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Im sorry but claudettes in dbd are literallly NEVER good! in my opinion they are the worst teamates in the game....they never help with gens all they do is run around the map doing nothing. I could run the killer for a long time during the game and once the killer finally downs me and hooks me NO GENS ever get done and all they do is hide behind rocks healing. Kindred is really a good perk to use when you have horrible teamates, the stuff claudettes do while running kindred is just horrible. Im sorry to say it but its a shame to call yourself a Claudette Main unless your honestly REALLY GOOD.



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    I've had three games recently where all three of my teammates have been Claudettes, and while I usually don't believe in character stereotypes... yeah, those games were wild. Two of those three times I was the only one doing gens. One time a Claudette ran into a locker after I'd unhooked them and just... stayed there. I came back after looping the killer a bit and she was still there.

    Maybe Claudette is just the go-to character for trolls or something?

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    The only good players seem to be Dwights, Aces, Ashes, and Quentins. Most certainly Ace and Quentin players.

  • KaijuKaiju Member Posts: 521

    But lately being playing a lot of Élodie since I bought her Onesie skin

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    Azame is best claudette player I know and best survivor I know. Go check his youtube

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    Wait there was a cluadet this match didn't see her


    *Pulls out gun 🔫*

    Excuse me? Repeat please.

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    I just played a couple of matches as Claudette. I did gens, went for saves and I healed teammates. In the end they all escaped and I died. Please don't generalize :)

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    I remember when I started playing killer, I could never catch any Feng. They seemed so good. I thought it's impossible to kill Feng Min because they always know what to do. They was absolutely untouchable. But when I become more expirienced killer I killed a lot of them same as any other survivors.

    So Feng Min is just a noob-stomper.

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    I mean no offense but I personally find it funny seeing what I assume is a Meg player calling out other survivor characters for being bad.

    Megs for me are usually the worst. Claudettes are typically immersive or toxic. But its the Megs who will throw the match for everyone by being completely potato. The whole Meg head thing is not a meme in my experience. Its real.

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    I play Claudette and I am pretty good at survivor. Decent and good Claud mains are out here. We are just VERY rare.

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    Nancy survivors are WAY worse.

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    (Stuff I notice as a Killer..and a bit of Survior exp)

    Quentins all run Spine Chill cause they know If a Killer sees em they will tunnel them. They are Hyper Virtuous and will go out of their way to save you. But,otherwise they chicken as hell and their looping and a result of them having a panic attack.

    Cheryl and the Nancy will always leave you to die...If they have a chance for Hatch they will always go for hatch..Also, their Virtue is super low..They will only save someone If It is 100% safe and even then they might not. They all are basically wannabe Lauries..But, with less Balls and more smugness...Usually needs a SWF to play otherwise will be wiped quickly.

    Laurie-Every Laurie ever has a massive stick up her ass and tries to 1v1 the killer..I am assuming this is from her brother killing her in every map..Lauries are not scared of ######### will take a Noed to the back to save someone from a hook and usually are always running at the Killer..Lauries got balls of steel and is tried of the killer's #########.

    Dwights-It is ironically, based on clothing..The brighter a Dwight is the more likely they are gonna give the killer a bad time..Unless, It is four pizza dwights then they summon some kind of ######### up demon on the map..I think It was the entity.

    Ace- You don't play Ace for his perks..You play him for his class...All natural zero "Second chance" perks..100% skill..If two Aces are in the map Double down on the fact If you get hooked at end game they will come and save you with their Ace Hivemind Tactics. Seeing a Ace is race..Because, they fly solo But when they in a game get ready for some actual crazy plays.

    Tapps- They are almost as Rare as Aces...They are not horrible players in fact they are rather good. Only downside is, Everyone seems to think he has a gun and lures the Killer to him..I don't know why but everyone sees Tapp trying to gen or break a NOED and they lure the Killer to him..Also, He much like another Survivor of darker skin ton have a habbit of memelords camping them to keep the "Black guy dies first" meme alive..I don't do that however because I just keep that for flashlight spamers and pallet tossers.

    Jake Park-This guy tries to do everything..And he somehow does It. Mind you he will die, but he is gonna save you cleanse that totem,break 3 hooks while duck walking from one side of the map to the other..But,he gonna die...Note, a Good Jake Park is a nightmare because usually they are actually skilled and not easily reable in they are up to.

    Ash-"God hates me."

    Megs-They have too many to count, But usually hotty..like to try and pallet loop the Killer stuck on themselves..However, will say most Megs will try not to 100% snadbag and make sure they don't hit any gens spots while being chased. They are obnoxious..But, they seem to have a logic to It...

     feng min-Terrible, horrible people..Always in a SWF team or deadweight... They wanna be Meg but they lure the Killer to you. Infact that sums It up best..They are usually Crapy Megs who wanna be Asian Wifu..THey run every "Second chance" perk possible and always try to flashlight spam..However, If they lose a chase they basically will have their SWF protect them from failure..######### FENG MIN!

    Claudette-Claudette are good at hiding and at first glance they are helpful..But,once one person dies..Get ready to see her almost, hover around where ever the Hatch is at...You will then notice gens are getting repaired..shockingly slow..Turns out Claudette has no faith you 3 will survie so she is more or less sandbagging til she can hatch..Basically, as longas everything is prefect Claudette is fine once a person dies she has a deafeatist problem.

    Fleix is a scumbag- And most of his players think they are better then they actually are...Truth is most of these guys are the Male version of Feng Min..(So,they are wannabe Jake Parks but trash) Contrast much like Min they need bailed out..Usually on teams with a Feng Min.

    David King- Tries to be Laurie but fails..In his defense he actually is as Virtuous as he acts..David King will die for you If he is not sandbagging you with "We are gonna live forever"..Note, he will more then likely piss of the Killer mid game and either Die first or second.

    Steve-Most likely to die first because of the Scoop ahoy outfit. So,many killers see that outfit in their eye's turn red..Reder.

    Jeff and Jane- People avoid playing cause "THICC"er hitboxes..But,the few who play them are shockingly chill folk who are none toxic to either the Killer or teamates..They are virtuous but not like "Hurhur Borrowed time wins" they will not sandbag and If they ######### up a genny they take the hit and go away from you. They are usually nice folk.

    Adam-You would think Tapp would of started this meme but It happened to poor Adam.."Black guy dies first"..Everytime someone plays Adam the Killer will drop whatever they are doing and go after him...Then,If they down poor Adam he getting camped..Oh,god they gonna camp him hard. Is Megg down after the Killer went and pissed them off? Screw that I just saw Adam go run out of a locker time to kill his ass. What did someone fail a D-strike and now you can hook em? Err forget that and drop the ho, Adam was seen next to a genny. The saddist part..This is why Adams are so damn rare..They are up there with Aces and Tapps in rarirty.

    That is all off the top my head

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    We had a claudette sandbag us against *Insert super popular streamer name I won't mention here*, but the chat didn't see the crap she was doing do they were just talking about how terrible we were.

    Then a couple of his fans decided it would be fun to find my steam profile and leave some fairly...taunting messages on it, 10/10 community that person has btw. (Because I killed myself on hook, that's how I saw chat, it wasn't even intentional sometimes that happens because my hands lock up a bit from my condition)

    So I don't know about all Claudettes, but I sure hate that one.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,257

    i love the stereotype for claudettes. Makes the killer really surprised when its 1v1 and a gen pops.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,975

    Thank you. Most people think us p3 Quentin’s are toxic but that’s not true(at least mostly anyway)

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,556

    It made me laugh, thank you, I will save it xD

    Totally agree about Felix. I often see them trying to take the agro and then get downed very next second.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,740

    *looks at pfp* yeah thats about right

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