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What are your top 3 favourite and least favourite killers to play

Top 3

Huntress- simply for the fact how satisfying she is when u do well

Freddy- because of how powerful he is and easy he is to play leading to easier matches often for me

Doctor- because how good he is at finding people and shutting down loops

Worst 3

Wraith- because im not the biggest fan of the hit and run play style

Demogorgon- once again just because I feel that the portals are pretty weak and are quite easily dismantled leading my only power to be the shred

Blight- I'm very bad with his power and often end up getting stuck in doorways which is VERY frustrating to play imo

What about you guys?



  • jdcabraljdcabral Member Posts: 2,531


    Nurse - I love her design and the snowball she is able to do.

    Oni - Same reason as Nurse, it's just fun as hell BONKENING everybody with a japanese demon

    Deathslinger - It used to be Huntress, but Slinger plays better imo on the new/reworked maps and quickscoping feels amazing.

    Least favorite:

    Freddy - His power is too boring for me. You basically just learn how to M1 and let his power do the rest for you.

    Twins - Playstyle too much focused on camping and tunneling.

    Hag - Same reason as Twins but worse.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 662

    Top 3 Favorites:

    Trapper - I love setting traps where survivors don't expect them to be. I also love his power walking animation.

    Doctor- I love making people scream, even though I am not great with him.

    Hag- I love jump scaring people by pulling them off a generator after they unknowingly triggered my trap.

    Top 3 Disliked-

    Freddy - I just don't like him, his power doesn't feel interesting. He is as boring to play as he is to play against.

    Billy- I am bad and can't control his saw to traverse the map. I don't want to invest a bunch of time learning him, I'd rather just play and have fun.

    Nurse- Her fatigue gives me migraines.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 3,252


    • Freddy: Easy to play, especially since I am a pretty bad killer player
    • Doctor: I am not even good at shocking to prevent pallet drops/vaults etc but it’s fun and helps against immersive players
    • Hag: very map dependent but I had my most fun killer matches as Hag


    • Oni: I can’t use his power to hit anyone. I mean, I got the achievement done, so I guess it’s not impossible for me. But just playing M1 is way more effective for me.
    • Huntress: playing on controller... DS is a little bit easier
    • Spirit: just not my cup of tea I guess..
  • JinSimeJinSime Member Posts: 321

    Right now my favorite is Pig. If I'm eating pallets over and over I don't get as mad because she does that awesome cute "iiiih" when she is stunned hahaha. Besides I can stealth, have in game slow down mechanics and I LOVE THE SAW FRANCHISE.

    Then I like Plague. I love puking everywhere and the way she walks. I also love her music at the menu screen. She was my first main and if the puke didn't bug so much, I'd play with her more often. I also love all of her perks.

    I kind of like playing Clown, but I'm horrible with him. After those 2 he is the one I play the most. If not Clown, Legion, because of their skins and the fact I can make a lot of points even doing bad.

    I don't like playing Oni, because I can't control his power. I play mostly on console and can't aim, so I don't know why I bought Deathslinger and Huntress is also out of my possibilites. Besides, I hate listening to her lullaby the whole game.

  • abccheeseyabccheesey Member Posts: 14


    Legion - I like legion's ability to screw people in bad area's, plus people always get cocky against him in my opinion so you can catch them off guard alot. Plus IMO legion has the best cosmetics in the game, my personal favorite to use is Chimeric Horde.

    Pig - BOOP DA SNOOT, plus I hate gen rushers and her power is a big [BAD WORD] you to Gen rushers. Plus her dash is fun.

    Ghostface - I like to use his power not to stalk (although i still do it) but rather to be very aggressive and unpredictable in loops, plus I like how he holds his weapon.

    Least favourite:

    Oni - I'm console, need i say more. (although he is fun when I do well.)

    Nurse - I don't like how slow she is and blinks are a pain in the ass.

    Huntress - I'm console and i find her slightly smaller speed is pretty detrimental, although if I do manage to start doing well she'd easily go up, but sadly im gonna have to wait till MMR otherwise other red ranks will bully me.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 943





    Least Favourite




  • DFPDFP Member Posts: 156


    Wraith - I play him as a Bloodhound and just enjoy it. <3

    Shape - Halloween fanboy here. Don't play him too much because he seems to garner a lot of salt, win or lose.

    Third slot is a tie between Clown and Hillbilly with Billy slightly in the lead because he's easier to use, but to be honest, they're just the Killers whose aesthetics tickle my fancy. I have a piecemealed forest ranger costume i put together for Billy and Clown is..well, a Clown. XD



    Freddy - He's way better than his first release, but survivors hate him, and I don't like being harassed for just playing a character. ._.

    Spirit - Hey, didja see what I wrote for Freddy? You can but the latter portion here because being told to off myself is no fun.

    Deathslinger - I'm sensing a pattern here, can ya'll find it?

    Honorable mentions in the Nay category go to; "I can't Blink under pressure" Nurse, "Fun feel, goes over as well as sandpaper tp." Demogorgon, and "I can't believe I'm better as an m1." Plague.

  • UnchartedUncharted Member Posts: 125

    Like: Demo, Blight, Spirit

    Dislike: Deathslinger, Wraith, Hillbilly.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 1,954

    Top 3:

    Pig- I'm a SAW fan and she's the killer I played after getting this game... She's my main

    Spirit- Backstory brings a tear to my eye, she's strong on her own... One of my backups

    Hag- Easy to understand power, best defense IMO... another one of my backups

    Worst 3:

    Bubba- Don't play

    Freddie- Don't play

    Huntress- I can't seem to get much right when playing her so....

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,082

    Top 3:

    Trapper - He is vey rewarding and fun to play and I like how much foresight and smart predictions his power requires.

    Blight - BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, SMACK, KETAMINE, so fun and getting rush hits is satisfying!

    Pyramid Head - SH fanboy, I can't help myself, he's also fun!

    Worst 3:

    Huntress - Her hatchets are about as reliable as a faulty engine and hits that shouldn't hit annoy me (even when I'm playing her)

    Nurse - Yeah she's good and all that but I don't find her fun!

    Freddy - His gameplay is boring to me, he's too over-kitted to provide any fun or varied gameplay for me!

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 772

    Top 4:

    Legion: I like their speed, vaulting, and slowdown baked into their kit. Also I seem to like Killers who have both really intense strengths and weaknesses. Legion's got arguably the best 1v4 game out of any Killer, but their 1v1 is kind of trash. So I find building around those strengths and weaknesses very interesting.

    Deathslinger: The redeemer and chain mechanics are fun to play with. Also Deathslinger is kind of the polar opposite of Legion where his 1v1 is scary good but his 1v4 is probably the worst. That gives me a much different build problem to solve than Legion which I like.

    Myers: EW 1 Myers is the most stealthy Killer in the game and is downright fantastic. However, you do run into groups who know how to beat Stealth but... Myers has a backup plan. A really really powerful backup plan.


    Bottom 3:

    Billy: I cannot control that chainsaw of his. Don't know why, but I just can't.

    The Twins: I thought they looked really interesting to play as. However they don't have some options that I honestly think they should. Not having those options sometimes leaves you playing kind of scummy even if you didn't want to.

    Ghostface: Honestly when I'm playing him, I don't feel like a stealth Killer. It feels like I'm playing a weird game of peekaboo with the Survivors until I insta down them.

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 140


    Hag: Love getting the jump scares on people. She's a lot of fun and allows you to not have to stress for the first couple of minutes of the game.

    Trapper: *Snap**Aaargh* is the most satisfying sound in the world.

    Doctor: So easy to play. Constantly chasing. Tons of bp. No need to [BAD WORD] with boring stealth survivors.

    Least Favs:

    Billy: *Vroooooooom* whiff....

    Blight: fix collision and he goes into favs.

    Nurse: I suck with her and don't want to invest the time to improve.

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 127

    Top 3:

    • Pyramid Head: Hitting well-aimed shots with Punishment at loops when a survivor isn't stuck in an animation is so unbeatably gratifying. That and being able to negate most survivor crutches coughdsunbreakablecough.
    • Ghostface: It is so much fun sneaking up and ganking people off gens or hiding nearby and stalking them from behind a tree. I know alot of people seem to hate playing against Ghostface, but next to Michael, Ghostface is definitely one of the most fun killers to go against for me.
    • Oni: bonk

    Bottom 3:

    • Plague: She just feels so sluggish and the puke is a b*tch to aim and it's a pain in the a*s walking across the whole map to get Corrupt Purge and ugh I could go on forever.
    • Huntress: I play on controller, need I say more?
    • Bubba: There are few things in this game as frustrating as bumping into something while chainsaw dashing in the middle of a chase.
  • JarolJarol Member Posts: 671


    1. Michael Myers: I love playing him, because he is the mythical killer slasher of cinema before Jason, it is very legendary to have him here.
    2. Ghostface: It's my 2nd favorite as Ghostface was my first DLC and my first Killer win.
    3. Legion (Susie): I recently started playing Legion, like Susie, I love playing with her, she is like a girlfriend to me, also I achieved her 2 achievements in 1 day.

    Less favorites.

    1. Blight: I do not like it at all, it is like difficult to play with if a survivor does not let me hit him with power, it only happens to me sometimes, while I have seen people who master it very well.
    2. Doctor: I played with it before, I handle it well, but the problem for me is that it is very boring, its power can easily detect survivors, while I like to look for them on my own.
    3. Huntress: Certainly for me, I don't like him, just like Nurse and Spirit.
  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 386


    Blight: One of the funnest abilities in the game imo, al though there are frustrating moments

    PH: Going for reads by using PotD through walls is very satisfying

    Trapper: Strategic placements of traps and it working out is extremely satisfying

    Least Favorite

    Spirit: Sure she's strong, but theres no real satisfaction in getting an easy hit/down

    Freddy: Very boring and plain killer, 0 satisfaction and little to no learning curve

    Ghost Face: I don't find many things interesting with him, I got nothing against him he's just not my type

  • LoopeduntildaylightLoopeduntildaylight Member Posts: 562

    Top: Pyramid, Clown and Wraith/Spirit.

    wraith can be fun in general but he's not fun to use against the sweatiest teams in which case switch him for Spirit.

    Least: Blight, leatherface, billy

    The chainsaw duo just don't interest me. Blight is horrendous imo, if it wasn't for Undying I wouldn't have bought the dlc.

  • shane32shane32 Member Posts: 259

    Michael ( especially Jump scare Myers)


    Ghost face

    Im a stealthy Boy

    Hate playing as




    I just suck with them

  • shane32shane32 Member Posts: 259

    I'm the same way with my ghost face playstyle. I rarely stalk and I'm mostly all stealth.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,008


    • Huntress. Hatchets are fun and satisfying to use in general and she plays quite differently to the norm.
    • Trapper. Just a classic to me, and feels good when your setup pays off.
    • Doctor. Honestly don't know, just enjoy playing him. Hearing him laugh and giggle all the time certainly helps I guess.


    • Spirit. I simply don't like how she plays and always wish I was playing another killer.
    • Ghostface. Just don't like how it's seemingly a coinflip that decides if a survivor can stare into my soul and fail to reveal me, or if they can reveal me through a series of wormholes without issue.
    • Plague. Again, just don't have much of an enjoyable time playing as her even if I do well.
  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 3,907

    Top 3:

    1. Michael Myers - My main and the killer I have the most fun with by far. I love the versatility of him in terms of builds and play styles. Scratched mirror is probably the most fun killer build in the whole game, IMO. He has massive snowball potential if you know how to use your tier 3 properly. Plus I am a huge Halloween fanboy so that is an extra bonus.
    2. Clown - Not one of the better killers in the game by any stretch of the imagination but I don't look for strength I look for fun. Clown's a lot of fun. I love that laugh, too.
    3. Doctor - There's just something really fun about inflicting screaming and madness on survivors.

    Bottom 3:

    1. Freddy - Brain dead killer who just feels like an easy win with little effort. Just boring.
    2. Spirit - I like to feel like I can win without just needing a working pair of ears and a decent headset.
    3. Ghostface - I don't like being robbed of my power just because survivors look at me.
  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,600

    Top 3

    1. The Blight (Currently my main, I love too zoom around, even tho I'm taking a little break from him, because his toddler PoV is getting on my nerves)
    2. The Demogorgon (I love Demo, I hope that the buff he's getting will make him better)
    3. The Legion (Thanks to the Binding of Kin chapter I don't play them that much anymore, hope they will fix the Frenzy lunge soon)

    Bottom 3

    1. The Nightmare (I just don't like him after his rework, he is just too easy and I refuse to play him)
    2. The Executioner (I'm not the biggest fan of his power)
    3. The Pig (I love the Pig, but I just don't enjoy playing as her)
  • Timeman63Timeman63 Member Posts: 109

    Top 3:

    Legion: People still underestimate this killer, and I am more than happy to take advantage of that mentality. Hopefully the Feral Frenzy lunge gets fixed soon.

    Blight: Currently maining him, Blight is a blast to play, and I've consistently been getting 3ks and 4ks as him. All that needs to happen is to fix the POV being too low, and he would be perfect.

    Clown: It's fun to embarrass survivors by rolling them as Clown, and with the upcoming rework, that's going to happen more often.

    Bottom 3:

    Hag: I don't dislike playing as her, but knowing how much I despise going against her, playing her feels like I'm taking it out on other people.

    Wraith: I understand why some people like playing as him, but I just don't like how I always have to run Windstorm addons to keep up at high ranks.

    Nurse: I just suck playing as her, not much to say there. I wish I had a way to practice her without getting rolled every game.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 945


    • Huntress: The one killer I actually put some serious effort into learning (on console too). I still wouldn't say I'm a Huntress Main by any stretch (as I'm also not specifically a killer main), but she's one of my preferred go-to's for a fun match.
    • Wraith: He's still arguably one of the weakest killers, but he does have one of the best add-on complements in DbD. It makes his kit extremely versatile and opens him up for a ton of different build possibilities. Variety is the spice of life, and so is Wraith.
    • Demogorgon: Really any of the killers who can abuse the power of STBFL could go here (Pig, 'Slinger, PH, etc). But no-one saves those stacks better than Demo does, so I gave it this spot.


    • Freddy: I personally consider Freddy to be "The Tutorial Character"; he's so freakin' basic that it's almost insulting. He's great for learning the ropes and fine for playing relatively mindless trials where you don't want to think nor work too hard, but he's also an extremely boring character in comparison to pretty much any other killer.
    • Hag: I will absolutely concede that Hag can be a powerful killer, but I don't find her playstyle very enjoyable. She's here instead of Trapper due to her lower base movement speed and the indirect lethality of her traps.
    • Plague: While I ordinarily really like the killers with ranged attacks, I hate Plague. Almost entirely because of how buggy she is on a regular basis and how frustrating her particular adept challenge was to complete.
  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,171

    Most favorite: spirit, myers and wraith

    Least: nurse, deathslinger and plague

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 398

    Top 3:

    1). Demogorgon: Honestly, this guy is secretly really powerful. With some fairly easy setup, it can traverse the map very quickly and gets a little bit of stealth to boot. Also, his shred is IMMENSELY satisfying to land. There may be stronger killers, but on the fun scale, Demo is right at the very top.

    2). Legion: I feel like this is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I think Legion is a lot of fun to play. His power on its own is pretty fantastic for slowdown since players have to spend their time mending. And while he's an m1 killer when it comes to downing, downing people with just mind games and m1s can be pretty sattisfying. I also think he's pretty easy to play, so he's my go to when I want an easier match.

    3). Nightmare: Straight up he's just strong. His power helps with loops a fair bit while still being very accessible. His teleportation, when paired with either BBQ or Thrilling Tremmors make it very easy to go right into another chase after hooking someone.

    Bottom 3:

    1). Nurse: By far my least favorite killer in the game. While her power is very strong, you also need to be very good with it to get much success at my rank. Any other killer in the game, you could theoretically have moderate success with them just playing as an m1 killer. This is not possible with the nurse since she's slower than the survivors.

    2). Hilbilly: Another killer who's power is really strong, but I'm not great with. The increased sensitivity in the first second always throws me off too. Also, his addons just straight up suck. I didn't like playing him at first, and then when he got reworked, I liked playing him even less.

    3). The Blight: The Blight has a power that is difficult to use with not a fantastic payoff. His power is pretty great for map traversal, but when it comes to chases, its usefulness is questionable.

  • DistortedDreamDistortedDream Member Posts: 166


    1. Spirit (She's one of my mains and I like to try different perk builds on her)
    2. Oni (I like running around the map and downing survivors with Blood Fury)
    3. Nurse (She's another one of my mains and I can pull off some pretty good mind games with her)

    Least Favorite:

    1. Hillbilly (His power just seems weird to me and I can never use it because I'm terrible at aiming)
    2. Deathslinger (Because, once again, I'm not good at aiming)
    3. Hag (Because of her lower FOV)
  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 460


    1. Pig (cute ears and annoying hats)
    2. Ghost Face (stealth)
    3. Pyramid Head (sending people to the cage)

    Least Favourite:

    1. Nurse (vfx gives me a migraine)
    2. Deathslinger (has a gun)
    3. Either of the chainsaw boys (they make annoying noises)
  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,322


    wraith (super lunge is fun)

    legion (4 hit frenzies are satisfying)

    pig (dash mindgames are fun)

    least favorite:

    hag (you cant chase with her, and i like chasing people)

    demo (aiming shred is annoying on console)

    twins (victor is a pseudo demo, i also dislike how much you have to slug)

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 256


    1- Pig: Has different possible playstiles, one that i love is the late game build, and saving the traps for midgame. Love the desperation and seing heads pop.

    2- Pyramid Head: Being able to not get hit by ds should be enough to make me love it.

    3- Bubba: Cutting chases short, downing multiple people and facecamping toxic people.


    1- Huntress: Hate the hitboxes and hate looping with hatch prepped, feels so awkward.

    2- Myers: Waste so much time stalking and the fact that you have limited stalk from 1 survivor that might be the one that keeps showing up irritates me.

    3- Blight: Feels even more difficult to play than nurse and less rewarding. Plus the fov makes me want to puke.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 636


    1. Spirit - I find her playstyle to be super fun and rewarding. Only thing I don't enjoy is getting hits while standing still because that takes little to no effort, but other than that, I really love her.
    2. Pig - Boop the snoot.
    3. Blight - Man it feels so rewarding to get hits with lethal rush.

    Least favorite:

    1. Nurse - She gives me a headache every time I play her. I suck with her but honestly I don't ever plan on trying to get good with her any time soon because she feels so disorienting to play.
    2. Freddy - Very boring and basic. His power is so simple for how strong he is.
    3. Myers - I really love Mikey and hope the devs can give him love soon, but playing at high level is frustrating as hell playing this man. Getting out of tier 1 takes an eternity and 3 gens pop by the time I make tier 2. I actually really enjoy playing as him, but because of this reason, it makes him to frustrating to play.
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