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There Needs To Be A Penalty For Killers Who Camp Hooked Survivors

I literally just lost 2 back to back games because the killer camped the hooked survivors. The devs need to do something about killers like this. It makes it very hard and not fun to play against. I suggest making a small radius around the hook so if the killer stands within the radius for a certain amount of time they will lose points. If just a suggestion but something needs to change. I definitely get the killers job is to hook and sacrifice survivors but you shouldn’t be able to camp like that.


  • bknbkn Member Posts: 228

    camping and tunneling are things because of the hook stage mechanics, which allow you to kill a survivor very fast by hooking him several times in a row

    could be solved by removing hook stages and implement an overall health bar for survivors, where hits and hooks just remove junks of the overall health.

  • CirocbandCirocband Member Posts: 17

    Oooh I didn’t know that. And actually that scenario is what happened both of the games. He camped me and the survivors were getting hit while trying to rescue me.... very frustrating. Lol smh

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,033

    It's something a lot of survivors struggle to deal with. Those "fun" perks survivors like to run absolutely will not help in a scenario where a killer is camping and/or tunneling. If a killer camps correctly, it will probably take two survivors in coordination to save cleanly.

    There's no reason to ever go into a trial without some combo of Camaraderie/BT/Adrenaline/DS/Deliverance unless you just want to mess around with weaker perks.

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,966

    Yup and unfortunately it works well because too many survivors play right into it. I know it sucks to sit there as the camped but the best plan if the killer clearly won't leave is hammer the gens. At EGC, you can sometimes get away with getting the camped freed but all you're going to do is keep trading hooks or getting someone tunneled out if you swarm the hook to save them if the gens aren't done.

    All you do is reward the killer for camping if you keep trying to save the camped.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 664

    What i love in posts like this is when people mention: "They are punished, they lose points".

    Bruv if killer camps you can at best get 8K objectives, 5K for escape and some points in boldness.

  • Diet_BoiDiet_Boi Member Posts: 65

    There will never be a good way to punish the killer other than de-rank them and give them fewer blood points. IMO when I get camped, and I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but I think it is the funniest thing because they are so mad that they lost and have to take their anger out on me. In some situations camping is only good lets say when all gens are done and someone is on-hook, the killer won't just leave, he has nothing else to do but secure the kill. I understand why people don't like getting camped, and the whole loss of BP and de-ranking, but we just need to accept it and move on find a way to make it not as bad as it is

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