reason I pack self care no matter how much the ooga booga sc bad people are. Not every team is going to be altruistic, and most times I pack a med kit for healing when I don't bring that perk I get FD'd lol! It's a decent perk, but I would do more gen based perks over item based ones since most of the time survivors don't really depend on their items. There are always hardcore players-- The SWF that gets gens done in 2 mins, the killer that slugs and hooks in 2 mins, etc.-- and all we can do is move on and hope for the best. Play however you want, and if FD is a perk you like, pack that perk :)!!! Good luck in your next matches and have fun!

  • Killing_TimeKilling_Time Member Posts: 551

    I just dodge the lobby. Simple & EZ fix. Not going to be frustrated with this game any longer lol.

  • EvanSnowWolfEvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    This. Sloppy Butcher will actually shut down a brown medkit self-healing.

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319
    edited January 2021

    You really never saw survivors bring items in matches much before? Or is it just you're tired of keys, or seeing a lot of toolboxes and hate thinking about the money you shouldn't have spent to get hex undying knowing it's about to get tossed in the shredder? It would still be somewhat decent afterwards if a fifth perk slot also unlocked, but we all know that isn't gonna happen and thatc orrupt only uses one slot and lasts a finite amount of time without the risk of being dispelled before that set time.

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 844

    By this logic killers shouldn’t bring add ons every match?

  • IgbylucyIgbylucy Member Posts: 36

    This is actually quite funny. Killers are allowed to camp, tunnel, and bleed out survivors. Yet you complain about how many items survivors carry in a game. Get over it. 🤣🤣🤣

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